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1. Ages Die

Now is the time of prophecies untold,
sublimation of blind restless pain
for this moment will eternally last
I'm the reek in the lust of new world
Indulge in the scent of blood,
of rotten flesh golden wings
In the lines between words
Preaching my will, your dreams, my void
Middle ground between naïve dimensions
I preach violence
I recreate torture chambers
sealed from outside with gods’
Now, bleed
Watch me reborn!
How did we end here? It escapes my memory
How did we end here? Visions and medium are becoming flesh
How did we end here? Now heed the voice of your wounds
Call me, call me “Never”
Call me, call me “Now”
Cry, as your ages are dying
Disease is flesh
This is fire
I see your ages dying, as word become flesh
Invasive probe washing history with blood
Canvas for the crayons, for the children to come
Watch me paint and celebrate the suffering delight
I am the adveniens,
Future of the past

2. Sub Specie Aeternitatis

Out of time, my glorious dance furious
in the eye of the storm, I see you crawling on its rhythm
Here on this rock, summoning my cabal
Future lies in pleasure tears to be poured
Redemption, my easiest sin to preach
Messianic power withering it all
Let me in
Desire burns
as I hold my breath,
my worn out cowl lights the blind sight of my will
As I bleed on my throne
as I watch the world
from my higher ground of hate and dreams.
Is my coming unforeseen?
Blood information storm, detached from reality,
spirit yet unbound
Needing for more, sadistic children crazy for the reek of burning wings
Like deranged Icarus in the reek of burning wings
Pleasure to burn
When the angel rises on this world
when his horror spreads the rotten wings of
infinity swallowing terror
Upon the illogical limitless cycles of blood
Digging forever more
What's left for me?
As eternity burns
future and past
Sin is cleansed and none is left to see
I see nothing more.

3. Passages

Two faces Janus' head, both present and past messiah
Incoherent perception of distance, sadness estranged
Burning your inner fire
A brutal embrace
Animal ecstasy intimate
Craving for blood

Feed me, quench my thirst!
Thirsty eye of the blind, a collective nervous system
Looking inside for the outside, hallucination is now a living ghost
Now a living ghost, haunting scenes.

Mesmerize, putrid dreams, vivid crimes inspire
I want to see!

Not a discordant sound in the most deafening sough
Human tide pours and casts away, dead calm, windless

Spaces unite in hysteria, spaces united in void
Spaces unite in hysteria, spaces united in cognizance

Craving for deeper comprehension, craving too deeply the void
Craving for deeper comprehension, the new addiction I have realized

Carry on - I walk on the path of the future
Carry on - disturbances cut out to be left behind
Carry on - a flaneur lost in his addiction
Carry on - in a sea of ruins

Teach me how to shine!

In your ruins I see your will, in your blood the Maker
In the sand I see progress, in your eyes hope and the waiting.

Down on his down on my knees!
Too much for the angel's eye, another vision left behind,
arrow points forward, a new corner, another blank slate
Live for the day that will not dawn

4. Angel Of Revolution

Hail, oh dying race!
In the zoo, made of clay, highly favored
In the zoo, fear not the wind
cast upon thee 'cause you've overshadowed time
Leave your rubbles on the earth
There's no turning back to witness the fear
There's no way or will
Teach me to forget my days, my dreams, my past
There's no turning back to what you leave
your rubbles on the earth!
Spreading my wings, the storm won't let me fall
The distant cold illusion is spreading my wings
The great collapse, its aura
Feel the divine, burn your hands against lava
The storm won't let me fall!
I’ve lived the dream, I’ve seen uniqueness
Contemplate, no dance will take me home
Distant thunders and a trembling hand
Eternal mystery revealed never to the lambs
I sink in the vortex of sand
Am I here for the departure of grace?
Revolution time is now, is the latter day for living dead:
The distance, the light, the cold of the illusion of
The eye will see, my wings as they disgust me
There is no hope!
No lesson learned, the medium is the disease
Rebuilding time
Far from redemption, futile will
Obscure by clouds
I'm lost

5. Feeding Off The Blind

Come and get the blooded flow
Glow in their eyes the sparks of the crime

Glooming of the night, the path to secrets,
glooming of a mind lost in the vortex of a wasted rotten world.

I will feed off this

Eyes kept on the screen, mesmerized by the spring of the new word
The providence of the harvest to come
The beast, the beauty no longer unknown

Now I see it in my dreams
Woe is me! In a world dressed in black
As flowers die, the thorn's spilling my blood

Scream to me, so I won't understand
My eyes die, on the way to the feast

A dreamy recollection now gone - I failed!
No boundary to carry me home - You betrayed!
The language of wolves still unknown

One by one, the dreams of the weakest made flesh
Burn your eyes on the flame of the truth

Lost, on the path you will find, as I'm feeding off the blind

God is born!

Refugee in the desecrated house
Drown in the dark, word of the One that chose to feed off the blind
Revealed to me, God is born!

Word has spawn from inner void,

vacuum will spawn new breed.
As you open your eye to the light, you will feed of me.
As your world dies I will feed off your blind eye!

6. When Flesh Unfolds

Terror induced pain
It's what remains, I'm the little deception that brings the obliteration
The light is gone, it's now through me
Permission to violate won't be denied this time. Not this time
A descent into total awareness, lustful eye pointing at me

My hand now into the flesh box, searching for a world below

When flesh unfolds - Poison light strikes behind
Breathe me in, This is gonna be the last thing that you see
Voices from the outworld, light beyond the horizon
Lead me to your war, not theirs to control
Flesh is dropping off, torn apart and exposed
The sight of the deceit I fear the screams
from the beast's mouth. Now I can see it's me!
When flesh unfolds - heat upon heat, fist against fist
Open my chest to the light
Kul Wahad!
I open my mouth and say "pass over me,"
Turning around to see a new path to lead
Kul Wahad!
Stone, blood, crystal, flesh, bones, inside
Infinity in a pit where to get lost
Behold me now!
Hiss my bones, I keep on crying.
Obey the voice, is it going to be a liar?

It's what remains, I'm the little deception that brings the obliteration
The light is gone
Kul Wahad!

Closing my eyes and pray, forget my name
open my mouth and lick the door of pain
When flesh unfolds - By will alone I chose to stare
I'm magnified by the terror eye
The word that thrills the word that kills to feed the Hand of God
When flesh unfolds

7. Messianica

Against mechanical emptiness, a crystallized moment
Monadic dogma unveiled, forever still, perfect

Every dualism's solved, we're as one, we'll become one
Lost in the depth of the black of the angel's eye

Echoes of steps passed over past world
running cold and dustfall, scent of death and life

Eternal is flesh, eternal is alive, blessed he will come.

Paradox of hope in front of our eyes, the throne is built and awaits
The crown and the scepter here to redeem the past, the Messiah descends

The redeemer!

Time has come to light up the mind's eye to see the new truth

Hail the messiah!

To evolve from the dust of the old flesh, to be born

Hail the messiah!

Day of joy and destruction
Perennial threat of mankind exposed
Messiah takes his place, redemption flows through him in this place
Gather our weaknesses and give birth to history
Fight the vision of the angel of light

Hail the Messiah!

8. Future In Red

The air we breath, the words we spoke
The sorrow we cast upon
The envy of joy
The spoils to the victory
Our coming was unforeseen, as new gears in the machine
we dance together in something more

Now and forever, you're dust
We're dust, now and forever

Closing our eyes on remembrance vanishing away,
Purified redefined
We are mourning cold, our mourning call will gently sound
Forever more

Reborn in the name of the future to come

A claim was settled in fire and wind
Dices are cast for mankind
A claim was settled and marked in the flesh
Mankind will pay and, we all know, it won't come cheap

Seek for food and clothing first,
then the Kingdom of God shall be added unto you

Emerging victorious reign
Stepping over the angel lying prostrated
Last attempt to resuscitate
Tradition, oppression
Rise and shine, world of decline

My wings are ready for flight
I would like to turn back
If I stayed timeless time, I would have little luck.

I'll show you how, it's easy
I'll show you how, it's easy
I'll show you how, I'll show you how!

9. Embodiment Of Chaos

[originally by Sinister]

Hatred, violence, a deadly terror
Teutonic knights, embraced death
The sky turns red, the world will burn
Days of darkness, oblivious prophecy

The lightning death, armed with hate
Prophet transgressor, a demon from the past
The marching terror, puify the world
There's no salvation, the enslaver enslaved

Emerging from chaos
Mass destruction, pure holocaust
Root out the rate in the chambers of death

Hatred, violence

Legions from hell
Marching through a malicious world
Root out the lambs, incinerated on the cross

Hatred, violence

Hatred, violence a deadly terror
Teutonic knights, embraced death
The lightning death, armed with hate
Prophet transgressor, a demon from the past
Visions of a time where chaos runs wild
Malicious terror uncontroled
The apocalypse unfolds
I saw the world burn in hate
Pure chaos can't be enslaved
I saw demons in my dreams
Awoken from their deadly sleep
I saw it all under blood
The everlasting holocaust
Destructive forces reign
In chaos, violence and hatred

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