Dark Lyrics


1. Andromeda


2. Waitress

these faces have fallen here before
tired and blue
a light that bleeds unforgiving shadows
her olive eyes repeat failure in every glare
a failure that mirrors itself with a foriegn stare
hold it together you'll find your peace
but the pieces are burnt shells that frame regret on every wall
reflections of olive eyes pierce hole through her haunted heart
she hates that stare
her smiling face defense to the world
a world filled with olive eyes that fram regret on every face

3. Dead In Magazines

someone called your shot
just from the other side
the self made rival you are
i thought i caught you breathing
it was just the sound of me laughing
modern days eve locked arm in arm with cosmo queens
turning heads
then their backs
trying to find the polarized version of their obsession
this is how to escape the horizon, curled up and frozen still
its the tilt of the hour glass
and we're slowly thinking, waiting, and waking

4. Dana Walker

please baby not another stare
i've been in that trance before
those burning eyes half glazed with tints of fury and resentment
fighting not to look back
and still tasting the dust from the last time we did
we sift through the crowds without a care
only to leave the burnt pattern of a waking nightmare
lonliness finds us beneath dim lit lights
where pen and paper spell out confusion
failing to escape those nights of solitude
the echos of today's misfortunes linger
its then that you realize
you're the one that wants to cry something
because you feel nothing

5. Decoys Like Curves

we drove these streets heads to shoulders
existing to tell the tales of letting go
and now we're strangled to tears on the fallback farewell
its all in our heads
the faint whispers
i tried to tell myself when its already over
that the reasons found decoys
and this is holding me back
as if to say what you thought you heard
i wish i did
i don't want to feel this pull as this city becomes home without you

6. A Man Exits

i escaped the horizon
feeling nothing was the easiest existence
leaving a world of regret in a wake of flames
no flame ever burned as bright
i will not leave a martyr
no more eyes to frame my falls
i can't live life for closed hearts
joy left me that day
pulled from my hands as the robbed me of life
i am leaving earth
burning the past as i turn and wave goodbye
i am finally alive

7. Redshift


8. Only The Clouds

sleep never comes quick enough to protect us
there is no shelter in the present from the ghosts of the past
like well driven nails
memories dig their claws in our backs
revealing our black hearts
unable to forgive ourselves
our parched mouths pray for rain
and only the clouds bear witness as we wither away

9. Escape Pod For Intangibles

i left the horizon
curled up and frozen still
the tilting of the hourglass
with all this time to kill

10. The Bending

this is just the in between
the point where worries can shatter dreams
this is that look like i'm going to throw it all away
this is infatuations best kept secret
and those are the hovering eyes that glide and glare
so not another word of this conscious bending conversation
i'll find it before i revolve around the tips of their tongues

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