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1. Framework

Total control of a nation
Drilled through the skull of population

Misrepresentation has become the constant
And we've allowed ourselves to lose all sight
Lost it all
Divided we'll fall
The same spark that created the flame
Doused in corruption
It's a shame

Blind sheep led by transparency
Trust these faces you'll never see
Count me out
Land of the free
Claimed by greed

So rest your eyes to see the lies
This place has become its own demise
Allowing split tongues spitting filth over unheard cries
Drowned out
Claimed by greed
Drowned out

Robbed blind
Force-fed minds
Blank faces
Don't tread on me

2. Placed Blame

I'll find my own way
From the start I knew nothing would stay
Nothing has changed, but I'm to blame
I am the product of all your mistakes

Clinch through your teeth
It's always been me
But why is that?
Why am I to blame?
Trapped inside
Trapped inside of this game

So sit back and watch it all fall apart
Knew nothing would stay from the start
I'll stand by, singing to the tune of my reprise
Out of touch
Won't remain

A victim of circumstance is all I would be
Another hopeless soul
I refuse, you won't win
I'm still treading water
I will persist
Odds against me
You shot and you missed

Cast out, a ship with no sail
Born into this hell
Now you'll feel the pain that I felt when I was all alone
You reap what you sow
Karma caught up

Lead by example
You reap what you sow
Cut ties

3. Misinterpret

I'm consuming myself from the inside out
I've swallowed myself alive
Hoping and praying they'll die

I try to carry my weight
and yet they pull me down
Hate-fed motives
Cold grip pulling me into the ground
I'm tired of pulling away
They haunt me every day

I'm so tired of fighting myself
I remain sunk, swallowed by hatred
Hoping and praying that one day they'll stay dead

Already lost my sight
I'm losing reality
Lost my state of mind
This has become normality

I question it all
Will be the reason I fall

I beg these thoughts to fade away
Constantly fighting the pain
I am my own
I am my own worst enemy

Engulfed in their hatred
Dead hands gripping me tightly
I fall victim to darkness

Rid me of my demons
Eradicate me
My mind, my soul, my everything
Just take it all

I feel them crawling throughout me
Maybe I should have listened
I just want out
Let me out of my mind

Maybe I should have listened to the voices in my head

4. Drywall

Repetition, the endless cycle
Born by violence
Follow in the footsteps
Walk until your feet bleed

I'm worn out from walking this path
Steady decline, going nowhere fast
In search of a purpose
I give way to rage

Another hole in the wall
Shedding skin, I'll just pretend

I grit my teeth
Worn out
Run down

It runs red, the hate through my veins
Lost my way, convinced I can't change
I am the scoundrel, misled by the hand that fed
Forged into a recluse
Another broken bone

Lost my way
I can't change
Cemented in fury
I can't change

Bagged eyes
Restless mind
Confined in anger
Knuckles burn
I am the host
Harborer of hatred
I'm shedding skin

5. Isolation

Alone inside myself
Desolate betrayed by health

I search my mind for what kept me alive
Tearing at the seams of my inner being
I scrape at the surface
Itching to find true peace of mind
Searching for some sort of soundness
Longing for a form of foundation

Only to discover frustration
Consistent restlessness
This is being the ghost
I built these walls
Trapped myself inside
No pride to swallow

I've accepted what I've become
Forsook myself alone and numb
Muddled thoughts of consciousness as life escapes me

I run from reality
My mind wanders
In a state of seclusion
I dig through my mind
No recollection
I just suffer by my own hand
Victim of consequence
My mind wanders

State of seclusion
A life with no conclusion
Never reaching contentment
Home to resentment
Trapped myself inside
Inside of my mind

6. Omega

Bear in mind
Heed the warnings
Absent instinct

Watered down with arrogance
Weakened world
We'll destroy ourselves
Spit on by the wealth
Humanity will claim itself

No regard
Lost intuition

And I'm so scared of what we've become
Hate-driven, selfish, mindless scum
We'll create the end
Feeble minds
Careless, we'll create the end

So pry your eyes
Endless reporcution
Bear in mind, this is only temporary
Enstilled with uncertainty
I can't be the only one searching for answers
I question my worth, my own skin
I can't be the only one searching for answers

And I'm so scared of what we've become
Humanity's grown numb
So bear in mind, this is only temporary
Feeble minds, we'll create the end

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