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1. The Prophecy

[Act I Good Feelings]

De fiecare dată când vreau să mă gândesc la ea, mă duc la fereastră și privesc Marea.

"As I laid bare on the burning ash, I watched Xeron unlock the gates of Eeofol. The ground under my feet had turned to rust, bloodied with the hearts of saints. The ambiance was overwhelmed by mechanized sounds… screeching metal and bone chilling screams. The sky became an infinite darkness and its black hole sun was a terrifying sight.
The faceless man kneeled before the Snake.
The serpent whispered:
- Thou shalt do my bidding without question!
The faceless man bent in approbation, as if he did not possess a spine.
- Thine new born children shalt be bathed in my blood and pledge allegiance to me. And the sanctity of marriage will be cast from the hearts of humans, for love is but a mere tale or fable. Thine illusions are finished!"

2. They Will Not Believe What I Will Say

3. Light Lies

I remember when
We met for the first time,
Strangers on their way,
We combined the light.

Now we are again
Strangers in the dark,
We combine the hate,
By kissing we lie!

Lies! I don't believe her!
Lies! Did she believe me?
Lies! I don't believe her!
Lies! I don't believe her!

There are so many smiles,
Sometimes they keep us calm.
We know the real lies...
They sing a holy psalm.

Shadows in the night
Bleeding for some truth,
Thoughts in my mind,
An old déjà vu...

Lies! I don't believe her!
Lies! Did she believe me?
Lies! I don't believe her!
Lies! I don't believe her!

Light lies!
Light's lies!

4. Light Truths

Words after words,
Broken roads.
Lies after lies,
Fake smiles.

Stupidity floods,
Life filled with drugs.
Too many fake gods,
Meaningless hugs.

Too much for me,
I'm searching the Exit.
Expensive the entrance fee,
I'm walking through the desert.

Walking and searching the door
Outside I want to live,
It's colder once more,
I have nothing to give.

I know you like it!
I now you crave for it!

I know!

5. Happy To Be Sad

So… through this morning I awake,
Oh, this morning is so fine!
So… through the morning I awake,
I am so far away... in night!

So… through this morning I awake,
Oh, this morning is so bright!
I am now happy to be sad,
I am in the end… all right!

So, through this morning I awake,
Now, even my death is mine!
And with my dreams I will defeat
My so-called life!

I live the morning of my life,
Oh, this morning I feel fine!
And Loneliness is now my friend,
My only friend, mine!

And through this morning I'll awake
With my tear transformed in smile
And all my sadness will prevail
Against your world, against your lie!

So… through this morning I awake
In a morning so bright!
And I am happy to be sad
In my so-called life!
I am awake!

6. The Romantic Side Of Paris

[Act II Bad Feelings]

In a cold world,
I'm in a calm city.
This one is too big even for me!

Searching a caress
I have a bad feeling,
Something that will change what will never be!

Time has no limits,
Time in fact is a limit.
Places are not spots,
They are historical ruins.

Life's river is too dirty,
Sky's clouds are too grey,
But these are not disturbing
Because I'm OK.

I'm happy in my sadness,
I'm walking in Paris!
I feel so romantic,
I feel that I failed!

7. Best Worst Case Scenario

Shadows, my only friends,
Where are you, to give me strength?
Shadows, brothers or sisters,
Give me tears to resist Her!

Every day I walk alone.
Every day the same sad song.
All I want is just one day
To find out which was my way!

Everything is lost or wrong,
What was fine didn't last too long!
Who I am I still don't know,
Even among others I still glow!

The Life is she and She is life!
Am I wrong or am I right?!
Life goes on, that's the way it is,
I don't argue, I only hate this!

Weeping, crying, tears,
The same stuff,
And the quietude,
Are for me enough!

This is not a story,
Even it is written,
It's the best worst case scenario
Of my life, forbidden!

8. Olga's Little Secret

Olga e o tipă voluptoasă.
Olga nu-i nici urâtă, nici frumoasă.
Afurisită creatură,
Olga e bună de... soție!

Și fiind ea foarte jucăușă
Ține secrete după ușă,
Transformă totul într-un joc,
De-i pici în mreje n-ai noroc!

În seara asta, desuet,
Voi dezlega al ei corset.
Meniul îmi va fi complet
Și nu mai am niciun regret.

Olga are un secret!

Olga has a little secret!
Olga has a dirty secret!
Olga is a naughty girl!
Olga lives in a kinky, kinky, kinky world!


You're my sweet revenge,
Living always on the edge,
Same old song, same old cliché,
Memory that fades away.

You open my Heaven's Gate,
In the dark whispering hate.
Fragile souls, it's much too late!
Your pale eyes, seducing bate.

Olga, you little flower!
Olga you make me cower!
Olga do you know your way?
You are just another simple prey!

Olga is not my friend!
Olga's secret is The End!
Everything is way too blurred
'Cause we live in a stupid, crazy, kinky world!

9. You Are My Last Girlfriend

I really admire you,
I really adore you,
You succeeded to make me... sad.

I really like you,
I really want you,
You make me feel very bad.

I want to hug you,
I want to kiss you,
Even a pillow has more life in it.

I don't want to lie to you,
I don't want to leave you,
I want to live in this agony one more bit.

You are my last Godsend!
You are my life's last amend!
You are my last girlfriend!

10. The Calm Before The End

Când o să fiu mare o să am aripi.
Și o să pot să zbor!
Voi veți rămâne jos!
Pentru că nu știți să visați!


Sunt atât de înalt încât când privesc în jos, amețesc!
Sunt atât de ușor încât nici nu-mi dau seama când zbor!
Sunt atât de departe încât nu mă pot întoarce nici măcar în locul în care am ajuns!
Sunt atât de frumos încât nimic altceva nu mă mai atrage!
Sunt atât de puternic încât nici măcar Eu nu mă pot distruge!
Sunt atât de infinit încât nici chiar Eu nu mă pot vedea tot!
Totuși, am un singur defect: sunt perfect!


I was not born!
I have a purpose!
I am here because of them!
They tried to destroy my home!

The Earth will survive!
The so-called humans will not survive!
I am the dark son of God!
Don't forgive me, Father, 'cause I will sin!

11. I'm In Hate

[Act III Evil Feelings]

I'm in hate

I'm in love
with desperation.
with separation.

I hate
my oscillation.
your congregation.

I love
my education.

I'm in hate
with retardation.
with exoneration.

I'm in hate with your love.
I'm in love with my hate.


I've gotten fat!
Indeed, I've been eating a lot!
I feast with a lot of... hate!


After all, I am not the man! I am not even human!


I am not a girl! I am a goddess!

12. I Get And I Give But I Never Forget And I Never Forgive

I get and I give, but I never forget and I never forgive!

Constantly others I have helped,
Devoting my entire self
To the so-called different,
The false kindness, that fake good cause.

But now I'm turning the page!
It's time to feel my wrath!
Emptying my love tank,
Nobody will save you this time!

They will get what they deserve!
I am cleaning through friends!

Get! Give!
Never forget! Never forgive!

Isn't it that you suffer now?
You cannot live without me!

Isn't it that you fear now?
You cannot live in me!

It is great without your whims.
Solitude is beautiful!

13. The Romantic Side Of Perish

Ash, Axsis, Ayden, Calh, Calid,
Fiona, Ignatius, Marius, Nymus,
Octavia, Olema, Pyre, Rashka,
Xarfax, Xyron, Zydar,

My friends, my brothers and sisters,
We are for a reason in these worlds.
We are the bringers of the night,
We color in red the pure snow.

"Go up!" they said.
"Bring them the deserved perish!"
"Show them that life is just an illusion!"

We are the sons of God
and we bring peace!

14. They Will Not Believe What I Have Done

And now I'm looking at myself!
Damn it! I look just like them!
I'm here thanks to myself!
Nobody, nobody will observe!

I am the ancient archangel,
My name was Adoriel!
Now I'm the angry archdevil,
I am Hteththemeth!

I'm burning now from inside,
Flames leaving their bodies dried!
They now fear the old words,
Destroying all of their worlds!

I am the son of my father,
No connection to human kind,
On Earth there is no other,
To be so good, to be so kind!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

All minions on my side,
Let's kill the humans' last ϸride!
Cannot run, die or hide!
Get ready for the Great Ride!

I came into their world!
Yet, I brought my universe also!
The Universe is inside... me!

15. Epiclogue

Let them talk about Armageddon!
I still believe in that glorious battle!
Although, you know,
I realize that it will be great to have my own Armageddon!

Love? Just an empty word!
You think that's your salvation?
Your purpose on these worlds?
You poor deluded sheep!

I bring with me the end of your lies,
Of your pathetic attempts to regain Paradise!
There is no love, no perfection, no soul mates!
There is only... Hate!


De fiecare dată când vreau să mă gândesc la ea,
mă duc la fereastră și privesc Marea!

Thanks to hteththemeth for sending these lyrics.

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