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2. Enter

Enter in the valley of tears, in the reign of your fears and the shame of your mind. Enter in the realm of the dead, the loved
ones' regrets are shown with respect. Enter where pure is the blood, where loves are forgotten and hate is the strength. Enter...
in the shades of the light, upon the throne of the might is the key for the peace. Place yourself... Take a place beneath the
wastes of life, where you've lost your blood-stained knife, try it again. Enter in the consciousness of pain, when nothing's to
blame it's time for revenge. If this is a wish... Enter the realm where angels decayed can smile at your face, wash all your
wounds... All life left behind must have been denied, the razor's the guide, try to make it this way... Come in, it's your turn to
shine, for the darkness is bright there... Walk along the halls of despair, violent whispers can make you feel better. Enter in the
valley of tears, where no one can rest there's tormented eternity. Enter in the realm of the dead, their eyes and cold breath can show
you the way. Enter where pure is the blood, cause blood must be shed and must have been in the past. Sit upon the throne of the might,
the key to conquer the night is the knife that you hunger for... And now let it be done.

3. A Lifetime Obscurity

Follow the path towards the solitude, thou shall feel cursed if betrayed. But when I betray call the Martyr to weep, to bury the
scars thru never ending seasons of grief, then I'll follow the black path towards horizon dark and I'll reach only sadness, as
mourning dwells in me. Like a love lost in the cold, thru the grim shadows of old, shadows that whisper of souls. Like a love
lost in the cold, that strength less I shall behold thru years of darkness or filtrate light, it's always been easier to close
the eyes, rather than open them and see what thou never ever wanted to see... Once felt the weight of thy age, call the Martyr to
laugh and dance upon thy graveyard of shame. For love was lost and life was won, all the other things are shades to be gone and
the path of mourning longs for more... "Come here Mephisto, come here Mephisto, dance thy particular waltz upon my ridiculous
grave". Spirit and flesh are now rotting, their abode is so far, shall I find it? For the path I am walking, it's so lonely and
bleeding, the grief's overwhelming and sadness is crying, thou can taste all my sorrow for my life is so empty, empty like words
that are buried with loss. Turn on thy back all that's shown is regret and the shadows of death are unleashing their powers NOW!
Like a love lost in the cold, thru the grim shadows of old, shadows that whisper of souls. Everything gone and never to return,
here's the coldness and the bleakness of it all, a constant prelude to agony, a following of seasons of apathy, cruel are the eyes
of misery, black are the wings of my destiny, primordial tears come out as knives... The left half of the heart in the left hand,
the right half of the heart in the right hand... OBSCURITY - Mourning dwells in me, Obscurity - A lifelong misery, Obscurity - bleeding
the soul away... Feeling the dusk coming out from my bones, crushing everything that I'm holding inside and then going back again...
Feeling the dusk coming out from my bones, crushing everything I am holding inside and all left behind seem to come
back again... When senses are blinded and feelings distorted call the Martyr to show thee the real true existence, hypnotic
delusions are blessed with confusion, another landscape is silent with intent of revelation, groping one's way towards the wastes
of life, why this seems to have no end? Groping one's way towards the wastes of life, please help me inhale the true existence!...

4. Springtime Deaths

Refreshing winds from distant skies, a dying love from distant eyes. Another cruelty brought to me. And again a flower born and
before it withers wind's whispers are blowing it away... Falling leaves from trees that died, a growing sadness becoming mine, but
it's not time for leaves to fall and it's not time for dying at all... Clouds are sick of being dark, when sorrows must follow the
last rain drops, but stay... Is lone the path to walk among the green, as with melancholy of the grey something faded away, but
melancholy remained... I cannot... regret... In springtime the grey has the due to fade away but the days come grey again, with the
season of grief in bloom cause in springtime the deaths are two.

5. Souls Of The Cold Wind

I have travelled, travelled through the coldest of winters. Lashes of wind have hurt my body screaming hymns of the frost and
taking away pieces of my soul, as they stole pieces of other suffering beings... I have slept, slept upon the hardest of stones,
dusted nails have hurt my body, disturbing my dreams with their nightmares... And taking away pieces of my soul... Is the road still
long?... I have cried, cried around the saddest of shores, where the thoughts follow the tide, where the thoughts follow the wind...
Jaws made of water have hurt my body, leaving my flesh naked and weak and my soul's gone with the breeze... "Show me the path, oh
coldest of winds, cause I feel I'm in darkness, I'm afraid and I'm tortured by the pain of my open wounds..." Now I'm going to die,
die in the most 'lone of all thrones, where I could lay my tired body and sing lullabies for my death, hoping the wind gave my
soul to the angels (and the souls of other suffering beings...).

6. Welcome The Godless

Crawling so deeper... Nobody should have to do it that way... Breathing so higher... Having thoughts that are never the same... As I
stand here trapped in immortal rites that aren't mine by choice... Welcome the Godless! Living, dying... For something I won't do
again. Screaming, scratching... And the Godless shall be blessed all the same.
I have served the temple and now I want to consider me and them free...

7. Freezing Moon Including Terzo Incontro And Tubular Bells

[FREEZING MOON (Music & Lyrics: MayheM) - Originally recorded by The True MayheM on the album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" - 1994]
[TERZO INCONTRO (Music & Lyrics: G. Leone) - Originally recorded by Il Balletto Di Bronzo on the album "YS" - 1972]
[TUBULAR BELLS (Music: M. Oldfield) - Originally recorded by Mike Oldfield on the album "Tubular Bells" - 1973]

8. A Feeble Light Of Hope


Martyr Lucifer: lead and backing vocals, bass
GroM: drums and percussions
Shred Blast Hypnos: 6 & 7 strings lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars
Bless: keyboards and orchestrations, backing vocals on "Springtime Deaths"

Orchestrations and arrangements by Bless & Hortus Animae.

Recorded at: Fear Studios, Alfonsine (RA) Italy
Mixed at: Alpha-Omega studios, Como Italy
Recorded & engineered by: Gabriele Ravaglia, Stefy and Paso
Mixed by: Alex Azzali
Produced by: Hortus Animae

Cover concept by Martyr Lucifer
Cover and artwork by: Fabio Timpanaro of NTK

Web Master: A. Cattaneo
Photos by: Loretta Militano
Photo models: Bebe Sibilla
Violin on 'Springtime Deaths' by Nino Cotone of Iblis

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