Dark Lyrics


1. Reinventing the Noose

translation is a loss when the casualties are patterned
with skilling treatment in manics so far removed
co-ordinating symptom is the echo of agony
abuse the flesh to trigger disgust
reinventing the noose whip of loyal lies
live it one at a time, live it one at a time, loathe it all the time
idle asylum ache splinters grace
escape bleeds out recovery
a seep in supply replaced wholeheartedly in a missing link of loss
complexity is hanging high to stimulate withdrawl
society's transparency will pick at collective thaw
everything is a disappointment in theory with sympathy as therapy
feel formal; feel forsaken
forecasting must secure in the cult of industry
when extreme compulsions crowned to revise a score
devoid of emotion with a hex on the wish
hardships will always benefit on choking from the role

2. Haunter

haunter, give me that target simper
posed as goddess in flame for my taking
enshrined heart from heaven's wake
haunter, last in line on heathens hunt
testimony breaking miles for safe returns
it enables the wait
make or break enormity, your design is black on gold pith
haunter, encourage the alter to revive
chasm to where we revel safety
celestial site we've never gone
make or break enormity my art is feeling fearless
stifle beauty, sleeping giant our kindle for comfort bound
a temple of rain and reign to spill out
haunter, healer struck by heartfelt fix
castaways from the search and summons secure in a composition
make or break, desiring our skill is fixations need
I'm louder than bombs and damaged
she reveals dark sides of the moon
por over to protect our sentiments
baring calm in worlds of callous tyranny of distance calls out the haunter

3. Big Timber

hey, leave me be to torch the skies and your constellations
banned disaster new era chillings my
dramatics are anthems
weaved covertly in surprise hint to reveal
beyond collapsing a sonnets blur by the cons
doom ridden, the light is out
paralyzed by negatives sworn
dead lethal, distance myself
I've found my place to turn
big timber against you all
I've given my certainty in ritual insight
noble stabbings, brokedown and busted
never open me up, but I think I'll stay awhile

4. Given In To The Taking

first blood on the civic corrosion
they crawl in the sin of children
high hopes come along in the riddle loose
crossroad motion from a stiff at the vine
longhaul learnings to parade in the heat
lessons lean in a click from the turnsite
blinding tone of morals in minors nest
sits the cancer all ready for trimming
curiosity vicious in action
while the crowd screams
on tagious conspired performance
love in the motion
love in the unknown
see it to believe it
smiling killer, swooning stranger
herd, hazard, the heretic
given in to the taking
something wicked in the land of the lost
adaptation from life in the swells
tiny vipers fanged tight to the nerves
blood worms - host shifts the war to the stage
prowling to haze battles in curses
no gods to speak, no answers to tame
show the sorrow disguised in red roses
sent as fault in benevolence
send them everything to end formality
and be aware of who is listening close
given into the talking

5. Skinwalkers

nights will shorten to spill the skin
hellbent and hammered descent
liquored, laid among the gathered
hunter to runner in rival pissings
the scene is thickly managed
paranoia recorded on tombs
sizing, secular view-deconstruct identity
siege them, seldom seen in towering eyes
swelling spawn, sagging from the tint
combat ills, it's murder for passage
skinwalkers loom to roam alone
half nature, half monster-arise from tension-evolved from moderation
nights slip with caution to the wind
saviors sent to stripped-out surroundings
phobic shock is valor when haste proceeds arrival
black mass crusade for the loyalist
ceremonial motherload-panic serves momentum in chaos
when the chase is on
impetus at face value, will and weapon on the people
the walk of snipes in the plague of age

6. Curseworship

putting filth on the map
for all the changing to reap
challenge the martyrs
who cry wolf in the movements aloud
drain the resource
indelible mark in memoirs of lore
incapacitate-how much more of this annihilation
narrowed, confined, captured, absorbed
cross the evidence to take them out
dodging motive - battle scarred
inconclusive to standing for the truth
dripping from the truth
deadliest out of the watch from the evil eye
there's blood in the water
bait to tame the endless order
in hidden agenda, swaying knowledge
from powers that be
revisit conclusion
custom insulted to hush the critics who curse
from the gallows
beasts in kings, honor among thieves
encounters impaler
splitting arrows in air open season
on the lair
monuments to ruins
malediction scatters wide
worship dynasties weapon romantic dissent
harbor in hell with mercy's guide
grievance has - bitten back - if they stand they die

7. Hooks As Hands

strident affect with a seer to the throne
first take at the summer, cold sweat stands distressed with dark clouds gather
run them wild, pacing lengths to the flame of the fire
scorched contenders tease the fate of the tempest times
habitual horror trials of sanity
the savoring soul will scream for sovereignty
sanctions for the streets altered states for keeps
crucifiers seek poise with omission in the trade of hives
youngbloods bound to sway the horde
collateral damage drawn aroused on the victims swell
with hooks as hands to downcast rage
dare for havoc in the deadlock ruse
composure from damnation
masochism in a vortex consolation void
chamber of redemption or infirmary
with scars on layers, scabs as warriors
labeled terror labeled honor
cutthroats loose in the eye of their persuasive kill
with hooks as hands
cutthroats loose in the lust of the foreseeable future
with hooks as hands
hold the roar

8. Ruin Them

tarnish the crowns, stone them judge and jury
upon the swerves reclaimed in slaved simplistics
refuse and render, defuse and repel
refuse the rue and force a panic in the creed
or devour the virus, suckle the seed, remain slayed
attached to an evil that bares the name
this is subversion - this is humanities coup
this symptomatic, rushed to certain demise, for us all
refuse the refuge, refuse reform
provoking tyrants - send the indictment to the realm
delivered chaos, catharsis but keen, deem defeatist
they are an evil that bares the face
institution of dealing demand, fundamentals for
indoctrination, spineless force to lure the sect and induce
elimination - let it loose, they'll tear from this
ruin them - can't deny the scorned
unveiled brutality - spine its axis
shift to avow an infestation
ground breaking appeasement - to the failed achievement
corruption is protection - so collapse their excess

9. Den Of Infamy

insolent, culture of voyeurs
denounce your element
assemble the faces, forget the names
safety in frontlines, preserved in smoke and mirrors
closeup on portraits of past
explain your process, expose the mole
diseased, deceived, they hide away
den of infamy

10. Unleash Carnage

all out violence from creators within
and a cleansing slate rehearsed to inflect
dehumanized ambition for keeping safe
fierce rejectors behest of the voices
evaluate the value of living without being alive
prevailing atomic outcast
blacklisted from their social sifting law to protect
discarded catalyst
a cutthroat in the making to unleash carnage
escaping the fate
forging inspiration in the knife to isolate
silver linings silver settings
enticed from salutations and the siren noise
every enemy is an antidote

11. Summon In Thunder

divine wind carries the care of creation's hum
to live in punishment
a prosthetic arrogance-bewildered infinite
wrath will touch thee when times strike trails
left hand path beneath still waters so
summon in thunder - howling down in vain
dear departed flee the site slagged - damned
run for the hills despite the cold neglect, my daunting
depraving in a land of plenty
thriving off the zealous degenerate
glutton summon your prospect of irony
system overload spearheading the scamp
I, tormentor, will the crashing derelict

Thanks to killzwitch for sending these lyrics.

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