Dark Lyrics


1. Hell Riders

Taking the city
On an iron horse they ride
The evil is coming to take you away
When you hear the thunder
Exploding down the streets
You know it's time to run and hide

Close the gates
Don't you let 'em in
Hell Riders of Sin

Demons in leather
They're out to rule the world
On a stormy night they ride the wind
When lightening strikes
You know they're getting near
Step aside, look out they're coming in

2. A Time Of War

He takes to the skies
At the crack of dawn
Iced wind at his face
The end on his mind
Off to war in his flying machine
On top of the clouds he cannot be seen

Machine guns' fire rips the air
Sounding the battle cry
The attacker comes out of the sun
No time to guess who or why

It's a Time of War
A Time of War
Everyone's fighting
What are they fighting for?

The wings of his plane
Are riddled with holes
The smell of gasoline
In the air
Greatest of fears
And nightmares come true
To go down in flames is all he can do.

3. Edge Of Death

Waiting quietly for the dawn
Watching over the hills
The fire glows it keeps you warm
On the edge of the night

Looking out upon the mob
They've got death in their eyes
Is it fate that claims your life,
Or some other man's lies?

On the Edge of Death
See your life before your eyes
On the Edge of Death
The Reaper has come
Now it's your turn to die

The noose is placed around your neck
The blood runs cold in your veins
Mr. Death waits in the wind
To take you out of this place

The preacher speaks the final words
That you are to hear
Dreams of life after death
To cast out the fear

Fight for your soul
The Reaper is here
This is the end
Screaming, it's time to go
On the Edge of Death

4. The Victim

What is life but a dream
Masquerading as kings and queens
Forbidden fruit within reach
The flesh is strong the mind is weak

Now at last the path is clear
Free of death, free of fear
Your fire's burning bright
You cast your spell into the night

I can see it in your eyes
Now I've got you hypnotised
You have lost all control
Now the real truth can be told

As the moon hangs in the sky
First you'll love and then you'll cry
Your fire's burning, burning bright
You are the Victim tonight
The Victim tonight

When I look into your eyes
I feel the pain
When I give you all my love
No doubt will remain

5. Under The Spell

If your life is stalling and you are falling
You hear it calling beware
If you are waiting, anticipating
What lies in store for you there

Taking you on a journey
To a place of screaming laughter
You'll be lost in the end

Your mind is racing, almost tasting it
You are soon out of time
While you're learning your candle's burning
Ever deeper you climb

Taking you on a journey
To a place of screaming laughter
In the end you will find

Like a soul trapped in hell
You are Under the Spell.

Come closer my friend
Gaze into the ancient pages
Learn the secrets of the ages
You may have all you desire
But the weak of mind will burn
In fire

6. Out For Control

Everyday is another war
Blazing outside your door
Will this madness ever end
To the death, to the death you must defend

Out, out for control
Leaders of earth are out for control

Thrashing the city, the city by night
Roaming the wastelands, ready to fight
Armored men with an iron jaw
Fighting to win is the nature of law

Out, out for control
The human race is out of control

Run for your lives
Duck for cover
Don't ever turn your back
you are under the attack

7. Suicide

This is for a friend I had,
They say he lost his mind.
He took his own life willingly,
Before it was his time.

Now he's gone
I sill see his face
Had to get out of this place

What kind of horror
Fills this world with pain?
So much that our children
Would take their lives in vain?

Just 21, barely learned to live
Nothing left to give.

I grieve now, not just for him
But for our wretched souls
We made this Hell we live in
And now it takes its toll

It's useless now to speculate
Now it's just too late.

8. The Hexx

Welcome to her castle
The tormenting will now begin
Allured with charm yet bewildered
Enticed by the beauty within

She put a Hexx on you

One look into her crystal ball
The past, the present revealed
Awaiting your fate, the future
Excruciating pain you feel

She put a Hexx on you

She cast a spell on you
One that will never go away
Your foolish fascination
Trapped in a spider's web forever

9. Fever Dream

Darkest eyes hypnotise
The air smells of warning
With fiery light in the sky

Blackest night, evil eye
Many have fallen
To the strange ways of the night

Fever Dream
Fight in the Kingdom of Shadows
Fever Dream
Trapped in a nightmare
You can't wake up 'cause it's real

Torment and anger, waves of searing pain
Having to shut out the screams of the insane
All is denied to the wicked and the deranged.

10. Midnight Sun

A place full of pleasures
Much more than meets the eye.
Still, haunting emptiness,
So deep within me lies.

Evil minds are plotting
To take it all away
An ancient curse we live with,
There will be a price to pay.

Through the coldest nights,
The pounding rains
I hear the Sirens cry
It drives me insane.
One foot in the grave.
Are we free or enslaved?
A fight that can't be won
After you've seen
The Midnight Sun.

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