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1. Dead's A Fact

Life's fact - it ends in death - Dead is a fact for all, king or slave
you get the call - Feel supreme or live in sorrow, face the reaper
there's no tomorrow - Believe in nothing or believe it all, atheist

or christian you get the call - the beauty of life it`s the thrill,
don't know when the reaper will kill - Born with one certainty,
cross the line there's no way back - Life descended - Death's a fact
- That's a fact !! -

2. Shreded To Pieces

It tastes so sweet, can you smell it ? -What is this I feel - Roses
in bloom, April sun and red wine - What is this I feel - Shredded
to pieces - I take some more from the peach of joy - It all happens
so fast - Feels like I can walk on air - It all happens so fast - Let the
sun shine upon me, it's the essence of life - In ecstasy of never
ending sin, I feel divined - It's like bathing in golden light - Now I
never sleep till dawn - the TV is like my sun- Watching my favorite
porn - spanking my monkey some more -Am I this shit faced demon
passed out on the floor - Why did you had to leave me -filthy
stinking whore - Let the rain fall upon me - it's the essence of life -
In ecstasy from vodka, beer and gin, it feels divined - It's like
bathing in a pile of shit - I taste a dead rat in my mouth - What is this
I feel - I throw up from vodka, beer and wine - It all happens so fast -

3. Terror Legion

Terror legion straight out of hell - Under the flag of death metal
we march - ruthless grinding the powers of hate - furious armies -
war is at our hand - Houwitsers keep thundering a pounding
deafening sound -dive and fly from our stage join this metal rage -
Houwitsers keep thundering a blasting death metal storm -
furious raging metal assault - this is the death to which we hail -
Terror legion - lethal death squad -grinding metal - terrorizing -
devastating - destroy `em all -
terror legion marching under the flag of death -

4. Sixtynineher

My libido is on fire -Creature of desire - I urge to sixtynineher -
I kiss your tender lips -stroke your silky clit and feel you pawn my skin
Spread open wide -my tongue will come inside -Your twat soaking wet -
as I eat your ass - Lecherous I eat you divined pussy -Sixtynineher -
Your tongue twist around my cock -lascivious you suck and deep throat
me - Drowned in your pink soft cave - my tongue will find it's way to
make you come - Sixtynineher -

5. Monkey In Controle

Welcome to the puppet show -just another judgement day -
Unleash the fools -you boy you are a monkey on TV -demeaning
others reality -playing normal god judge of the weak -Just another
judgement day -let the fool lead the blind -a star for a hour -but a
loser for live -I hate you, forgive me, please look at me -play god -
feed the losers with your monkey show -$ speak, $ control the weak -
Monkey in control -

6. Raveshing Chaos

Ravishing chaos -rambling terror -Twisting tirany -natures carnage -
Ravishing chaos -raging tornado -a hurricane is coming
it manifest in chaos -destroying all in it's path -this pulverizing
chaos -a natural merouder -annihilating cyclone -
Pillage & plunder all in it's path -destructive rampageous beast -
in the grip of a hellish storm -demolition crumbles the earth - XX
leaving a trail of death -all beat up and torn-natures violent rage -
the unstoppable force -

7. D.P.W.

Beer barrels open, it's party time -let the alcohol flow -
Fill up the tankards, let the beer foam - thirth half begins -
Abundantly the alcohol flows -feigling club NGAR time -
The grass is our domain -we drink smoke and fly -Eating pizza with Jack
killing another six pack -Watch the sun come up, it's after party time -
Delerious partying wrechmen -

8. Sliced & Diced

Preparations to consume a human body -a clean shot in the skull
to kill your victim -meat hook inserted -hanging with the head down
With a bladed knife make a deep ear to ear cut -if the Animal not yet
dead this will kill it quickly -let the blood drain out -start the beheading -
Cut the entire neck -Separate with a saw -keep the scull as a trophy
Decapitation -Sliced & diced human meat -Sliced & diced a cannibal feast -
Female outer lips skinned as the rest -It's important to leave the anus -
untouched -the female breasts compose gland and fatty tissue -Despite
it's lustful appearance inedible -Skinning single pieces not necessary -
avoid slicing into muscles and viscera -with a saw cut through the pubic
bone -pull out the large and small intestines -Human waste disposed in a
number of ways as animal food or burial - bones can be pulverized -

9. War, Blood & Honey

War drains blood honey -see the world around us crumble -no gold shines
more from terror -there fight, a religious error -christian filth fight the weak -
allah`s maggots clean the world -War drains blood honey -Siege power -
follow blind -go to war -you all die -War drains blood honey -I don't care -
I'm not impressed -go to war - I hope you die -

10. Fistfull Of Vixen

My world turned upside down -living in a void -No one knows to where -
you left -I'm feeling uncontrolled -In my mind I see your smile -pale white -
skin and big blue eyes -may this thought never fade away -I hope to have
them everyday -Crazy from your screams -insults and harresments -How I
hated those fights -I thought of your eyes full of fear -as your pale skin
turned blue -Covered with blood you never looked so fine -with love I sliced
you up -the dog enjoyed your grinded bones -for my self I eat your flesh
Your flesh so sweat -lustful tender meat -with love I sliced you up -
In ecstasy of these precious thoughts -

11. Worlds Parasites

Scavengers of this world -creeping through dirt-
Destruction of the earth - needs mass genocide -
Natural course to destroy the weak - let'm perish
from starvation or disease -Nature will create a mass
massacre - a natural holocaust -Carnage of the weak-
You will suffer human parasites -
Armageddon is here to erase parasites - cure of the
world -Demolition uncontrolled - Vermin creates
warfare and pollution - Human suicide - Natures slaughterhouse-

12. Support Satan

From over sea came religious tirany Enslave the world bringing christianity -
Erase all natives -Founders of the usa -In the name of christ creating
Satan's paradise -In the middle east all pray for holy war -religious lunacy
to make the world islam -Erase all jews parasites of mankind -
in the name of allah creating satan's paradise - Thou shall not kill -
religion means war -Holy book of lies pure evil for mankind -Suicide terrorists
religious lunatics -christian islam creating Satan's paradise -Support Satan -

13. Trip Of Fire

Welcome to the death ride -Ready for a trip, it siege lives -
A high desire to play with fire -Death ride - Trip of fire -
Spit out the seed, taste of a bitter deed -Sold your own soul you are
in control -Bought your body bag, take the ride of death -
Needle kicks in -pierced your soul -Take the death ride -out of control -
Shoot'em up -hold tight -No escape -suicide ride -Death ride - Trip of fire -

14. I Shape The Suffering

I shape the suffering -to indulge my necrolust_Tormentor, punisher,
the puritan -I shape the suffering -How I like my flesh -I like them young
and fresh -I like to hear them scream of intense suffering -Split them open
wide as I come inside -penetrate their flesh -with a butcher knife -
Pounding in bleeding flesh -cutting of your skin -Rip the innards out
of your stinking cunt -I like to purify -the pain I won't deny -Your intense
suffering brings me in ecstasy -See what you became 15 years of age -
your my love doll now -a pile of bleeding flesh -Her legs spread open wide
but no guts inside -I masturbate ones more on the fecies of that whore -
I'm the punisher as my hammer cracks your skull -I the puritan piece by
piece cut of your skin -decapitation -as I fuck her bleeding ass -
to indulge my necrolust -I shape the suffering -
Tormentor, punisher, the puritan -I shape the suffering -

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