Dark Lyrics


1. The Stranger

The sleeper awakens
To an estranged abode

Aeons ensconced in Cimmerian shade
A cherub defrocked unearths true grace

Shield my eyes from the light
Innocent retinas deserve no such torture
It derives from hominid hands
The greatest sin of all; a ruse for feeble minds

We are the Philosophers of Grime
Sovereigns of creation,
Eternity ornate
Tending threads with the Fates

Fuck all the angels
Heaven torn down
By frail convictions
Mercy begged through twisted benedictions

Not indiscriminate malevolence
But reason’s new dawn
Stripped of ancient sins
We flirt with the shroud of infinity

Tempting utopia
We bend not but with the cosmic winds
We are sons of the stars

To each, divinity; unfathomable acuity
The only darkness, a freedom from malicious light
Oracles of the vermillion sunrise

2. Weeping Relic

Mausoleum Mind
Fear Divine
Fatal dance with space and time
A Breeding ground
Where demons and deities multiply
Oppressed by hollow threats
That tongues of flame lick the jaws of death
A Judas Kiss
With fire and brimstone on its breath
Bow to the holy one
Benevolence bleeding from his eyes
Teach me how to suffer
Teach me how to die
I’ll slough off my skin
Let slavery absolve me of my sin
Relinquish my thoughts in the eyes of the night
Fill me with your burning light
Consume my mind
Cleanse me
Make me divine
I feel the devil inside
Immolate me
I’m purified
Haunted by the holy ghost
Bastard son
Unholy host
Asphyxia in incense smoke
A feast for the damned
Feel the blood drip down your throat

Weeping Relic
Pleading Death
Holy terror
Endless suffering

3. Heaven's Deceit

The whispering winds, they bear secrets, and deep in our veins we grieve
The days are delusion, the nights stretch into abyss
And sometimes, I feel I can hear…

From behind a curtain of velvet, draped in smoke, whispers demand: “Let it be done”
Decrees from furtive gods, history defeated, the trembling of earth: “Let it be done”

Bred like beasts, we may not ascend, captive cognition
Deus ex machina, the slyest interference
All they ask is unwavering ignorance, a sacrifice to dominance
We cry to our savior, as fate seals with wax: “Samael, open your book”
But the marionette cannot stir alone
And so it goes

The meek and the strong meet the same fate, all is forgotten and their words become flesh
Their sun remains atop the sky eternally; it shall never set upon the necromancion age

4. Resonator

I do not fear death
Inverted reality; backwards birth
A mirror world hidden from view
Antithesis of real

My body atrophies
Blood, broth of bone

Sadistic. Nihilistic. Euphoria.
Antitheist. Omnipotent. Intoxication.

Sinew drips from foundation
Condensation into orbit

Distorted windows
Labyrinthine dreams
Swept by winds
Coagulations and collisions with stars
Passage of time
To dust; we are angels

Resonating exaltation of woe
Celestial sorrows obey
So amuses the great tyrant
Time laughs

5. The Vermillion


6. Nepenthe

It’s a blinding, pervasive light
Today the sunrise is vermillion
I will drink the tears of the stars
Fill me with flames, shortcircuit my neurons

I probe the intangible spectra
Whisper truths to the ones who can’t speak
Climb out from the stifling void
Emerge the rising sons of neptune

But the path is perilous
Beware the siren’s call, it churns and swells
A respite to distract from the trail, but...

The nepenthe...it kills

Cast it aside
It allures, but the concoction is sinister
You shall not trespass at the gates of gods

Avert our wanton eyes, preclude our inquiries
With hollow stimulation and promises of eternity
Reject the nepenthe
Follow the serpentine vermillion to the brink of existence

7. Monarch

When the darkness has swallowed the light
And the hour of the witch is at hand
When my sigil streaks across the sky
By the light of the moon, I'll descend to the throne and take my command

Never deign to bow
Deities and decrees
I Disavow
I lay down my soul at the altar of sin

I won't fail
I am my own God
Eternity prevailed

Disappear through the dark...

Monarch at the gates of hell
All hail the usurper

Demons greet me
A swirling cacophony
Beat infernal wings
Princess of hell
Obsequious offerings
Writhe in ecstasy

A choir of the damned
Chant my name
Hymns rise upon the flames
In ancient tongues
With strength I burn
Extinguish the sun

Awaken dormant seed
Prophetic mystery
Summon powers unto me

The monarch
I rise
To shake the mantle of heaven

8. When The Walls Fell


9. Pavor Nocturnus

Starless void
Eternal night
Pierce the shroud of space and time

Oneiric lands
Tip the hourglass again

To be adrift in the astral sea
Sub-atomic dis-assembly
Scatter me
Consciousness evolved
Inter-stellar entity

Event Horizon
Re-absorbed into the black
Kaleidoscopic light
Universal collapse

A cosmic gestation
Ego disintegration
The senses awaken
Child of the stars

Astral projection
Synaptic connection
A state of perfection
Orgastic oblivion

Our universe, a grain of sand
A blood borne cell
In capillarian networks
Feeding the all
We are conduits of experience
Extensions of thought
From cosmic minds
Uncover the essence of life

We fade away
Dissolve into dust
Galactic detritus
Frozen in time

Ashes in the wind
A memory forgotten

Bursts of light
Blinded by sight
We are nothing

We are Nothing

10. Titan

Ascending his tower
Adorned in terminal necklace
Tattered fibers
A most prized jewel

Dominion over my body
Release me from this weary vessel
Carry me home

Lull me to sleep
Grant me reprieve

As the sun sets
A tainted moon riseth
Gleaming on stone
Asphyxiated angel
Titan’s winds blow
Swept away...

Jamie Knox — Drums, Vocals (backing)
Damian Herring — Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Synths
Matt Knox — Guitars, Vocals, Bass

Thanks to M.Felix.Boehme for sending these lyrics.

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