Dark Lyrics


1. Awaiting The Scourge


2. Exvenhstench

Coming down exvenhstench
Hideous presence all around
Abhorrence human touch
I can't stand it
How many times I need to puke and to rot

Mortal plague
Seventh gate

In my dreams the fall of man I bring
And I cum with it's eradication
No race left
No god, no children
No women left behind
Under the fire

Mortal plague
Seventh gate

I rise my head and curse my mortal flesh
Because I will bring the apocalypse

Mortal plague
Seventh gate

3. Onward Through Domination

Crack of whip
On out backs
Receive it with open arms
Creeping this way
Deserving the worst of all

Long roads
Of ignorance
Our heads into the ground
Time for change
For a new dawn
I'm chosen to bring the light


I ain't got the time
To understand mankind
But I got in mind
To eradicate
Finish them

Inferior beings falling first
The plague expands to an end
All is doomed
Legions grow
Great citadels

Suffer age

4. High Priest

Onward to the cursed dead city
Black walls with ancient words
My name is written somewhere
I am transmogrified

Listen to the horn
The high priest
Walking goats as if men rape me on my knees
Open portal
And the altar bleeds
Never ending knowledge

I embrace the great faith of madness
And I will rule chaos vortex
Cosmic storm
Drowned in the sea of drugs
The growing horns
Finally I'll be the weapon and will bear the cause
Of death and failure unspeakable being
With burning eyes through the orb
Blessed by no gods

Listen to the horn
The high priest
Walking goats as if men rape me on my knees
Open portal
Reap the cleaner seed
Almost dying but still breathing

Rolled eyes
Morphing backwards in the ancient pit
Higher senses
Walking blasphemy
Once a man now a bizarre beast

5. Their Tombs

They said the first strike was a terrorist attack
Then that Satan was ascending from the seven hells
So far from the truth
Ain't got nothing to do beyond
Good and evil
Sadist hunger
Death knell

So with my new found power growing inside
I see the rats running away from the fire
Looking for shelter in holy houses
Faster and painful

Burnt into
A grotesque church
Flesh baptism
Blackened fire spreads it's wings

Millions of prayers
Mistakes and repent
There will be no tomorrow
For that it's too late
Under a furious contempt for mankind
They suffer the crosses
Their tombs as they fall in doom
At global scale but so much work is left
As I'm growing higher and higher and higher
So I let my dark angel wings take me away where the deeds will be done and the words will be said

Burnt into
Grotesque church
Flesh baptism
Blackened fire spreads it's wings

Holocaust and victory
And more to come
It's not a matter of time cause I'm blessed with Immortality
Soothsayers and prophets blind to the arrival
While the trumpets of failure...

Blow the trumpets of failure

Chaos grows
Mortal values

Legions that follow agents of anarchy
They're paving the blind way to no return
Asking for destruction since the dawn of time
Fire says my name

6. Deliverance Prayer

Hear me

You hear my lament
And see the blasphemy on this soil
Bring the eternal winter
I can hear the bells tolling

Put myself on my knees
And let me be, please, the one
Must teach me how to lead
And promise me a place beside your throne
Where is the word?
Take off my fears
Naked and pure
Can you feel the morning sun?

7. Drogg Öm Thraal


8. Grim Foreigners

Used as a tractor to bring foreign life
My open crystal veins as guiding light
They'd blessed my deeds to purge the land
The seed of horror from the other side


Hail the new order of the ancient ones
Hooves from the abyss rumbling the ground
Drowning world leaders in their own blood
Wet dreams of death like the tongue of a whore


Grim foreigners
Set the world on fire and doom
I cannot believe
The end is coming soon

Heaving earth lament
Behemoth strides
How the mighty have fallen from their golden skies
Now the gates of knowledge are open wide
And the banners of sorrow are here at last


Grim foreigners
Set the world on fire and doom
I cannot believe
The end is coming soon

I am an insect
Draining drugs from cold remains
Among the dead shooting the essence
The highest I can get

Once they lived proud
In the promised land
Ignorant bearers of an empty cause
What was achieved by men
Now it's erased
Don't say you didn't know
It was clear it was your fate
Meaning of life
In a red river
Dead existence
Since the very birth
So I take a new shot of this powder
Closer I am


9. Builder Of Carrion Effigies

Deafening silence
Crushing me
Silence broken by roars
Of the beasts
Building carrion effigies
Dead flesh carved
Blackest dawn
Charred ground
Devouring hell
One step beyond, closer now
To the core
Children breathe fire all around
Through the fog
I question myself a bit
But it's too late
Pieces of my past life
Completely erased

Carrion domains
Devourer unchained

Seven thousand millions
Of silent souls
Bearers of a decedent failure crown
Frozen time
No more breeding from the human trash
So much time
So much was wrong
Upon this land
Facing the grotesque reality
Here I stand
There is no more back to the daily grind
Slavery of the senses
Dead and gone
Slow heartbeats for kings and queens
Machinery stops

Carrion domains
Devourer unchained
Grey vast waste plains
Those cursed remains

Now time to rise to another plain
Of existence
Full of power to do my will
And not resist
Eternal waking
Almighty ruler
Cause I am the higher priest
With no bounds, no more prison flesh
Far away from humanity

Blasphemous visions
Of this barren earth
Once bright, plenty of light
Now dry, engulfed in death

But something happens
It starts raining blood
They're talking my power away from me
Reclaiming it their own

10. An Excess Of Faith

I've been the perfect commander leading the pack
Deception and tears have become painful scars

Now I see the truth such a fool
Left behind like a useless tool
An excess of faith

My aspirations vanish in a brimstone fog
Grotesque my limbs, myself a parody of a god
So close, so at hand, they are taking me away
At least I cleaned this world
Now free from disarray

They crown me and then they drag me down
Still breathing in the burial ground
An excess of faith
They kill me and bring me back to life
No matter for the waste behind
An excess of faith

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