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1. In My Land I Was A Snake

a last look at the field of the dead
the last glance of deceit
sand whipe the white skin
now I feel her choking me and bring me back to life
Sertao - no living man shall see me mourn and weep
a distant god says I'm his will - scorching heat of my land
a place for my mind - such a drought for my soul
life is a dream, I stare at the sea, dreams of dahomey
I search for the land where snow grows - mother can you hear
barefoot and blistered white king of the dahomey
dahomey, the king of dahomey
searching, yearning for something more
something else than bones and flies
this is my fault
a kingdom kneeling on its chains
a drought for my soul
your eyes glint as you're threatening my life
but have you ever seen true death?
in my morbid boundless thirst
you sill stare at the void into my eyes
no life, no dreams, no past, no name
white demon will reign with rage
it's time for a mute deception
in my land I was a snake
dahomey, kneel before the ouster rage of dahomey
if you hide underground
the earth will speak
I command the ants who are no longer dreaming of sand
you'll see
earth snakes and stands in awe for I command
sand whips white skin of demons
I feel her choking me and
sand whips white skin of demons
and bringing back to life white skinned, sand demons
I feel her choking me and
sand whips white skin of demons still alive
dead kings will come to depose you
then I will go and sleep
so, now
wall up the doors to the women's quarter
as the mourn

2. The Somber Empire

in the shadow of the dead giant tree
long after the escape
long after the thirst
a conscience reborn after the cold sleep
I rise in my name
slave! slave! slave!
to guide them through the dark
slave! slave! slave
a light for the horde
slithering emperor
west is dream of blood stained silk
I wrap myself into
the blankest throne on earth
I embrace the sea and sand
in my bloody hands, hands of king!
slave ! slave! slave!
to rule them through the dark
slave! slave! slave!
a uniform to drive the horde
slave! slave! slave!
a scepter to trample and pound
them all!
their eyes will look at east
and see their peer
as ten thousand miles of fleence
awe-struck you'll see
now fear the dark where I won't cast a glance
your eye is evil, I bludgeon
your shining skull will feed the dead
summoning the dogs who speak like men
for this is my will
purest gold that smells
my will
rule them by darkness
my will
against time and death

once again... in my name!

3. Cobra Verde

free me
wanton savagery
a life on my knees
survived the mud
my mortal life
I shed my ties and found the cruel symmetry
that you call freedom
all hail greed
all hail the snake who tramples on man
all hail greed
all hail the snake
fear no end
fear no spirit
the living are dead
I am deaf to your silence
I am deaf to all of your dreams
I am deaf, a thorn deep in my thoughts
I am deaf to pain and screams
unfold the secrets of the sea
in front of me
I am deaf
a blind heart with no more will
millennial puse beating loud its curse
they sing, but why?
while they're carried away
iron joke belongs to another
world in here the invisible rules
murderers and kings
the oceans will divide
and unite
fear no end
fear no spirit
the living are dead

4. Salt In Martyr's Tear

here comes the one who'll pay for our sins
here comes the one who'll ascend to the moon
and be purified by the tide of a million dead dreams
an impious herd of souls lies
here below
relentless mind
a waterfall in an open sky mine
soaring high
leaving sorrow, cry and despair
in this land
the pure confession of a sollid guilty heart
feeds the fire that enlightens the shadow
the sun that melts our dreams
the seed of horror in my eyes
through these veins
like a fever
to a heart yet so cold
the price of one tear
is what I will pay
to soar the universe
a free flame unclenched
above men's screams
the crimes of kings and brothers
kissing shining cross of sin
men's life finally means nothing
the ultimate revelation
reward in sacrifice
salt in my tears of despair
kill! kill! kill! the chosen one

5. Sinister And Demented

if I tell the stars not to drop a tear
sky will never see the dawn again
and I came to purify
beast on my right side
father mother brother
if I stretch my arms I reach the moon
coming to life, once the coldest dream
a frozen ocean now is the demon I feed
searching for my silk
with my noise I'll make you deaf
the glittering light will make you all blind
skulls have known their defeat
their hands now make my carpet with silk
our wives and our stranglers will give voice to my pride
dance now!
it's time for a new war, the leopard said
in powder, in smoke the sound of drums erases time inside my mind
while I dance and gather greyhounds from the dead
where is my silk?
deception is complete, as my brother cries and then slowly drowns
the abysses lie to god
steal from me, breath from me, steal from me glorious king
salute the sovereign, the west will hail with fear
abekoute will ask for forgiveness then die
in front of these eyes
the sound of drums erases time inside my mind
while I dance and gather greyhounds from the dead
where is my silk
deception is complete, as my brother cries and then slowly drown
the abysses lie and hide my pride
steal from me, breath from me
steal from me, glorious king
shine! shine for my eyes! bring my own glory so far
steal from me, breath from me
steal from me, breath from me, stand for your glorious king

6. Desolation Within

forth from here to aanother world of sand
I am a messenger of death
black, white
have no taste on rusted scythe's
blade the sickest horror known to mankind
just like a trail of fire ants feasting on ruins
once the storm has passed
only rooms left for laments and for jackals
no time to die
messenger to a foreign god
sacrifice is done and the ocean will mourn in pain
sacrifice done before manoel can touch the land
die! because the living, they're not from this world
suffocated with laments of war
I'm the one that carries cries
desolation in me
white man
your fat is black, now allowed I am
you head will roll
he who dwells in solitude can see... it all!
only the man who loves nothing
and carries dry, sad land inside
trusting no one
will become king, second only to solitude eternal and thirst

trust no one
rise to the moon
to unite with snow eternal
the fathers born of ice
and snowflakes that melt with sand
oh, for my heart, for my heart's dried
I am imprisoned
trust no one
come to me, strangler

7. The Alonest Of The Alone

[feat. Dallas Toler-Wade (NILE)]

I feel no pity
For dead foredoomed mankind
No empathy for pain
Feel nothing for them all

For this hole in the sun
Tears me apart, yet spits me out

Off the king's road
I step on thorns aside
Where the plagues rise
From the dog's bite

Time doesn't flow
To remit my sin
Time doesn't flow
To occur to my plague

White line has been
Traced into the sand
Surrounded by my army
Blessing the war field with red

If no sound spreads the word
Of the silent raider
You will fear my cry
My eyes upon your reign

Fearing no thorns as i run free
Spreading my plague and my woe
A new kingdom will rise
Out of this world alone

See my spear
I laugh at you
I am alone
I laugh at you

Forgotten by fear
See my spear
I am alone


I'm the alonest of the alone

Now bow
and dig a hole in submission
Now bow
and praise the glorious despair

The goats accept
The body of the savior
Ashes on your head
So the rite is complete

Bow before me


A trail of white flags
Carries my silent will
A trail of mothers
Carries the strangled spawn
Of my solitude

Melting the snow
I'm alone

8. Adjinakou

blood brother
giant tree
home of the dead
I salute

house of slaves
strangler wife
brother bat
I salute

dahomey heat
burnin wings
stain my soul
I shall no more

by thirst deprived
lustrum of the dog
he sees me fall

9. The Last And Only Son

[originally by Ripping Corpse]

Enrico "H." Di Lorenzo — Vocals
Enrico Schettino — Guitars
Giulio Galati — Drums
Stefano Franceschini — Bass
Antonio Poletti — Guitars

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