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1. The Nihilist

I am every man
Torn from the womb
Bathed in copious light
Marched to the staccato beat
Reared artificially
Yet a wolf lies beneath this gown
If you peer down
Corners of the heart conspire
Instinctual, cryptic desires

Swallowed by institution
Preempt our inheritance
While watchful eyes record each footstep
Confer benevolent bondage

But I dare not cede
I will curse the sun
I am one
Curse the sun

I am ancient dust
I am cerebral lust

Condense me
Compress me into solid matter
Molecules harbor
Obscured histories

I am every man
I am everything
I am nothing
I am
I am not

2. Ozymandias

Spectral dawn dazzling
Drink deep the mirage
False fantasy
Desiccated dreams
Bones bleached
Wander on
Pilgrimage to nothing

Fear god
Fear death
Fear love

Speak not, make no human connection
This vessel walks alone

Fear life
Fear truth
Fear the unknown

Consciousness floods the brain
In a universe ever-expanding

Spiral into madness
Traversing undulating sands

Impotent god
Infinity lies at your feet
Legacy lost
Fear the burden of creation

And I walk into the light...
But only shadows greet me there
Save me

Is it better to wander than create
When time will only lay to waste
The fruits of our labors?

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair"
Even gods return to dust, a memory forgotten

I see Ozymandias' petrified sneer
Are we all condemned
To wander for eternity?

Master, answers I seek
Master, reveal yourself to me

I have walked the desert lands
The tree of knowledge I have sought
I drank from its roots only to become lost

And perched at the edge of creation
Entire lifetimes passed
I found him and awaited his decree

Beneath the twisted mask, the master was me

3. Siderea


4. Polaris

Burning star haunts the night
No respite in darkness
Recurring dreams never subside
Night after night

Nocturnal apparitions
Buried dreams
Obfuscation or reality?
Unveil yourself to me

I plunge into velvet night
Polaris beckons
Sidereal guide
What schemes are borne
Upon your fleeting dreams?
In your labyrinthine designs?

Awaken dormant entity
Tap the wellspring of memory
Unlived aeons spiral into me

A suzerain in realms alien
Colors unseen, cascading light blossoming through decay
Deep peace, steeped in worlds profound
But as the sun descends, in whispered tongue my name resounds

Polaris calls me home again
Corporeal imprisonment
Damned in flesh, the nightmare never ends

Polaris lead me from despair
Release this earthly prisoner
Bound by bone in somnolent reverie

Each night I scan the bleak horizon
A silent star never seen again
And in my dreams Polaris gleams
But I wake in oblivion

5. Acolytes

Tympanic resonations
Aural incantations
We are acolytes
With seductive cacophony we proselytize
And converge on this eve

A feast for kindred souls
Earthly burdens denied
A brotherhood to cultivate the coming light

Subterranean chamber
Tones reverberate
Eyes open wide
Anointing of the stranger
Receive the sick communion

Congealing chaos
Condense miasmic mist
Alchemical reconstruction
Become leviathan
In a sea of churning flesh
The vermillion oscillates

Conjoined, we are strong
We are become one
The derelict, sons of death
Arise to claim the dawn

The conqueror worm consuming all
Destroy pantheons
Crushing pillars of civility
All powerful, almighty
Primordial seed
Forging a new reality
Embrace the burning dawn in me

6. Sum Of All Failures

A message scrawled in stone
Paths etched into the earth
We tread as ghosts

Awakened only by desire
A fleeting flame that flickers to nothing

Stagnation is happiness
Putrefaction is bliss
I open not my soul
Inertia claims my bones

In false content we're borne in painless sleep
Decaying dreams beget deranged realities

Take your place as trestles in your earthen tombs
Follow false prophets to sate your spiritual wounds
Deceive and delude your material shell
Chase desire into the void, into hell

I'll choose to be a destroyer of worlds
A flesh-bound deity

Burn across the sky
Triumphant trumpets resound
Ascend in hideous light
Onward to eternity

7. Stillborn Gods

In the mist, moon-drenched
Time ticks with stillness
Languid ether

Steel and sinew, cartilage and chrome
An entity with endless gaze
Cold, vermillion eyes infinite stare
Materialized in shadow and torn from the veil

Emerge the thorned tree of suffering
His celestial burden
Screams echo off the solid forms that once flowed as fluid time

Rivers of epoch, entire eras carved into inanimate flesh
Streaks of blood-red veins etched on a cruel landscape
Thrown into the throes of cosmic cessation

Steel and sinew, cartilage and chrome
An entity with endless gaze
Cold, vermillion eyes infinite stare
Materialized in shadow and torn from the veil

Our vermillion dream once breathed essence
We crafted the sun with an aura of hate
Setting the dunes ablaze
Moon-frosted by night

A stillborn god presides on an empty throne
Orchestrating jaws of nihilism

Teeth rip us from reality
Clamping, suffocating

Meaning projected onto a fabric of nothingness
Lost, our fragile dreaming of existence

8. The Solipsist (Mirrors Gaze)

Know thyself
Mirror's gaze
Deceiver, beguiler
Hypnotic haze

I'm called by many names
Personality oscillates
A tired masquerade
Decay, renew, derange

Eyes alien
Shedding skin
Self-constructing edifice
Twist me into form
I'm your fantasy unfurled
Trapped in parallel worlds

Am I essence or a shallow sum of actions?
Spirit or form?
As memory recedes, I am unborn

A Hollow husk
Clothed in strange attire
A Projection of need, a projection of desire

The mirror's gaze
Reflect on me

In solitude
Blossom into worlds unknown
Beyond the mirror's gaze
Communion with the soul
I am blissfully alone

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