Dark Lyrics


1. Exordium


2. Vacillation

I’m down on my knees
What lay before me but ruin and misery
Now in deep reflection I see
That we are solely to blame
Imprisoned, our own words
Separate us from our hearts
We longed for, something more
So we sacrificed it all
Bathed in doubt I scream
Should this fate befall me
I surely was pure in deed
Or am I rightly
Placed in these guilty chains
Face to the earth in shame
In my disbelief
I tried to flee, but the jury convicted me
The charges I stand before
Guilty of searching for something more
Searching for something more

3. Orison

My prayer, my prayer
That faith will be my voice of reason
Through trials and storms
My hope will always lie in you
If I should fail
Your mercy will be never failing
My hope in the unseen to stay forever strong
That through flame and fire
My mouth never denies
That my hearts desires
My mouth never denies
You pardon all of the transgression that I’ll ever see
Your mercy reaches past my burdens and my apathy
If ever I should thirst with water you reach out to me
If ever I should fear unfailing love will surround me
Rectify my life,
I want to burn for you
Take this flesh and bone
and make it what you will
That I may seek you in the darkest of the blackest nights
That I may know that those who truly seek will always find
That I may knock and know the door will always open wide
That I reflect upon the day the stone was rolled aside

4. Transcend

How could you, spit in the face of God
This is an all out war
The hatred you preach won't stand any longer
We’ve come to rectify
The years of abuse and pain
The bitter taste, endured
Till we can celebrate
Revere the glory of your demise
Your words will not prevail, and we will not stray
The time has come for all the wrongs, to be turned into rights
It won’t be long
How dare you, condemn in the name of God
This is your final chance
For He will send the wicked down for their lies
The pit of destruction awaits
Oh, deceptive tongue
For your folly, you will pay
The final hour approaches
Of sorrow and despair
And soon enough, you’ll beg for death to come

These days will come
Come to an end and so will you
The words you’ve said
Depicted a voice that you
Were never given
Time for reformation
Has arrived

5. Imminent War

Kings of the earth
A new dawn approaches
You’ll be persuaded by silver tongues
Promises of peace and healing
A holy union your promised prize
No, it’s all a lie
Evil lurks
A wolf in sheep’s clothing
This surely is your demise
But do not fear for evil will not overcome
Behold the seven signs
The words of false prophets
They speak of wars and rumors
Of coming times
Many will fall
As the earth shakes with anger
And famines run wild
The torment of the chosen ones
And a new proclamation
Abolished, the sacrifice
No holy place, no altar to speak of
Kneel, before the throne
A false king now sits
No more, this too shall pass
Look to the sky, the clouds are parting
Behold, the power and glory
A new King descends to claim His right
Destroyed, the days of old
The wicked one, and those in his counsel
Rise, the earth anew
Free from the shackles of evil that bind us

6. Perpetual Ruin

Verily, Verily I say unto thee
That I am utterly appalled by your
Words and your deeds
And while I pray that I forgive you
In multiples of seventy
I quietly wonder if you’ll pay for your deceit
You’re one of the many to fall away
He who breathes out lies will not escape
There will come a day
You will take the blame for all the pain you gave
Stand up tall
It won't be long
The white throne calls your name
You’re next in line
I see darkness in his eyes
Intent on suffering
His silver tongue provides
Excuses for his deeds
He pities not the broken and honors not the least of these
But he will stand, before a living God
And reap the suffering
One day he’ll stand before a living God
And pay for all their pain

7. The Awakening

I am wasting away
The desires of my mind left
A shameful path walked by a man
Surely unworthy of grace
And I have no one to blame
And no one to take the pain away
I‘ve had my life
Hit the bottom multiple times before my eyes
So I’m left wasting away, wasting away
But I’m supposed to believe
That I can be saved
When the life I’ve lead is so despicable
Can I push the limits, be accepted for the things that I’ve done
Behind Closed Doors
For I’ve lived a life that I’m ashamed of
Will I be forgiven, or abandoned for the secrets I keep
Behind Closed Doors
Never had I imagined I’d seek forgiveness
And be accepted
Like I had never committed these sins
As I lay filthy, disgusted at my own reflection
I slowly I wonder if I’ll ever end this suffering

So I bide my time
And I lie awake at night
Then I close my eyes
And wonder if I’ll ever wake up
It’s been too long now
Since I could believe
In places for people like me
To have their sins washed clean
It’s been too long
Since I believed
Can I be clean
Its been too long

8. The Awakening: Dissimulation

How could this be
That out of the darkness
A light has been cast upon me
And what would I do
If my own irreverence
Forever kept me from the truth
I’ve watched the aging face
In the reflection stare at me
Watching hour by hour
He affords no sympathy
I’ve tried to dim the lights
To avoid accusing stares
But he always finds my eyes
And reminds me who I am
I’ve felt the hand of mercy
Reaching down for me
To pull me from the trenches
To calm the stormy seas
To wash me in the waters
To cleanse me in the blood
To start my new becoming
And vanquish what I was

9. The Awakening: The Veil, Lifted

Once I believed
The very air I breathed
To be the only life I’d need
Lost and alone
Tattered and torn
My heart cries out
My soul cries out
Now here I stand, strong as I am
Unable to bear all these burdens alone
Take, take all these fears
I give them to you, I cast them on you
Set me on fire, I’m alive

10. Vile Reflections

So it begins the day we've feared is upon us
The walls are - the walls are closing in
We close our eyes as we number our transgressions
The dawn approaching and we've only just begun
The days of redemption are gone
Gone forever

When will we see our worst fears are coming true
The monsters that we seek are just faces in the mirror

Did we ignore as we were warned in phases
A beastly mark exchanged for so much more
The suffering will be forever
Engulfed in flames in pain reaching for the surface

The days of redemption are gone
Gone forever

No time for forgiveness the last degree befalls me
How i wished I'd known that this would be my eternity
To burn forever in the pit of Belial
With the sons of fire

When will we see our worst fears are coming true
The monsters that we seek are just faces in the mirror

11. Derision

Oh bringer of forever’s fires, where is your victory
Destroyer of souls, devourer, where is your sting
How the oppressor has ceased, your insolence failing
Your minions descend the grave
Your image revolting
Where is your sting
Oh prince of darkness
The savior commands you
For your rebellion
You will ascend no more
The time is drawing nigh
Your supremacy ending
The end of your reign approaches
Atonement is waiting
We’ve set our eyes to Zion

Brendan Hengle ‒ Drums, Bass
Jack Daniels ‒ Guitars
James Houseman ‒ Guitars, Symphonic Orchestration
Josh Ditto ‒ Vocals, Keyboards

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Thanks to joskirock for correcting track #10 lyrics.

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