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1. Shines Through

lies i've deceived myself in this hour of solitude... through the breaking of love and spirit these words were spit from my mouth the bitterness poured from deep within my heart only to stain and harden my skin erasing the compassion... and ripping the joy from inside of me... let me go trying to rid myself of this frame. wash it from my eyes all the sad goodbyes make me feel again leave me here to reconcile these unfinished plans... love broke me trials are in vain i press on not knowing what there is to gain in all that i've failed, i have come to realize Your truth shines through the pain

2. In Reflection

summer of evidence the lights never lie yet so long a delay sparkling from in and out of the clouds. i will relay the message sent... to all that matter for i am a messenger... to find the lost and make them whole this comission i have taken to my heart... to the world the curl is spent darkening through this day but lasting for a thousand, and many more in reflections of You

3. Endeavor

each new day draws near the final hour lamentations for a breaking dawn, on this endeavor for the truth waiting in the shadows of a recent fall looking up at the darkened sky that only gets worse yearning for a cathartic experience to break the shackles of my own time, the only witness to the abolition of man or death is the destiny of all bleakness, the end, but a light on the horizon... my will surpasses my failures my goals, my triumph my grave awaits every step taken in defiance of this world... leads and another will follow

4. Lament


5. From Your Hands

must there be such ignorance among you? your beliefs have been run into the ground your methods made me run away my only example, is your misinterpretation of the truth how could a God of love, bring so much condemnation? i strive to glean the truth, from the fields of the self-righteous if your love surpasses their understanding, show me to be your own fill this heart with the wisdom that brings me to my knees let me show them what Your true love is from your hands, you rejected who you were (called to reach) taken away to the place of eternal seperation the product of hate, from your hands

6. Comfort

i've found, this new life i dwell, in His peace my existence, follows after, His eyes everything is content...everything is content for this love You've given me but as the sun and moon turn and my path becomes troublesome, weak for me on my unsure journey... i strive day by day for something i've never seen down this road there can be no end in sight for me will You abandon me in my time of need? God don't let me doubt, show me Your way out... my eyes have never seen you, but my heart wants to know you it's all clear now, my fall is a product of my impatience now i know the truth put me through the fire, test me to the end, for my faith is solid my faith is solid in Your unchanging love prove Yourself true to me will You fill this place with Your saving grace? my life is in Your hands, Your wisdom helps me stand Your love comforts me, given me eyes to see through the lies of this world to show Your glory

7. A Winter's Rose

why is it that some are always learning, but never come to the knowledge of the truth? and their ever open minds refuse to hear a reasonable offer.. humbly i extend the hope i have received careful not to pass judgement or impose my beliefs... but i can no longer apologize for what i hold most dear and with humility i attempt to live my life with a sincerity that can bridge gaps... and know that by abstaining from things of this world, i am not condemning you but i'm choosing as you choose, to follow what i know to be true

8. A New Day

in the bright morning my courage falls weak no excuse for my actions, no where to run consequence comes like raining fire, burning every part of me... showing no mercy the day that i thought would never come, has arrived here i lay, a victim of my own decisions i've exchanged the wisdom of God for selfish pride...thus my down fall my appreciation is laced within apologies, for not becoming Your plan grace is where i lay my head for this is where the angels sit... and she spreads her silver wings to offer shade for my pale skin from the blinding sun of consequence consequence...no where to run, but to Your arms in all my shame...reconciled as i weather the storm, i fall to the ground i look to the sky, then His hand reaches for me....alas a new day my appreciation is laced within apologies i'll never understand this grace bestowed upon me... alas a new day

9. The Frailty Of Words


10. The Broken Heart Of A Traitor

will the waves of time wash away the pain in my heart? can i bury the knife that has pierced my soul or will i continue to turn it to remind me of my own blindness? because i find no touch of grace to surprise my eyes, or rest my spirit and i have come to realize my good moments were forged in self deception... and the question that plagues my mind... is grace enough? to build a bridge once burned, to fill what is hollow with the substance of virtue though the wings of a dove have wiped the tears from my eyes this tounge has fanned the flames of unforgiveness but love suffers long and rejoices in truth... and this imperfect creation is shortcoming but striving none the less for that which is eternal

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