Dark Lyrics


1. The Womb

The darkness beckons, seductive creature and I awaken from slumber
Enslaved by this addiction under winter's darkest moon
Thrust outside into the cold by an insatiable craving
And I head north into the woods, as I invite the chills:

"Take control, sweet caress"

I want to taste the dark, to feed on its chaos

Across paths drenched in snow, navigating the decrepit labyrinth
Clawed by thorns, I brave the blizzard in search of the archetype
Trees tremble, choked in ice, shadows dance in mournful jubilee
I reach the passing and out of the brush emerges the goat, our gazes meet
And I fill with twisted prophecy, I collapse in sickness
The cold is asphyxiating, the wretched trees whisper eulogies
Between my final breaths, the goat whispered into my ear: "Chaos shall prevail"

Perhaps I will return someday, born from the womb of winter

In a mockery of the son, the sweetest blasphemy

As the chills traverse my spine, serpentine sensation, the sky is but an infinite void
The cold is so vast, it permeates all, infinite in power
It cradles me like a child and keeps watch like a shepherd
Stay with me, oh dismal angel, until the darkness comes

2. Ripped To Shreds

Corpses line the tomb yard in a fading sun's dying light
A bloody rain cleanses their innards, a feast upon the fruitful flesh of life

Ripped to shreds

A rotting hand emerges from the grave, bathed in dirt and sweet decay
To tear the limbs from the torso of all who pulse with the putrid form called life

Reality fragments, as the beginning becomes the end
And life, a festering memory, defeated by carnal appetite

Moonlight, bloody mist, descending fog, ensuing bliss

Ripped to shreds... ripped to shreds... ripped to shreds... shreds of flesh...

3. Altars

Centuries accumulate, bearing witness to insipid confinement
Lungs fill with dogma, ashes bestowed by the holiest wars
The despicable cleric indulges his twisted fantasy
I shall not succumb to thee, purloined of power

I fill upon the altar with the wrath of a thousand tortured heretics
In a bestial possession to punish the minions of the lamb

We'll feast on the flesh of the holy servants, a divine banquet to feed the hungry
Drink their blood, a sacrifice to martyrs of reason and countless victims
In remembrance of those forgotten and banished to the fringe
Trampled to dirt and roasted like spoils of the hunt

The lamb breathes in his dynasty
Does he cower or gyrate in ecstasy, drunk on power?

Shall I kneel before the holy god of rape and war? Shall I bow to the father of irony?
To the son of insanity? I shall kiss the goat

4. The Somber (Desolate Winds)

The sky if falling, it's vomiting fire
over the mournful earth
Mekk scour the land in search of sanctuary
Seven decades of pestilence
haunt the living detrtus
Can no one escape the mark of the beast?

Rivers overflow with sorrow as
humanity drowns in war
Man feasts upon his brother's demise
All monuments to triumph
have been destroyed
Have we all paid tribute to the beast?

"Surely this is the end"
Cried the confessor
"Perhaps the seals have been broken,
I can hear the horns of the angels blaze"
They streak across the deepest sunset

He cradled his holy book
His last breath exhausted in despair
Under the poisonous embers
of the final sun
And darkness descended

Eons haven't witnessed a night so cold
Pierces the skin, chills the veins
Hearts of the believers are frozen
Under a frigid, limitless darkness

Survivors emerged from hiding
to find a black earth
Trembling with betrayal, they indict,
"He never came!"
Weary bodies huddle in futility
Clinging to life (like decaying parasites)
As death walks the land
Victim to...

The frigid silence of eternity
Disturbed by moans of despair
If you listen close
You can almost hear the
cackling of the beast
On the cusp of desolate winds

5. Fleshrot

In rapid decay
I revel in filth
Feeding on ruin
Flesh dictates my will

I worship rotting flesh
Desctruction of the corporeal

One foot in the grave
Euphoric I toil
Slandering the pristine
I'm sucked into soil

Sinister perversion
Taste my rancid flesh
Revile my name
So that you ma live again

Sinister perversion
Taste my rancid flesh
Feast upon my marrow

Gargle my sour blood
Revile my name
So that you may live again

When the winter comes
Nature revels in rot
And the chills dance upon my timid spine
I'll crawl into the ground
Like a worm lusting for decay
Iam one with the earth
In a bed of maggots I yearn
for slumber forlorn

6. The Ritual

Incantations rise from shrouded
faces in the night
As plumes of smoke dance
in candelabra's light
It is time

Beneath the mournful shadows of the trees
a haze of incense swirls
and casts its stench upon the breeze
Rising to the sky with chants
of praise and ecstasy
The Ritual has begun

Bring forth the cursed knife
and raise the ancient key on high
Touch not its gilded surface
for it contains the blood of christ

Now spill the blood upon the earth
within the master's evil sign
and plunge the knife into the star of
diabolical design

Gaze in wonder as it drinks
our sanguinary offering
Hear the infernal wail as
the master begins to rise
swelling up from festering slime,
sinews crack and snap together,
tendons entwine
a putrid rebirth of unholiest kind

Feel the blistering heat emitting
from the wretched flames
frothing forth the night
as the master usurps the ancient key
with a chilling shriek of pure delight

Bow your heads and praise his name
The master has returned again

Sanguinary ritual.
Sanguinary rites.

7. Fatal Dreams

In the breath of the night
Filled with the spirits of the dark
Come to me in a dreams
And unmask the putridities of being

Now I see across oblivion
I can read the frequencies

But can barely speak of the revelations
Grotesque beyond measure

Famines of reason and incongruent consequence
Plague the mockery of existence that is life
Dreams so fatal melt the psyche
As insanity takes its toll

Fatal dreams show me the way
I can barely escape the grip
Of reality's truth; treacherous, unspeakable
Puppets in the slaughter of logic

Fatal dreams, hold me close
Drag me from the light
Plunge me into the depths
Of truth and eternal night

8. Sleep Sickness


9. The Eye Of Madness

An insane moon casts its
gaze upon a strange sea
I travel with the stars; I'm not alone
Led by dark winds, awakened after eons
Fucked by pestilence, my wings are forever
I reach the horizon

Reabsorbed into corridors
Staring into the eye of madness
A tortured blink aggravates my brainstem
Dreams of perversion, lost in the
corrdors of blasphemy
Seeping from the column cracks,
creatures from beyond
Arriving at a twisted cross

In Ecstasy

Anointed with bile,
the tortured scream in delight

Writhing in terror, a crucified
dove spills its entrails
Falling to the earth in a wet caress
on the backs of serpents
I am become death, purveyor of unholy sins
The door seals shut, forever locked
in eternal slumber
I am the rotten surface, the decaying flesh
Lost in the halls, obscured by absurdity
Death is a warm embrace

Damian Herring — Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Synth
Jamie Knox — Drums, Vocals (backing)
Matt Knox — Guitars, Vocals, Bass

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