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1. Daylight Savings

Today is the day the Earth stood still
We looked into the sky and saw a light headed straight for the horizon
That's when we looked to eachother as if we knew that the time was right when we left our homes
Now that we are all here at the same time
We can give thatnks and praise as we merge into one mind
There are many roads and places within ourselves, that we need to get to
One love, an aulteristic mission with one last chance to save the day
This is the final test to choose wisely my friends
We follow the heat of our motor to keep time and space
"This is a death race"
Because if there are no tomorrows then tonight must never come
We're not trying to reinvent the wheel
We're just here to steer our machine, machine, machine, machine, it came from the east early this morning, burning a streak of fire
Now streching from sea to sea, to the western horizon
It's picking up speed
As we step on the pedal, the sky is falling
We've heard this before
Babylon is falling
Oh come on, we've heard that one before
If the fallout is here, this might be the last time the sun will fall
So we better start listening

2. The Great Depression

How misunderstood and unsatisfied can you possibly get
Negative space - Man what a concept
Is this still life
Well let's see the spoon is empty the bowl is empty
the glass half empty and you are totally full of shit
How contrived You cried "wolf" now the monkey shines
And the muses are laughing at your art of living
It's damn insulting to those who don't have a choice about starving to death
When the mind is empty the mouth is always screaming
My soul is empty and my heart is screaming, feed me.
Now that sounds romantic - oh how romantic
Oh how brillant How sad How fucking lonely
You are your only friend
You are your own worst enemy
No one is going to hurt you
You do that better yourself
No one is going to desert you
You do that yourself
You are the best so better yourself

3. Another Version Of The Twist

It's the end
Of our beginning
I've forgotten
Who you really are
I've forgotten
Who I really am
I haven't got time
For what you feel
No I haven't got time
For what you feel
And you do it again
How do I find her
When there's nothing left
And you do it again
I've spent a lifetime
of covering up

4. Ground Breaking Ceremony

Now the buildings go.
Back to where they came from by natural overthrow .
Trees and stone are eternal .
Empires come and go.
Now we have a better view of the mountains .
They are so much more majestic .
Than the kingdom(e) .
Now we do not have to crawl all over each other in traffic for a view .
We can all see first we laid our foundation down here on fault .
What the fuck were we thinking.
All the sages .
Who were locked up in cages .
Have come to reclaim this throne .
Let these animals roam .
To trample those monuments and everything they hold sacred .
Castles that crumble hold no value in thei place Where the earth shakes from the heards of elephants .
Marching into battle singing
"Ohm na ma shivaya Ganesha, Ganesha" .
New lights needs room to run freely .
Without all of these obstacles taking up so much space .
The old crowd is breaking up and the old ground is breaking up.
To make way for a change

5. Carrier

Red eyes break the silence of night skies
Our alarm clocks make the sun rise
Espresso controls the tides
Programs and numbers keep everything under control
All circuits busy Another digit Here in the
Emerald City Swarms of giant silver flies are buzzing all over head
The decomposing masters of Kung-fu, rock and roll
All these luxuries are very
Tangled up in a big scary
Web of systems
Are we ready for what happens
When all the systems fail
Were the Right Bros.
Fucking high On some kind of LSD ?
When they got up in the air
What did they see
Everybody here on the ground
Doing the Y2K countdown
Left wing Right wing 99 you better duck!

6. Mud

Young dumb fools Here we come
Dragging what`s left of our dirty thoughts
We`re feeling young and dumb
Because they come Out of nowehre
And without a warning Good morning
Slide out of bed
It`s going to take a million cold showers to wash away this mud
We`ve been slinging
Hey, everyone gets lonely
Even when we`re not alone
It can be very scary
Wearing these earth suits
Alien from Mars And Venus came and made this mess
It`s no fault of ours
That we`re all unclean
She`s unclean He`s unclean
Just like our mothers and our fathers
And their mothers and their fathers
And their mothers and their fathers
They all died and Have solied themselves
And it leeches up through the roots
To the flowers
Where the birds abd the bees pollinate
The land with toxic shame
Shame begets shame Guilt and shame
Toxic shame End this strain

7. Cremation

Undertones of horror Are in the ring of freedom
Turn down the television And listen for the hungry army
With a hand to feed them don`t ignore the power
Of ignorance All the names were changed
Uniforms exchanged Still dressed to kill
Because the intent is still the same
And has been all this while
Lying under a pile Of lye coated children
All wearing big smiles They`ve been strip-mauled
And hauled From their o`hallowed halls
All classes dismissed Any risk of infection
Now we all learn From our imperfections
Now we all burn in our own hell
But theres no division All you parents Run and scream
`NO!` Please don`t let it go to Our children
But they only heard the word `NO!`
When they needed your undivided attention
While you were so busy Out funding ethnic cleansing
Why are you so fucking stupid? Y
ou can`t wash your hands to kill infection
Let the schools burn
And end this quarentine
All you parents and teachers
You`re fired!

8. The Date Is Here

Daunting colossus eve
The door opens, expiration
Hand fed cyclical rotation
Package pretty invitation
Appease the retched spiral nation
Glass reflecting
Image pending What does this mean
Hallowed be they name
Spell this out for the lights
Blinding me the same thing you love Kills you
Now we are all one
One in the same Hole, we fell
For the home coming
Now we look at ourselves
Look at our ways
Look at our waste
And count down the days
Left to die in our shells
We`re gutted and cleaned
Our hair is just perfect DNA in our cells
The blood in our veins is real Inhumane
Slaves to ourselves
The image we made Of God
We gave it all power
To make us repent
On our knees
All bets and all theories are off
No repreive
No double
No nothing
Nothing left
And nothing less
Then all we`ve been
Stripped for all we`re worth
Gambled on a pale horse
And we lost
Our image of God is a dead one
This can`t be happening
Right now the date is here
We are not ready
When the stars begin to turn red
We`ll run and hide

9. Tapas

`m open for your arms
Present in your arms
In the company of your arms
I surrender to arms connected to all living things
Each mindful breath brings me closer
Raise my heart and sing
Gala Jai Ma Gala Jai
Take from me all that is unclean
Ma! Ma!
I only live If I let you live
I only feel If I let you speak
through me I`m the heavens
you want to touch me I
`m the fire in your bellies
I am earth you want to dig me
I`m your water you need me
I am flesh you don`t need me
but you sink your teeth into me
I am earth if you dig me
You can`t stand your feet without me
I`m the heavens no one can see me
I am fire you abused me
I`m the earth you`ve scarred for money
I`m your mother
I made love for you and you just fucked me
Mother fucker
My love, my blood is clean burning fuel
My skin will tremble at your touch
I will erupt for you I will get you off me
When I skin myself alive
I will survive

10. White Out

Oh great spirit
Of resistance
Help us through this
Time of turbulent
Wind coniditions
Keep our vision pure
Protect is from this cold hard surface
And this violent squall
So we can all find our way
Back to where we started our family
Please keep our aggressors at bay
And our allies near
Make clear skies before the gray in the name of tradition
The generations before us
Have had their own distrust
In the face of fear
They felt cold
Just like we do
So what?
So what do we do?

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