Dark Lyrics


1. Rx Contender The Pretender

we think they got how they wanted to feel
then feel discovered five minutes 'til wedlock,
all the mirrors were cracking
the suns setting
bring out the rum
we heard that brownnosing bridesmaid
she said that someone's second guessing
so I bring out the rum
this love is a reaction to indifference

angels pass this over like some biblical falling out

in sensing something socially mechanical
who's playing angles
when sometimes things are held to clinical
bullshitters, that (we) say there's two types
of men who chase their lovers
the one who cries and the one who's too stubborn

we think we're getting how we want to feel
and in no way will it suffer
we're still drinking
so bring out the rum
they're going to show us a good time
with or without a ceremony
bring out the rum!
some love is a devotion to indifference

we're verified by a number
you're talking to a failure
we buccaneered our mild manners just to be here

what you don’t believe or see now you will no later
I idolize this man that you will know later
we got a ways to go before we idolize this man
I think we should go because I’m sensing something...

2. Swamp Kittens

where there's a chance to fall through
the devil will find you

history has shown
generations buried by their secrets
awaken to naked bosom in bed,
empty bottles on the nightstand,
and parachuting ways to quickly numb and satisfy
oh what pride
I'll have her waiting
can I beg of myself the blame

I can be a man
show no mercy
I'll accuse myself
please, please no praise
I am overbold

there's long sleeping in the living and the thinking
that devil may care
like these harlots surrounding
at night I'm a mad man
by day I'm a sad man

all day I'm like a thief that wants to get caught
so please someone don't you be proud
all day is like a misfortunate soldier thought
oh please someone won't you be proud

3. Cubic Zirconias Are Forever

patience never our foreplay
dizzy people floating in the same flood lights
that we'll be sinking in the stars in the sky
are diamonds promised to the ocean floor
we'll fake first and leave a reflection of what they're searching for

there are cities we have not found
with underwater cavemen minds
and suddenly we're curious
for we found the secrets to
a black diamond left in the sea
a prism with a hopeless color scheme
and we are one step... . .

if we're (when they're) out tonight
we'll leave the lights alone
cause if they're out tonight
they'll leave their lights low
(let's go!) let us go before we're doomed

take care
take it to the ocean floor

let us go
let us search beneath the blue
we are one step close to never knowns

4. I Can Do This On An Island

I'll carry your head away
caught in some stereo deep blue nothing
aquatic symphony waiting
waiting on the wake of ocean parachutes
chasing me in a one man submarine

5. Secondhand Surgery

tell me you need it
cause it's too soothing to know
there's no end
can you separate it
I know you want it
to feel control

no traffic in these eyes
when veins in tantric change
it's slow pumping thought my legs
we'll try to carry on
with veins in tantric change
and yes we'll try
to stomp these days away

what if right now these heads
rolled dead across the table
who'd sew theirs back?
I'm slowing thinking
of switching your head
with my body
we can start these days the same

comfort me on the floor with these bones
they're two mouths to feed
I am just a ghost

you think I'm rested
I am more shot than you know
I hear and chase them off the rooftops and the walls
it feels like there's something in the walls

no traffic in my eyes
it takes the pain away

6. Vacation/ Add/ Vacation!

can you feel it crawl
something has mastered our insides
connecting our thoughts
with each others' body parts
in all sorts
there are networks keeping watch
over our state of mind

this is how we'll carry on

have we been led
have we wandered
in everything we're moving on to
I think we made a great escape
it's been said
you inspired
in all those things I'm looking on to
your greatest day

we prefer to pretend
there's no animal inside
but there is a sting
we can chose to hind
who waits for who?
when nothing tells us we might still be alone

we send transmissions to bridge the synapse
we're put together and organized

7. Magnetic North

in fading fearless nights
have we been led
or wandered here
let it all come forth
and see the sign
am I alone
am I finding a man

8. East Of 1989; Battle Of The Bay

caught force looked over
courting gravity we're older
we all found out we're weightless
and leaden with potential
water fileters that screams of dead sailors
lift off a bridge
swim left of Sacramento
the last thing we see
is tai lights with strings
and time is spinning out a way
one photograph back
a tunnel is shrinking
no flash no love nothing involved
at the start of it all

don’t even try
to maximize these plans
I steal
I catch this wind
after all of my lies
don’t you dare fall for
how I could be depends
on the cold you bring
don’t even bend down to the world
don’t even try to

the image you cast over me
is just a subterfuge
I can be a ghost
or the hero that says...my darling
why don't you save yourself
if we die
we'll leave some behind
to lust for what seems like the performance of a life
we've incriminated hesitation

in bending (been) down tot he world live(d) it all
the earth will follow through
like we give love
for a chance
to make capital
they said bend down to the world
if we could see more than we believe (...
...) then we believe
the earth would swallow you

9. Bird Flu

I'm a killjoy
even offstage I'm plastered
memories of a sex stained flower
on the wall of your room
I need a view
I need a few
people around me think California bound
we're turning blue and yellow
we don't make a sound
I've sunk into cold floors
half naked and always stumbling

you are to me
however you want to be

as long as we're machines (we will lose)
we are just a dream (the unknown)
no ordinary tease
of another life
come find
we ought to be
how we used to be
a more human and extraordinary love

hush up that gypsy queen in the back of magazines
crush the pills
flip it over
rip this oxy
fuck altar boy sensitivity
make it numb to learn
we can't get far enough
from nothings of dancing on the streets like we paved them ourselves
and now we've learned to chase our liquor with disaster

palm readers never let you know
palm readers never let you go
we're all ribbon chasers
without ribbons of our own
under the watchful eye of a dirty bird
my chemical companion
can't you read my mind?
you want some attention
but I'm tired of it tonight

10. The Canon

11. Devil’s Concubine

brought new attention for the media
it's like seeking petty new burdens
with a musket grin
we can trigger your favorite sin
like seeking new burdens
for lazy guards in watch towers

bring is to courthouse control
dental records prove
only if our tongues are cut off
then we will be less of a disease

we found religion
in spitting teeth and equivocate ideals
of the virtue of a man
a simple tithe in the spirit of how we deem you
newsprint exploiter
we all get lonely
I guess your portfolio did too

a good fire celebrate
a far call can't erase
follow it out
let's burn it out

with a quick fix stare
they tell us to be obscene
they don't care who believes

ears pinned back
we've traveled far
looks like we got ourselves an interpreter
and it's time to imitate
being one of a kind
wont someone celebrate you?
illegally instate
the burn
of a world
gone down in a flame
it's our brilliant rise to fame the burden
of what we thought was a man
we'll burn your stock down
we get a sick euphoria
burn the devil's concubine

12. Head General Hospital

we'll kick you
and your devotion to sloth wonder
in a caveman style
you are only crawling faster
your eyes indent your oblong head
canonized in REM rhythm

you're not standing upright yet

sitting guilty in a spirit
of a passive sinner
oh look
you're ahead
it's like a hospital hosting hypochondriacs
you got yourself uptight
are there anymore
facts or fiction fit for further alliteration
you seem so safely spoon-fed
and we can't operate on

we're not partners in
or paramedics for

this whole world's going to make you a part of it
the whole world is going to leave you out
call someone to alleviate the senses
never let
ever let your body feel
how your mind could leave it

you can see it on our faces
for we have traveled far
your mind is a long divide
a simple fraction of our time
deduct your logic
we'll lock up
or maybe just unlatch it
and throw yourself off
if you were meant for the wealth of the applause
would a first window floor have a lock

there are no bleachers by bedsides
people build in their (your heads)

13. Paisley

could I beg of myself the blame
maybe a little more (...
...) maybe a little more
stretch to my neck
and I could see above it all
days go so slow
I'm finding time with no devotion

we prance around unfavorably
we're the cure for
the bored and lonely
if not for you
there's no glory
in a stargazing battles
of the bored and lonely

feel this night
and ending,
an entrance in sight
I know how to feel two circuits

14. Saskatchewan

[Bonus Track]

There's a hole in the sun
And no one's awake to it

We're predisposed
It's casting it's shadow
All fault lines are signs of it

So, where do we go?
We've been fed unconscious purpose
Of all that remains
Is a quake and a fall
The sun has a mind
The earth acts as it's muscle

You see, how right where we stand
There's an attraction to sorrow
We are a mind chasing shadows

Like the hole in the sun

No comfort is sweet for the unsolved part of grief
There's a sober hum to the ground,
And you can be so far from
From the land of the living sky

There's a hole in the sun,
And no one's awake to it

Part the earth to it's core
Lives a beast to this world
Glorified by the time
Our mouths close out all hope

For you see, right where we stand

While I wither away
I'll try alone
While I wither away

So, right where we stand
There's an attraction to sorrow
We are a mind chasing shadows

Like the hole in the sun

No comfort is sweet
For the unsolved part of grief
There's a sober hum to the ground,
And you can be so far from,
From the land of the living sky

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