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1. Keithie's Done Himself A Mischief

This palace of immortals battle for the crown,
Bludgeon the senses!
"I’m not the dumb cunt what's pissing blood"
Plates collide, lava run!
If these defences, defence from what attack?
What attack?
We bludgeon the senses, with no resolve we've taken this too far,
In violence rejoice.
A feast for your indulgence, to amuse yourself alone,
Barbarians in a bare back brawl, wise men fall on their backs at midnight,
In violence rejoice.

2. Don't Stop... Rodeo!!

The game now I understand, that we always... take the beating.
She swallowed both these fists she wrote a list,
Of everything we simply must enjoy.
There's no consequence at all.
She's painting pictures of what makes her dreams come true,
In watercolour, in watercolour grey.
Cut the chord, not the noose, we'll kick the stool from under you
(I'll take the beating)
We are the womb and the world and the dirt,
Let's pretend to make a resolution,
And for one second it feels like...
It feels like tantric suicide, hell yeah,
And we always... Take the beating
And we're leaving echoes in the stain (Rodeo crew clap here)
Let's rodeo 'till the break of dawn, yeh let's go! Ow!
As soon as I could leave,
I came back to you,
And I search.

3. Don't Forget To Feed The Fish

They face each other and inhale at the same time,
Nothing better than sharing, in one short second she grew wings to fly,
Now the arrow's missed all that she intends,
Is to start her heart again.
Ignite the cigarette, the hot cherry tips connect.
A simultaneous combustion of unspoken dialect,
Comfort one another's child bearing hips.
Hands that touch, feminine touch, unresolved unconvinced.
Elevated she's feeling liberated.
But what passion exists that could make this of you?
Peel the peach, juices flow.
Eat the girl and keep the stone
Sever ties, no conviction in her promises.
The presence of abandonment,
Got a gun, not afraid to use it!
What's the secret? I can hear it breathing, under the bed.
Woah! She wants devotion not apologies.
By the time, you get home, promises will be broken,
By the time, you get home, your fish will be dead and floating.
"Oh speechless Karina I will learn to read thy thoughts."
Fingers crossed behind her back, she swears on her mother's life,
When enemies become lovers, lovers can't become wives.

4. Weightless

Last night we crashed the gates, they burst wide open.
Last night we crashed the gates, when the guard was down.
(Slowly she) We dare to dare ourselves, beyond borders,
We're ready to crash the fight,
We're ready to take flight,
We're ready to drop the guard.
As we dare to dare ourselves a little closer... Walls disintegrate.
Weightless, we carry no burden here.
Weightless we're carried projected in flight.
Come back and say you will dance with me (You're so perfect)
Come back and say you wilted since we.. (You're so perfect)

5. A Song For The Elvis Impersonator

The camera's shift and fade, as the credits start to roll (It's almost over)
The lines of a script roll off the tongue lubed in spit,
This fantasy has a pulse, that's beating me into submission.
Then you arrive in style to amplify the essence of,
Desperately identify with reflections of strangers.
The chastity of empty eyelids where sunset stripped you,
The camera’s shift and fade, as the credits start to roll.
This fantasy has a pulse, that's fucking beating me into submission.
But all of this fake blood, all of this fake blood won't fool death.
Sunset stripped you down, just in time, flowing behind your silhouette.
"Oh yeah, you gotta love that silhouette man."
I'll colour you in, outside the lines, like you never existed.
Desperately identify with reflections of strangers.
The chastity of empty eyelids where sunset stripped you,
These are the hooks that keep us hanging on.
These are the hooks that keep us hanging on.
How predictable was that exit?
The Kind Is Dead.

6. Yeah Girl, You Said It!

This is our party and we'll die if we want to!
We're dressed for war, we have no-one to kill.
Does anybody bleed within these walls?
The loud, loud, quiet sound penetrates our bones.
Her scream is getting softer.
I thought that I could hear sadness in you voice.
Does anybody bleed within these walls?
In this room we're all educated.
We were warned about the dangers of this sport,
In this room we're all professional,
We always use persuasive adjectives and tones...
The soft electricity of gramophone crackling beneath her wet cotton voice.
Compliments how sensual I feel about her right now.
Into a pillow she recites these warning like muffled poetry.
But if we'd kept our clothes on how dangerous would this be?
This connection, is delicate.
"From real life we're inspired" SO we said,
Don't listen, just hear it,
Blood on these walls.

7. Blinding Lightshows & Bad Clothes Dress Codes

See how the city walks,
Out of step but synchronised,
Synchronised and out of time.
Limbs outstretched and we imagine that we could look like stars upon,
The bathroom tiles and pavement cracks, out against the night.
The ground we tread has turned to tracks.
A cycle of seasons with no turning back.
Aura winds are blowing cold in the bright lights of this city,
We are all passers by,
Treading harder - I wish you'd stay out aloud.
Treading water - I wish you'd sink out of sight.
I wish you'd sink.

8. Amphibian Kiss

Lay your accent upon me so I can breathe again,
Underwater as we touch the blue flame.
We study it gently, and slowly she melts me,
Your wounds wide open, your arms are folded.
With arms wide open, your wounds are closing.

9. Intensity In 10 Cities

It's making me depressed, seeing these guys getting everything they want.
You can see it in their eyes, switch off, I can't I’m addicted!
I've got to allow myself to get what I want, have you got it baby?
Yeah you do but do I deserve it? Intensity in 10 cities!
At times I feel guilty of everything, a complete bastard.
So ashamed so I tell myself to fuck off, I implore you... I applaud you...

10. Mortal Kombat

So you've got to go... go... gone
This surge has taken,
Destined to bestow...
Get Over Here.
Cold morning wrapped in shivered silence.
I hear the fountains pour and I’m reassured.
Alive, before I forget to remember.
Final Round.
Salt water swallow choke my lung,
Cough out blue tears in the company of none,
All drunken eyes, raining just like the day I heard of,
Your devastating acceleration.
Rain kept hitting ground I drown.
My head is in the cloud.
And I am soaked right through,
Gotta dry these dripping clothes,
Or else every hand I shake,
Will catch these dripping blues,
Gotta dry these dripping clothes.
I've got to get out these dripping clothes...
We’re staring into a void that seems to be everywhere,
Between the skyline, down to the sea.
Shine your distant rest anaesthetised,
Finish Him.
Sun's gone to plan for a better day.
Sun's gone to plan for...
Flawless Victory.

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