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1. Another Daybreak Gone

Another daybreak we lost
Another sunrise gone
In the violent ring of a clock
A day we hated from scratch
Labour speed with no pay
No "thank you" in the years of slavery
Days lost, crashlandings
Of dreams and expectations

We scratched the rust
Like we did to our wounds
To see beneath the time lost

"Strength once our own"
We passed our hopes to the next to come.

Who dared stare up at the light?
Who defied the god of rotors?
Who disturbed the movement of the levers?
Who guides the sheep with no eyes?

Millions of heartbeats
Yearn the same dream
But none listens to another
None looks at the other

Eyes afraid of souls afraid of death

Souls live forever
But nobody remembers anymore

Who does remember that the fire will burn?
That the rain will flood and drown?
That the sun will shine tomorrow too
Whether we can see or not?

2. The Age Of Numbers

Before "me" innocence
Protected me, shielded me
Words of the wise support the pillars of the world

A false legacy of miasmatic ideas
Of a fanatic father and a subjected mother

The world ...what is it ?
A flashy game
With a beggining, middle and end
A royal theatre of tyrants
With a sterile imagination

Newborn "whys"
On one foot
A punishmet for every question
Answers "why ?"

With the passing years
The moist of philosophy got desiccated
And nothing but dry numbers were left

The world : numbers with simple excellents
Of corrupted teachers, a life of "yes sir"

"Why?" nourished a dream and a reality
In the years that passed
In the age of numbers
The passing age of numbers

The light I cherished has burned my eyes
And so I envied the blind
For they were not
Witness to my downfall
(Witness of our downfall)

3. So Many Nulls

You will find me everywhere
In miserable shows of a cheap broadcast
In the hatred, born from ignorance
I am there...lurking

On your walks across streets
In words full of promises
Over microphones and...people

Born parasitically we procreate and
Multiply without interest for your life the
Reality you don't see....i have no purpose

I just consume and destroy
So many nulls
In the vastness of the mass

So, many, nulls
So, many, nulls

So many...innocents deceived
They hate and spit
And with the mud
They sculpt the demon

So, many, nulls
So, many, nulls

So many of innocents deceived
They hated and spat
And sank in the mud
They had created

4. Disintegrating Rotor's Authority

Upon pillars of salt
Built to withstand the wrecks of passing time
Not ready to bear the weight
Of human indifference
"The poison that keeps the rotors of the world in motion"

Now as tongues lick
Mouths get numb
As speech becomes inarticulate
Minds nauseate

Both sides of the coin bear the same figure
Both sides have the same story to tell

The real one fades away as time passes...
Leaving nobody behind to remember it.

Lies and truth dance around in circles
In a constant change of positions
A rotating diameter where ends never confront eachother

And at the center stands
The rotor that sets the circle
That engulfs us all
In motion.

Forged ages ago
By the blood and sacrifice
Of innocents that died in vain

On the altars of political
And religious confrontations.

5. Soulconscienceworkshop

No regrets no remorse no denials
Dilluted to extinction by the...
Soul and conscience workshop
Shapes the shepherds
Guiding to compliance
Those that never tasted life
And never will too
Cause they are meant for fuel to support
The disciples that will guide them
To their final destination.

Forget what happens to the sheep?
They're bred for slaughter
They're bred to sleep

Shepherds forget they are sheep too
Sole conscience no will schooled into

Lies deceit and public speech

Institute of growing heads
Of states of mind and states of helots

Their hands are clean and washed in blood again

Soulconscience workshop deprival of thought
Mutilates minds by selective erasure

Teachers invisible as in times of old
Teaching lessons of untrue and untold.

They deny and so they control
They're in power but they will fall.

6. One Last Breath

Gods of labs
Noble vows sworn
Tampered genomes
Picked and torn
Pest and virus sculpted vile
Inside the tubes of hybris

Zeroing down on us
To zero down us all
To zero down our soul
No chance to breathe
Even one last time...

Living hell on planet earth
A life with one foot set on death
Nano demons haunt the lives
Of experiment human cattle hives....

Lungs are torn apart
Eyes start to bleed
A raging success
A virus indeed

Deadly moleculeS
Are sucked in deep
As one last breath
Cuts sharp the weak

(The strong were sculpted
Cleansing has begun
All survivors shall now praise none)

The ones that survived
Take the place of those that had fallen
And in their turn hand their place
To the next to fall
(Till we all fall)

Now cell by cell
Nature denies innoculation
And the next fall
Will be the fall of all

(Innoculate your souls)

7. Sci-Vi

Scientific violence
Hi tech mass murder
Profit 100%
Human loss absolute

Punishment none
No chance to recuperate
Chances of repeating
The same mistakes 100%

Estimated time
Of healing the wounds....forever

Death sealed in concrete awaits
The epitaph of logic
Death sealed in concrete
The cenotaph of mankind

A dance of constructed demons
On an earthly hell
A world where science is god
A world where science
Was diminished to gold

Paying with our lives and souls
A debt we have not chosen to partake

In this sphere of obscenity
Every day a new page in the book
Of inhuman history spawned to remember
Is written in human blood

A mother weeps...
While she buries her only child
With the bare hands she raised it in the same soil that killed it
And now poisons her body as she digs the grave

No proper burial
No obituary
Ashes to ashes
To moleculation
To total extinction

Not a single trace of our existence
Will be left behind.

8. Constructing Stature

Thousands of slaves
Steadily build the pyramid
Get born inside die inside
Fight for the pyramid

Servants dominated
Dominators served
With a limit of expendability
Level of responsibility

Look high up
The top seems to end up nowhere
Yet it will eventually reach an end
Built to withstand the wrecks of time

Parents teach the pyramid
Perception of reality
Protection of descendants
Nothing else in truth

In the truth and the dreams
Of those who choose their way
Despise "that's the way things are"
Create from nothing

A gaze in the horizon is rejected
Attain a good position in the construction
Prepare yourself early guided
Define your functions

You cannot not belong
To the enormous babelic construction
How will you survive?
How will you protect yourself?

Yet what an irony
...So much blood and so much work
For the last establishment
Of a dead king

The success promised by the creators of nothing
Is a flashy grave for the dominator servants
(Dominators served)

9. e-land Phobia


To e-living
By an e-world

Of e-values
And e-commerce
Break free
From the e-cell
Get out of this fucking

E-l@nd phobia
E-l@nd phobia

Fed to our brains


Human contact
Intimacy relayed
Immense power harnessed
Leashes break

10. Binary Clone Epoch

Subjected to digital restrains
Subjected to silence
The new order dictates

Masking confinement with joy
Flee or meet mental defeat

They make you feel alive
Or make you think you are
"Possessed" the urge "comply"
Parochial paraplegic minds

New age mental drugs
Sucking up your soul
To live is to consume
In omnivoric outbursts

Confined into oneself
Let others choose for you
Life's a real bitch
The hardest choices are the true ones
As multiple razors/sec
Slash through desiccated brains

A weapon in every home
Inflicts injuries that cause no pain

Fucked up / bent in two / psychotic / psychaotic
Stepped on / crushed / bewildered

Bursts of light pierce through virgin eyes
Overloading infant brains
Suppressing minds lobotomising
With electric impulse strains

There's no pain in the procesS

11. On Fertile Ground

The seeds were set into
Watered with chemicals

Nothing grows
Something was buried
To be buried once more

The purity of what was ment to flourish
Becomes a morbid harvest of the dead

A lesson in pain
Taught to the ones who cherished those lives
As their own flesh and blood

Lessons in pain
Lessons in vain

Now drugged up to the eyeballs
Withered by pain in a dark corner
The trip turns into a journey
To the threshold where the planes
Of existence meet

Tearing down the last strongholds
Of internal cerebral resistances
The waging war comes to an end
The essence pours and the soul flees....

Piece by piece
The road taken
Falls apart to the point of no return.

Hears are shed....
Hearts grow cold
The bitter sweet taste
Of this world...

Others laugh making a profit out of it....

12. Equipollence

Enjoying silence while born deaf
Serene being blessed with infliction

Born sick in an already sickening world
Which poisons back the ones that shed the poison upon it

Nature does not avenge it goes with the flow
We have midlessly distorted
To serve our greed and "evolving" species

Evolution is respect in all things
Something we lost
Something that few remember
And even rare few live by

Now as everything deteriorates
We try to fathom the reasons "why?"
While being right in front of our eyes

Pretend we need to figure out why
While why eludes consciously our conscience
In order to wipe the guilt clean from our hides

The sarcofagus of our souls we so much take care of
Caring more for the outside while we leave the inside to rot

Balance of effect
Born sick
Balance of effect
Already sickening

And with it rots the environment
We need to support our existence
As we poison and strip it clean
Of all resources

Just for the sake of pure profit
Giving jack shit about the comming
Generations that will face
The planet we turned into a whore.

And like a whore it will pass the disease
Onto them as they fuck the planet too
.... Euipollence

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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