Dark Lyrics


1. Prescience

2. Soothsayer

I am become flesh

Come to me
In burning dawn
In quickening of blood
In savage impulse

Come to me
Cloaked in fear
With ideology
Bare and reckless

Trading skin
I'll thrive within
Your inner landscapes
Of despair
Mailicous gaze
To veil
To shield you from fear

I am bias weaponized
A talisman for the powerless
Ideations to enshrine
A razor-edged crucifix
Blackened lungs
Infallible tongues
To wield the sword of judgment

But don't you know
Your gods bow to me
And the road to salvation
Is paved with your bones
And no spirit animates your soul
But the one that I create
Pervasive and uncontrolled

I am the master here
Fulfill your dreams
Submit to destiny
Your path is clear
I am become flesh
The architect of your end

3. The Idolater

The banner unfurls
Graven image
Gather the faithful
With murderous words
Promises of gold and myrrh
To put an end to terror

With tyrant's eyes
What you fear in the dark
I won't fail in your trust
To crush the unholy ones
Bring order to savage lands
I am your shepherd

Wage war on the senses
Intellectual Dearth
A rabid procession
To crown the new emperor

The black magic books are burned
Fed to flames
By the hand of the sorcerer
His lips screaming dark
And the black curtain falls
On a billowing dawn

And who can we trust
On this nightmare witch hunt
This haunted millennium?

And when you peer beneath
The miser's veil
With eyes ablaze
Only then will you know

That I am the ancient serpent
Spawn of the morning star
I bring endless torture and despair
The wreath of Gehenna
And now you know my name
And speak the tongues of pain
And your fettered limbs
Will know eternity

The Idolater
Will set you free
The Idolater
Beware the gods you seek

4. Golgothan Tongues

Great manipulator
Fold your wings
Condescend to me
In back alley streets
Where broken words stretch endlessly

Where a moment steals destiny
Unravel me

Where pain is measured
In the depth of a scream
The redder the blood
The more sacred the belief
To become lost the more you seek

How could I capture my being?
A flash of a moment
A chemical decree
Where emotion cloaks meaning
Can you trace the edges of a dream?
A formless memory?

Confusion crowned king
Communication comes
Dog-mouthed ravings
Silent razor
Spilling me

Spent breath
And echo of death
Labyrinthine, do you know me?

The million-tongued beast
With a vile answer
To every morbid inquiry
A hydra head upon the neck
Of every dead-end street
A tragic circle
Of every linearity
Each word of hope
Can only spell defeat

The Tyrant comes crawling
Calling, internally
To make me adversary
To kill the God in me

5. Divine Anhedonia

Crystal clear
Reveal to me
A view unobscured
Pass through the gate
Emerge and consecrate
Negative plane

Of coming to sentience from unbeing
To find... discovering
An inherent asymmetry
Drenched in absurdity

Non-existence is a divine state
Without the imposition
Of values
Or emotions

Soaked in nihility
Worshiped and revered

Traverse the aether into the affliction
Cursed by unavoidable states
And sentenced to suffer
Better to dwell in the void
Than ache with torment
For even the most fleeting juncture
Longing for the godliness of inverted immortality

No pain, how minuscule,
Is worth enduring or bearing
No pleasure can overcome
The slightest suffering or misery

The impending conclusion
Dripping with truth
The fate that consumes
Divine anhedonia

6. Devotion (Blood For Ink)

Ensconce me
In a bible black sigh
Absorb my tribute
My abject need
Robed in flesh
Assuage my malaise, my lust to create
with displays of teeth, devour me

To extract my being
I trade blood for ink
Vivisection complete
Commit me to memory

I'll be a frail utterance cutting deep
Bones eroded, shaped into effigy
Make me a siren's song
Make me a monument to suffering

Face to the pavement
Wrest me free
Will you place me upon the altar?

A thirst for permanence?
An ego to sate?
Envy's firm grasp?
Commit me to memory

Commit me

Amongst settled dust
I breathe aromas of midnight
Sense the marrow's gentle pulse
I'm free

Then a tickling in the throat
An ache wells from within
Vessels Constrict
I'm in the grip of angst again

Free me

7. Threnody


8. Obolus

You dig my grave
You run me through
Show me my demons
My angels, my muse
The frayed ends of a dream
Tied in a noose
Show me my saviors
My spectres, my devils, my dues

At the rainbow's end
What use are promises of Eden
To begin anew
When hope is just another poisoned fruit?

And can you bear to wear the death mask again?
Dry your eyes, Sisyphus, and shoulder your burden
And in the end, they'll measure your worth
By how much you've been broken
And give you the stone to roll again

And your final reward
An obolus upon your lips
For Charon's passage to the shore

Is it hubris to ask for more
When the feast is at its end
And the lights have dimmed?

In this miserable play
This grand mockery
Where all is illusory
In this absence pf light
I'll burn in effigy

I won't take another bow

To seek the face of life
To pull the veil away
To face annihilation
And tear the masters from their gilded gates

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