Dark Lyrics


1. A New Morning


2. Life During Epidemic

Marry and reproduce

Consciences go unheard
The ultimate epidemic of sleep
Now it's alive, its pulse
Magnified by the wrath
Follow the pale white line, at one with the light
Model citizens of despair, thru forsaken path

Blind me
Unconscious, I live in denial

They own us all
Eradicate from rotten soil, used to call it war

Ashes of history never told
Scattered by the pain
Scattered by the plague
Behind the flames
The blackest of the days


Submit to the mainstream
The snake crawls underneath
Fed on decency, poisoned eyes cannot see
Surface torn apart, in the dawn of epidemic

Their 3rd world, livestock
In developing plants
Make me blind
Give me relief, come and heal me
Numb, unaware, I deny

Purge is here

Wind breeds the epidemic of the new
For we sentenced to worship greed
Unanimated own the alive
Unanimated own the alive, we're purified

Blind me unconscious I sleep
Are you god ? Do I see you now ?
Celebrate repression
Unwitting accomplice
Purge is here

3. The Servant's Speech

Born of a drone
Of a million scattered ashes
A trembling hand, a veil of flesh
I can't help to feel relief
While I'm embracing you
Quietly wrapped in peacefulness

I move backwards with the tide
Pleasure in obscene conforming

Obscene, key word
Decline the fault
Torch the conscience of the

God resembling – I
Spiritual womb – I
Away from guilt – I'm
Unveiled fever

Spirituality, liquid perfection
I'm now praying for advice
The voice now whispers in the niche

Hateful world of flesh is only a
Distant dream reloaded by
Receptors of sublime decomposition

Far from the sun
I question light and life
Crave for future
Accepting my warm burial ground
Confident in free will
Restoring what's not real

Organic slave
The most unclean, renamed
I will subscribe to the absence of belief
Drawing life from life
The choice made in front of my eyes

Obscene, key word
Lying, faded
Decline the fault
Torch the conscience, I'm the

Stillborn partner – I'm
Reigning chaos – Servant
Far beyond guilt – I'm
The new servant

4. Summoning Fists To Heaven

Praise to the sky
Feed on the lie
At one with
Eternal clouds
Shouting aloud
Bleeding the shroud

Black is the voice
Which leads to the
Perpetual void
I'm aware of the alarm
Locked in organic ways in demise
Cheap redemption
I join the march
Sickening white lines of the dead
Silent formation
Horror is here
Vertigo like fear, not desire

Catch my fall
Even if I crave the void
Know thy name
Instinctive chant
Raise your fist
The solitude of bones won't say my name
A power withing

Revelation, dormant
Crawling larvae of the dead

The silent call

Fists to heaven
With clouds in our eyes
Ignore mass demise

Facing the infinity and raise our cheap human shell
We're pointing at heaven, englobing hell
Antennas where there's no return
Code of denial

Torn and left behind
Avoid the starlight
Togheter we shall reach bliss
Merged with the void
A surrogate of flesh
Togheter we shall become one soul

We sanctify

We struggle to be a part of the only light we can't see now
We follow the sound of the drone thru our empty sockets
Where are we?

Blind the starlight
In mute apathy we lie
Blind the starlight
The code flows in our wires

Save us

5. A New Hope Of Worms

An untroubled race image in the imprinting database
Blanket of the worms in the family fault
Meaining of serenity and bliss redefined and enhanced
Heaven is an insurance, I pay in advance
I awake to find myself asleep
Asleep in golden hope

Cold and pure believes
Fo the noble narcosis
Get down on knees and lick
Bright lies and hope
For a life to come
A deserved reward for this woe

Nailed asleep
Nailed to the mchine
Willing not to live, hoping never to die

Now, reflecting god, on my screen I want more
I want to become man again

Mankind still waits for a signal
From a twisted sky of prayers
For a signal that's
Never come

Genuflected effigy by starlight
Like barbed wire on the sun

Nailed asleep, nailed to the machine
Light shall come to burn our faithful eyes
Blinded by lies

New hope, a new hope for worms

Sense of relief
Slowing pouring like scent
Of flesh altered by bedsores
We sleep, they live
Eternal life will cure the wounds
Skip the soul and preserve the flesh
For the lie soon to come

The love for the neighbor is twisted into code
Body is now the temple of new lies
Hypnotic mass, I hear a drone
Someone changed the code
But never asked to us permission

Our lives to bright lies
Parts of the machine, waiting for our relief
For a relief never to come

6. Cerebral Code Of Obeisance

Tentacles of light spread the disease
The final conquest starts from here
Like fingernails carving the nothing out
Our minister is blind, in spinning webs of lies he cries

Solution leads to emptiness
Depths are forbidden while
Surface swallowed the world
-Procession of shame-

Obey to a world in pain
Obey to the new code
Obey to what's left to entertain

Flesh tunrs into dirt
God knows no other sacrament
Radioactive lashes to swallow the eyes
Free to conquer, free to use, we plead for more
Bludgeoned into addiction, reflecting nothing on the surface

A timeless
Anthem is our jingle
Marching in line, concrete boxes await
The code that shows a linear path

A timeless
Anthem is our jingle
The obeisance code
Banned be the wanderer, line of ghosts leading to nowhere

Curse our state of trance
Entrenched in our cult
Upon our frontal lobe
Transmission has no end

A ruthless monarchy
Their white impulse's too bright to see
The torn and the-sun-that-weep

Languages of the worms
Soon to come and conquer
Feasting on blood
Feasting on mankind

7. I Deny My Sickness

Lying motionless, awake
-Unworthy of the gift of life and life
Code has come to procreate
-Impure connection between truth and lie
I stole the color and soul from the sun

We stand and watch the burial of the light
We stand and watch the burial of the light

Blind leading blind
I feel it runing in
What once was blood and now I deny
Torch the sky with a lie
Choose to dream
A coat of flesh is keeping me warm

Orphan of the blood, I dream of the void

Denial of the dream
Of soaring from ashes through a leak in the steel
Denial of the void
That swallows a distorted code

Obey to Gods

To the distant sky, obeisant
I turn my gaze of a faithful one

Feeding my faith with the dust of my life,
Enlightened by lies
I worship the light as I have to

Blinded by light
Unconscious sleepwalk
Back to the screen
We are feeding on

I chose to dream
To sleep among silent cries

I'm blinded

8. Bred For Slavery

Greed induced infection
Flesh – No more of this world
Sterile state of reproduction
I'm the one not asleep
I'm the one not asleep

Poison hits the surface, nfection
Blinded us, deep down to the roots of our eyes.

A population that worships greed;
Hungry anthill carrying the corpse
Of the baby god.
Son betrayed, new father has control
To lead the cattle
Bred for slavery

Poison hits the surface, assimilation
We learned to feed on the baby corpse
Swept away
By sleep consumed, corrupted spirit
Fear of God

Fear of God
Consume and sleep

In cages we procreate
We spread the disease

Our fate
We won't betray our sorrow and hate

Behold the legions of wired
Servant worms for the lords
Follow the rules, procreate asleep
Newborn acolyte of the light
Follow the rules and everything will work
My son

Awareness annihilated, the new form of slavery
Running in the circles of greed, selfish state of trance
Indifference is the plague
The mind is pierced, the thirst is pleased
Faith feeds the mouths submitted
We kiss and spread the disease, trembling lips of
Poison to procreate

From birth to death, their hand
It's warm, still on our shoulder
Impulse redirected, a growing wall separates us
A poisoned mind eroded, simulated grace
Fulfills emptiness
Consume and sleep, the circle is complete
Consume and sleep

9. Laughing At The Ephemeral Race

A cult worshipping distant stars allineation...
Exagriomenos timoròs, emìtheos fidiòn
(furious punisher, serpent demigod)
Atànatos kyklos tès ekmedènises
(Immortal cycle of annihilation)
Desolate bloodscapes, a tower in the grey distance..
loud blasphemous accents.
Of the Ones laughing at the ephemeral race..
breeding worms eating worms
of the human dead remains..
Weak is the multitude who struggle to die
Villains the ones who innovate the killing art
Scabbed beast whores feed the catalept's frenzy..
Mouthless orations..feasting nameless non idols
Morfè kai usià, òneiro kai pragmatikòs pònos
Rust Upon The Thrones...Altars..
Victims..back in times before the sun..
Severed souls marked with the Guilty
Stain..severe sons of the headless rotten progenie..
The Young have never been so Old..
The Chaos has never spread so Cold..

10. As Flesh Gospelled Pure Hate

Eerie choirs from a starless septic scismatic slavery
We forgot ruins of a geometric perfection carved in mysterious times
The dissonance we hear in ultrasounds is a message of death...
The ruins the symbols we cannot translate
Are the funeral chants of humanity...

Kingdom of,
Kingdoms obscured, involving history in his theories..
The tomorrow which we awakened in is
the died day we never praised to come.

summoned -ARTIFIXION-
to save us from worst than death.
- ARTIFIXION - the deity
wishes human immolation -

ARTIFIXION - a thousand severed
throats bloodbathing our
pay the price as human mice.

As The Flesh
Gospelled Pure Hate We Fear To Be
Heard By The Beast In Disguise
the black vexils of
fast annihilation engulf the roots of all family trees
the future is no more! [2x]

Artifixion Sanctuary
sinful star necrolatry
Crucifixion's obsolete
we need some other thousand J.C. to be ripped and torn




11. Enclosured

A new mistake

The coming of another hero has spread
Ilusion of hope, a new test for machines to come
Disconnect eyes from brain, remove, rewind
I can see now
Face the conflict and raise your fears

Cover the distance and
Break the pattern with a dissonance
Enhance the drone, aware of the flesh
And blood and soul

Awake – for truly you're divine flesh
The pride – a life enclosured
Reject – a snapshot of what's not real
The pain – of a life enclosured

And now reprisal act one
Intensify wellness – It starts to fade out
Exquisite smearing machine
Bendng the time, the weapon supreme

Dark light, the hero is aone
An healed scar, craving for death
He never will
Chemical joy corroding the bones
From inside I rot, I failed in the end
A tale of an untold disease
Of a permanent victory of anesthetized
Progeny of souls

This we've become, we've become with pride
A new breed of halfmen divine
This we've become with joy
Breathing what we won't destroy
This and we'll never die
Soaring high but we're nothing but flies
Soaring high but we're nothing but flies
Soaring high but we're nothing but flies
Soaring high but we're nothing but flies

Fly, reach out the light

Flavio Marun Cardozo ‒ Bass
Maurizio Montagna ‒ Drums
Fabio Bartoletti ‒ Guitars
Enrico Schettino ‒ Guitars
Enrico "H." Di Lorenzo ‒ Vocals

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