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1. Zero On A Dice

Swan dive...
The shortest straw is longer
Thaw your life

Pure grief...
And no lifesaving tricks are hidden
In your sleeve (the game's up!)

Wrong way / again you'd pass the change
To make your enemies pay
The game is up... the rabid hatred's filling up the cup
Where to go? And how to choose direction?
Time will show - you have some luck in store
You move too slow unlike the man of action
With urge for more what are you waiting for?

Your course is planned and minimized
Reduced to zero on a dice
Pledge yourself
Nothing venture, nothing have
Day by day
You dice yourself away

2. Fingerprint Labyrinth

No one word has passed the lips
The knowledge speaks with keys and fingertips

Swim against the shining stream
Of this livid screen
Writing with gray matter ink...
New age world is just a thing
Plastic skull and ribs of steel
Numerator of the free will

Crimson ray makes white arrow fly
Static wind blows high
Above the glassy sky
Stinging letter, killing dot
Insert the word into empty slot

The ages slid by as the moments slid past
Virtual life of timeless cast
The chosen one who monumentalized
And mesmerized by looking through this single eye

Hanging by a thread...
Some words are left unsaid
Wish and dream will never blend
Lost without a trace
Under the gray surface
Digged into the open space

Fingerprint labyrinth
The second coming of an ancient myth...

3. Monad Hecatomb

Dusty miles of the fatal thread
Curlina path in a tangle
Visions red, painted sad
The scope of solidowale

Supersensual slaughter
The doctrinal Abyss,
The archetype sorter
Makes some events freeze
The boiling holy water
Instead of air we breathe

Why keep running deep
As we sleep in silence?...
Midnight thieves, fugitives,
slaves of mental science...

The monad hetacomb - the droop is in bloom
Now we're on the way to fall into decay

Before we strive a light
We swear black is white
We trying to find a source
Of repulsive force

Surrounded by the dogmas
We've drained this knowledge dry
Whispering in chorus
We sing between the lines

4. Forlorn Luminary

5. Stones And Stocks

Day chaos sour into the evening flow
The headache's gone with human undertow
Where the usual feelings ever trend
Fade away like footsteps in the sand

The hearts are stuck into seclusion live ghosts are shrunk
Into themselves impressive stagecraft of illusion...

Numbered among the stones and stocks
The fleet of faith goes upon the rocks
Stone deaf animated stones
Walking trees (crowned with)
Sphere-shaped bones

The evening sank into the midnight mire
And sadness starts to pull the wires:
"Is someone there to comprehend?"
The leading question for the people of the sand...

6. Tracer Bullet Falling Star

Molted moon is drowning in the pool
Iced skies, stars-scars,
Silver bleeding
Burning breath of life is getting cool
Face the haze, dusk-mask
Black hole breeding

Smell this bittersweet noise
Slowly coming in sight
Feel the presence of someone
Who watches you sleep every night

Wingless dream...
Don't make a crawl
It comes too far
Catch the tracer bullet
Falling star

Morning light will come too soon
Grim grin, reek trick of your senses
Raging flames of the offensive afternoon
You're getting spill, the broken will, high defenceless...

The flight of thousand burning birds...
You step aside and watch your back!
In the hour of pages groaned with words
And yellow spiders attack

7. Scrupulum

8. Broke

Feeling low lost in thought
All systems go... Into melting pot
The missing link of logic chain
Steel nerves broke under the straw

The ruins of something we hate
Steel nerve
broken blade
Memory is blank
The empty list

The shallow mind is perfect querist
No more prayers as the daily bread
Since those days when the world was flat
Different actions we have to forsake
No matter what direction our future deeds take...

The ruins of something we hate
Steel nerve broken blade


9. Scoffer Tragedian

10. The Mime

Light fade...
Dancer in the shadow of shade
Tight silk... white magic above the river of black milk
Faces wet... the twisted cross of body silhouette
Heart's kill, the lips are sealed

Silent life, never to laugh, never to cry
In the corner of the circle
Listening to speechless mime
Reciting unwritten poem
Without reason and rhyme

There's no any choice for the ones who cursed to be unvoiced
The wordless strangers in a world of neverending noise

Vladimir Leiviman ‒ Guitars
Vsevolod Gorbenko ‒ Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Vadim Orlov ‒ Guitars
Andrey Ischenko ‒ Drums

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