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1. Ukonvasara

Only short time to us allowed before the urn
Like flames of solstice the let us burn
Skyhigh let us be in the fire ascending
Earth stays below, the spirit heavenwards tending
Ukko, you mightiest of all
To you we raise our toasts
To unite you with all our living
With all our dead once more

Fare now forth
The rune-might is drawn
Strike in the wilderness
Hammer in the woods

Ruler of the rain
Master of winds
Fare now forth

And when the seeds have been sown in the spring
To the ashes of our past slept kin
We raise our chalices to embrace your might
Galdrs shall be heard spiralling towards the skies
Ukko, you mightiest of all
Old man of the sky
High above the clouds you dwell
In the center of the sky

2. Sorcery Of The Nameless

On a nameless meadow
By ageless time
On a borderless field
The dreams drift on by
By rhythm of the moon
By melody of the fire
This moment is longer
Here slows down the time
Similar steps behind
Can’t grand a new beginning
The scent of the purest
Primordial night

Winter’s pale light, stretches its cobwebs
Through these shadows, livelier than ever

Each bright sphere of the moon
Gleams in magic
The night’s sounds of wild
Accompany the beats
Of this out tuned dance
Until silence
Cuts in deep and claws
The branches are barely moving
Yet the wind’s howl splits ears
One sight can cover more
Till cores, till cells, till meanings
For a glimpse of a lifetime
For a second of eternity
Turn warmer the blood again
Assemble the breath of life

3. Supreme Chaos

Under the light of the pale seasonal sun, cruel lands of snow where the legends freeze
In the northern sky the stars whisper
The song of the arcing moon, the winter twilight is upon us

In the eerie ghastly gloom of the merciless midwinter moon
Magic of the runes prophets the forth-coming doom
The signs and omens, now bright as mirages
On the eve of war, the fiery sky blossoms in inferno

Blood of the sun, lamentations of earth, open up in a song, hymn of the One
Chaos supreme, the master of times present and past

Summer of flame came, violent storms of magic rage
Flood and plague, death and destruction, a new age
The millenium of fire

Like a river now runs the blood, like a stream is the bleeding
Covering the berry twigs, hiding all the heathers

4. Lamentations Of The Wind

It seemed to him
Like he had wandered for at least a lifetime
When a whistling sound unknown came to him
Like lamentations of the wind

He longed to immerse his sword
To Tuonela’s magical water
Make for himself
The deadliest weapon ever known

A whistling sound
Like lamentations of the wind
In the old forest began to drive him
Towards insanity

Finally he noticed a black river
Streching before him
He had reached his dream
But it was just the halfway of his journey
He knew the return from Tuonela
Would be even more difficult
Than finding it ever was

5. At The Gates Of Pagandom

[Unreleased Bonus Track]

6. Perilous Journey

Beneath a darkened autumn sky
Towards the great unknown
The scent of the glorious sea

The world is closing in for sleep
As freezing waters dark and deep
Guide us with the light of your stars

Forger of skies
Master of winds
Sail with us on this perilous journey

Raise the winds
Calm the storms
Oh great, firmament divine

Guide us with the light of your stars
Carry us with the breath of your wind
Guide our journeys beyond the sea

Now moon sets its flaming path
Upon the waves of darkest black
With stars burning ever so bright

Forger of skies
Master of winds
Sail with us on this perilous journey

Raise the winds
Calm the storms
Oh great, firmament divine

Forger of skies
Master of winds
Sail with us on this perilous journey

Raise the winds
Calm the storms
Oh great, firmament divine

7. In The Forest Of Mourning

In the old forest again
The whistling sound that confused him
Prevented him from sleeping and even from thinking
Suddenly halted
Silence had never before
Sounded so sweet to his ears

But vulnerable he was in his dreamy state
For mistresses of the forest to seduce him
And when he awoke to his full conscience again
He realized that he was seized by an old tree
With the mightiest weapon of all he would be
Forever imprisoned in a tree

And when his cries of distress accompanies the myriad
Of other lamentating sounds
In the forest of the mourning
He realized where the whistle that drove him insane
Had derived from

8. Galdr

I broke off a branch of rowan-tree
And sensed the sign of an approaching gale
I drank the Ukko’s chalice
And summoned the spirits of storm

At the crown of the mythic world
I raised my Galdr
Forceful rapids, the infinite sea
Echoing between the hilltops

Endless thirst for wisdom
For water of the fountain black
I shall carve silver from wood
On stormcircle, burning, flaming blue

A journey through a lifetime
On luckless lands of north
Answers hidden by the winters veil
Destiny’s driven, forgotten, forlorn

Just tears of silver upon the water of deepest black
Longing for a new spring
When the olden shant, shall in circles echo mighty once more

”Noskaat norosta myrskyn henget,
Hiekasta hevosväkit,
Miekkamiehet liettehestä...”
In the center of the sky

9. The Archaic Traveller

The archaic traveller
I’ve touched the sky
Followed the universal steps
Far beyond mortal understanding
I’ve danced with elementary powers
At the nameless meadow up high

I’ve tasted wisdom
I’ve tasted pain
For a great eternity I’ve existed
The eternal spectator
The archaic traveller

The equilibrium unbalanced
Behold the wrath of gods
The fury of the elements
Vortex of cosmic chaos

The archaic traveller
I’ve seen planets being born
From the supreme primal chaos
I’ve sailed the storming rivers of time
Since the beginning
To these times of the ends

But mortal remember that:
Rooms are small in Tuonela
Underground chambers narrow
No moonbeams, no sunshine
Desolate may your life’s morning be
But more desolate the death’s evening

10. Shades Of Solstice

Longer grow the nights, until days are everdark
And from frostbitten soil rekindles the sky’s fire again
And the age old song of the new day, echoes over campfire, calling back the light

Ferns whistling beneath my weary feet
Sun’s last orange beams twinkle from the midst of fluttering leaves
Through treacherous bogs, above the dykes
Towards the bleary sights of sundown twilights

My horse galloping, my gown flittering
On the mountains clefts and gullies
Endlessly cheerlessly these crests are looming

Each day as I wander, I feel like home
Every night by the embers fire I dream the regions I go

Longer grow the days, winning over the nights
Until fire sets its blazing wings beyond your reach to sleep
And the age old wind of the new night, blows back the shades from the world’s edge

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