Dark Lyrics


1. Save Your Breath

Don’t talk to me about your glory days. You don’t lift a finger to make a change. I don’t understand what you do but that’s the difference between me and you. You’re in one day then you were out the next. Who the fuck did you want to impress? No one cares so save your
breath. Grasp at straws until there’s nothing left. You cut your ties so long ago, so here’s something you don’t know. We don’t miss you and we don’t fucking care, a face long forgotten that’s met with a blank stare. Say what you want if it’ll help you, but deep down we
know that we’re better than you. You couldn’t cut it, your heart wasn’t there. We don’t miss you and we don’t fucking care. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, no one gives a fucking shit about you. Washed up. Dropped out. Fucking disgrace. And it’s been years since
we’ve seen your face.

2. Cut It Quick

There’s no limit to what you’ll do to make your status grow, no limit to what you’ll do to show us who you know. So cut the act and cut it quick because it’s making me fucking sick. We know your kind and we’ve seen it before, so see yourself out of the fucking door. Kiss
ass just to get on stage. Your sudden ego is making me enraged. Suck dick when it’s in a band, it’s ball huggers that I can’t stand. I want to watch this ship sink. You worry too much about what others think. Instead of worrying about everyone else focus on you because
you’re everyone but yourself.

3. High Card

I’m down to the felt and there’s nowhere to go. Going all in is my only hope. Every time you beat me you put me through hell. I gotta come up this time because I’m down to the felt. Life’s a game and I’ve been dealt a raw hand. There’s an ace up my sleeve so now I’m
taking a stand. High Card. Don’t cry to me because I know that it’s hard. A constant battle and I carry the scars. You thought you were safe so you let down your guard. Don’t try to call me, I have the high card.

4. S.T.T.L.

Just look around, grey’s surrounding me. It’s a fact of life but you’re too blind to see. There’s no easy answer to bail you out. If you aren’t searching, you’ll never break it down. Why can’t you open your eyes? You see things in black and white. I see that it’s all
grey, your view is not OK. Which one of them are you gonna join? Opposing sides of the same fucking coin. You’re just a pawn in a political scheme and it ends with a bomb addressed to you and me. We’re not the same. You’re just a pawn in their game.

5. Venom

Spit venom, you fucking snake. No respect for the friends you make. You don’t give, you just take. We’re fucking through. Nothing of worth comes out of your head and no one would care if you were dead. When you speak all I see is red. You look at me like everything’s
fine but you’re a cancer on all of our lives. I’ll cut you off in a matter of time. We’re fucking through and we’re over you. Spreading lies and everyone knows. You’re constantly putting on a show. No one believes a thing you say, so it’s about time for you to go away.

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