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1. Life-Like Violence

Eleven years old
Labor, prostitution
In this world
Of endless disgust

Deep wounds
Carved on their souls
A cross weighing tons
They have to bare

Beautifuck! world
Of fading colors
Violent awakening
Dim visions of another life
The only luxury
They are allowed
A beutifuck! world
Of fading colors

Manlike beasts
Usurpation, prostitution
Sloth, lust
Their kind of utopia
A choking brain
Shame and guilt
Today foreseen to be
Worse than yesterday

Innocent souls their fires burn
For whom shame and guilt are life
Innocent souls their fires burn
To living hell their lives are turned

Life - like violence.

2. Dead Upon Conception

As slugs of cold flesh
They'll come to our world
Embryos doomed at conception
No mother is going to hold
Birth to them will be
An unknown experience
Bastard's room and abortion
Make the difference
So warm inside
No place to hide
Mistaken conception
Maternal rejection

Parents now become
Partners into guilt
As their unborn children
Are thrown away like filth
Doctor represents
The cold hand of death
Who kills unborn children
Upon the face of earth

A spark of life
That never ignites
A seed picked by vultures
That are dressed in white

A murderer by law
Who kills to make a living
The stupid bastard's job
Is taking instead of giving
Before they see the light
Their life meets rejection
Abortive children
The dead upon conception.

3. Project: New World

Genocide - obliteration
Slaughter - in the name of god
Imposition - domination
Enslavement - extinguishment

Human consumes human
The stronger prevails
Human consumes human
The stronger dominates

Crimes of the "civilized"
Countless - inhuman
New world without hope
Full of corruption and loathing

Human consumes human
The stronger prevails
Human consumes human
The stronger dominates

New world of bloodshed
New world of pain

Human consumes human

New world of disgust and crime
World of corrupted morale
New world of disgust and crime
...of incinerated hope.

4. Absence Of Progress

Progress in labor
On inactivity, in madness
On religion
On authority
Progress on drugs
On public hysteria
On chosen violence

No progress

Progress on arms
On authority use
On tv, on fascism
On the values that have
A price and number
On world's diversion

No progress
Absence of progress

Progress in murder
In terror, in vain
On false enlightenment
That blurs your eyes
Progress on drugs
On public hysteria
On chosen violence.

5. Homo Sapiens?

Death in the name of a religion
Its provenance unknown
Violence in the name of a political idea
Who created it? unknown
Fascism, nationalism, racism, attack
Against the different, the unique
Against black, yellow, white and red
Condemned to subhuman logic
Who planted these ideas to the "slaves"?

Homo sapiens?

When did they exist?
Only exceptions
Of ego's comprehension
And of uniqueness

Homo sapiens?

Our fur has fallen
But we still got
The stones in our hands

Homo sapiens?

6. Crawling Principles

Rotten world
Morbid world
Chaos world
In this world of absurdity
Insanity prevails
Obscenity and brutality
Is our filthy twisted reality

Hatred, hypocrisy, cruelty
No dignity, no love, no respect

This is the world
That we have chosen
This is our fucking reality

Greed, pride, evil, s.h.i.t
These aspects of humanity
Threaten all life

In this garden of delights
Insanity prevails
Obscenity and brutality
Is our filthy twisted reality.

7. Hideousness Show

Like animals they're marching to die
To the command of an insane mind
Without even knowing why
They're marching towards the battlefield
Holy purpose or pure madness?

Welcome to the hideousness show
This is the circus of disgust and pain
Welcome to the war zone
This is a paradise of shit and blood

Like animals...they died
To the command of an insane mind
Without even knowing why
They played a role to the scene
Of the hideousness show.

8. False Criteria

In this sheepcote - society
Significance of feeling
Melts like plastic
The predominant factor
For a luminous future
Recedes and rots

The word love
Acquires new meaning...
...denoting mourning

Love left to rot
Once more
We judged life's values
With false criteria

We had the perfume of life
But we have chosen
The stench of the slaughterhouse

Now we're kneeling
On broken glasses
Worshiping paranoia.

9. Sonus In Terrorem

The passion of demise is a worm within our mind
It sucks and it swallows our logical thoughts
...And we have nothing but a sickening existence
Nothing but a drained mind

Psychotic murderers - psychedelic murders
Generation of mental suffocation
Schizophrenic animal behavior
People of carnival into the grave of unreality


Tragedy? Comedy?
We suffer laughing with tears in our eyes
Guilty we are and as guilty we suffer
For we are those who feed the worm.

10. Human Parts Inc.

Tube fed, tube bred
Human cattle glass shed
All colors, all ages
Wide variety, you just choose
Human parts inc.
We breed dead to give you life
Choose a part and we provide it
Catalogues posted on line

All major credit cards accepted
No cash
Limbs are on discount
Internals cost double

Human parts inc.
You just choose we gladly cut it
Send it for the right price
Ethics post for us no matter
They were brought by us to life

We own them...

11. King Of Logic

Without sight and hearing
Only with the sence of touch
Illusory affection they sought
Far away from truth's lucid eye
A cold hand of help
Morbid state of habit
A matter of principle
Can you refuse?
Who the fuck are you?
King of logic
In the land of the damned
Obsessed with the dream
Of life after death...
...and hope

King of logic
In the land of the damned
Obsessed with the dream
Of life after death...
...and hope
For some quality time
Residing in concrete cells
Who are we to judge?
Who are you to question?

12. Slavery / Freedom

Slaves of their creations
Absurd is the purpose
Of digital processing
Lack of communication
Outside the screen
Communication, power, freedom
Inside the screen
Silence and misery

Silence - technocratic
Silence - digital
Silence - new

Looking again at reality
Nothing changes
Everyone chooses
Life or insanity.

13. Tomahawk Cruise Messiah

Death is falling from the sky
Human masses
Burn in sacred, holy flames
"The sublime redeemer"
Throws up fire
Teaching pain

Fire and pain are interrelated

Death is falling from the sky
Mass hysteria, lost control
Pure black pain within the soul
Fear - the only feeling known

Tomahawk cruise messiah
Thus we killed morality
Tomahawk cruise messiah
Thus we murdered beauty

In this time of grief
Values detracted from our world
Hope has been devoured
Violence is now a way of life.

14. S.H.I.T.

Under the guidance of twisted minds
Knowledge was moulded into swords
And slashed its own possessors

As time passed
Knowledge got moulded into metal jackets
And was fired upon its own possessors

Some stood to think
What were they doing?
Why were they doing it?
They were killed...

Why devise our own plagues?
Why kill on the altar of wealth?
Why channel knowledge
Into homicidal ideas?

As the old age declined
Knowledge got moulded
Into weapons of mass destruction
And was unleashed upon its own possessors

Since they were made
To leave no one behind
Only the ones who got lucky survived

As the new age dawned
Nobody possessed any knowledge at all
It was the decline of mankind

In this age of supposed progress
The only things we have progressed on are:
While having the means of decreasing
These aspects of our so called evolution
We choose to put them in use and make
Our lives really fucking worse than they allready are
That is what got us here in the first place...

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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