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1. A Church Bell Tolls Amidst The Frozen Nordic Winds

2. Blasphemous Abomination Of The Satanic Pentegram

five pointed star of hell
symbol of satanic goat
appearance at the ritual site
unholy amulet of the santanist
sacred to the devil's child
abomination to the mighty one
every point
evil stench
every side almightly hates
crush the star under foot
tear the robe on which it lies
accursed image it portays
symbol of blasphemy will never rise
now powerless against us
it lay in pieces in the dust
awaiting the fires of hell

3. Behold The Rising Of The Scarlet Moon

the northern skies shall witness
the rising of the scarlet moon
from behind the blackened landscape
of frozen Nordic wastes
transformation of mountianous scenery
to an eerie shade of crimson
no longer a pale grey moon
but one of fresh pure blood
beams of luminescence fall no more to earth
tears of mourning flow
and weeping
sadness envelopes the land
eternity's gates open wide
and time shall be no more
generations await the sentence
for passing though life of
do what thou wilt
a tragedy has befallen
thus now reconsider
consume the wine of wrath

4. Thine Hour Hast Come

at the dawning of time
thine heart didst proclaim
thy throne shall arise
beyond the stars of God
and be enthroned on the Northern sides
of that Great Mountain
far above the clouds
didst thou aspire to
but alas
this was not to be
so fallen thou art
as lightening to earth
having once angelic splendour
now the vilest abomination
an abode for maggots thou art
a shame
that once so beautiful
all is lost to become nothing
son of the morning
thine hour hast come
thou will be stripped of power
and be lowered into the very depths of hell
thy fate is worse than death
eternal suffering and damnation

5. Release And Clothe The Virgin Sacrifice

the sun falls behind the shadowed mountains
as darkness descends over the forest
flames flicker in the distance
unholy chants and footsteps can be heard
hooded figures emerge from bushes
flaming torches in hands
prepare the knife and golden chalice
for fresh blood that is to flow
blackest hell envelopes the sight
as the ritual commences
a black figure comes forth
robe drops to the ground
a naked virgin stands within the circle
ice winds freeze her flesh
fear dominates her mind
repentance is nigh
no flesh will be pierced
the chalice remains empty
a virgin is spared a grim death
as involvement is renounced
angels assist her escape
as she is clothed once more
disappearing through thicket
to a new life of freedom

6. Drink From The Chalice Of Blood

veins emptied of precious blood
arteries dried of life source
centuries before at skull
time of remembrance is at hand
consume the blood of jesus
drink and remember the death
of the holy majesty
whosever believeth come and drink
with fear and reverence do
come bretheren
consume the blood
cast the mind back to that day
when thunder shook the earth
and the veil was rent
come brother partake
in the sacred remembrance

7. Silence The Blasphemous Chanting

in the clearing
a soft glow is seen
burning embers amidst an evil gathering
closer still
a murmering drone echoes
through the once tranquil forest
chants of devilish blashphemy
are heard from the gathering
voices raised to the ancient serpent
with delight and disgust he listens
appalled by ignorant summoning
he knows their fate if the
evil deeds should remain
the chanting must cease
their mouths must no longer
bring forth profane utterance
silence the blasphemous chanting
diabolical summoning be still
unholy chants
still the echoes
nocturnal silence
a blanket of peace covers the forest
return to tranquility

8. Invert The Inverted Cross

the cross of christ
turned upside down
symbol of his supposed defeat
those in darkness
rejoice in this
but the truth is revealed to the chosen
christ stormed the gates of hell
to take the keys thereof
now the keys of death and hades
belong to the enternal one
hell awaits the demonic forces
who seek to prevert the cross
flaming hellfire destruction
is their final dwelling place
what remains to be said
invert the inverted cross
the inversion is but a lie
upright it should stand
no longer an inversion
but a symbol of supreme victory

9. An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight

a soft
glowing sphere rises within the darkened sky
clouds move and shift around a glorious moon
hanging far above the earth below
beams fall from the huge night light in the sky
far below
the cemetrey gates gently creak
as a cold breeze tickles the oak tree's leaves
they dance and sway to the blowing wind
an eerie fog descends upon the cemetery
thick enough to catch the moon beams
the graves are aglow with soft light
the full moon growing brighter with time
the breeze is no more
the air is still
a blankey of think fog is horizon bound
an abandoned grave is bathing ever so softly
in the fallen glowing full moon light
the grave abandoned in the wake of rapture
no longer the abode of a corpse
but a cavity in the earth's crust
the former occupant now far beyond the clouds
to bid farewell to the moon
the stars
the past
now but a faded memory
soon to vanish
the life beyond the flesh is yet to be discovered

10. Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat

crush the bloodied horns
grind them into the dust
spare nothing from the ferocious
anger of the eternal one
goat of blasphemy
santanic symbology
tear out the eyes
leaving bloody holes total obliteration
includes decapitation
ritualistic goat killing
skinned head used in ceremony
symbolic representation of satan
is crushed in dust

11. Weak Feeble Dying Antichrist

the end of thy reign will come
as swift as it was established
thy deceit is but temporary
and therefore it cannot last
in but a fleeting moment
thy thone will crumble to dust
nothing will remain
at the hour of thy destruction
who shall come to thine aid
exposed for thy wrongdoings
naked and vulnarable thou shall be
pathetic and without hope
never to rise again
thy skeletal remains shall become one
with the earth

12. The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust

at the end of time
the moon will be as blood
blackeed is the sun
stars will fall to earth
hail and blood
rain upon the earth
fallen star opens the abyss
smoke released darkens the sky
storms of thunder
disastrous quakes
hail pelts the earth
plagues infest
blood of a corpse
becomes the sea
assembly of kings
gather for war
fire descends
devouring all
complete destruction
absolute annihilation
the day of total armageddon holocaust

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