Dark Lyrics


1. Twice As Bright

Living on the razor's edge
Speed demon inside my head
He's racing round and round
Look at the fool he's found
Exceed to excess
I just can't take the stress
Another mortal sin
Speeding to the end

Tonight we'll all fly high
We're not afraid to die
Too many broken dreams
Listen, hear the screams
One day fades to the next
Face the odds, place your bets
Observe the synthetic spark
That dares to brave the dark

Twice as bright, half as long

How many sleepless days have passed
On deadly fuel my engines blast
My mind and flesh are rotting slow
Insane thoughts; anger grow
Each day we press closer to death
The next could be our last breath
We just want to sing our song
Before this fucking world is gone

Twice as bright, half as long.

2. Fields Of Death

No more of what we know
It's lost in a nuclear cloud
So many so hungry so mad
Painful death takes the crowd
Cry out but never heard
Machine is huge and loud

War machine
War machine
Grinding, smashing
You're falling in
War machine

No hope, all is lost
As bodies sink in the mud
Death's river is widening
Made of bone and blood
Years of building are swept away
By the deadly, rushing flood

War machine
War machine
Burning, melting
Frying you
War machine

Trapped in confusion
The children wondering why
Huddled in the trenches
no one hear them cry
War machine destroying all
Growing stronger, soon you die

My sickened mind is trained to kill
We were enemies before we were borned
Fight our fathers wars, we were taught to hate

Born as enemies
Inherited war
Meet who we are
Taught to hate
In fields of death

Strong nations fall to rubble
Soldiers starving, cold, alone
Wind of death advancing
Radiation burns your flesh and bone
Stupidity feeding fire
Mans' heart made of stone

3. Mirror Of The Past

Welcome to the future
A mirror of the past
The flags and faces change
But the hatred always lasts
The weapons now more deadly
Pain and death take you fast

Man never learns from his mistakes
Destined again to follow lies to war
We heed not the warnings
But build the weapons to kill once more

Living in the dreams of dead men
Their ideas have gone astray
Twisted minds bend the truth
Wrong or right your life you'll pay
Fools follow liars to death
Armies fall and rot where they lay

The clouds of hate grow darker
Another storm grows near
Don't wonder why we don't care
We're born and raised in fear

History repeats itself, we're starting wars again
Pick up your gun, of to war, no one will ever win

Modern world screams in your face
The future so unsure
A violent past returning now
The circle incomplete
Peace trough violence, time to pay
The dues that may by late

Nostradamus warns of three Antichrists
Napoleon, Hitler, the third yet to show
Unseen fools in charge
Deals made we'll never know

Armies and nations playing games
Drawing lines, choosing sides
Who is your friend or foe
Don't let them decide
The world had been split forever
It makes no sense to divide

Old men decide our fate
We have no say in how the play
What should they care what they start
They will die soon anyway
History repeats itself, we're starting wars again
Pick up your gun, off to war, no one will ever win.

Computer warfare raging
Emotionless murder slaying
The foolish who persist
To build hates's existence

Lies attack your mined
Truth you'll never find
Politics of death
Rob you of your breath

Paid soldiers and machines
U.S. satellite lazerbeams
Science logic kills
General gets a thrill

Same as the past
Peace never lasts
Our last years
Living in fear

Politicans and their puppets
They will stretch the truth
Change the facts around
Knowingly lie to you

Our evil Uncle Scam
Has been reading gobbel's book
He knows the power or propaganda
So we must take a closer look

History repeats itself we're starting wars again
Pick up your gun off to war no one will ever win

4. Racial Slaughter

Senseless slaughter blood soaked memory
Numbing patrons of Hell
blind faith segregated by hate
Tortured beyond recognition
School yards with barwire fences
Incomassing all who oppose
To admit to the truth or accept the lie
To be shown all the ways you can die

Festering rodents crawl through the bodies
Left in the compond to rot
The stench of the carnage is a constant reminder
Of the suckening evil at large

Prayers for a savior
Are prayers gone unanswered
No end to the madness in sight

Condemned raise their voices
To the tormentors
To sing "Die gedanken sind frie"

The living are dying
The lucky are dead
Racial subtraction under a flag of
Black, white and red

Born at the wrong time
Born in the wrong place
Serving only to die

Not of the right blood
Not of the right race
Heartless monsters destroy

Thousand of lives
No mercy is shown
Hideous memories lie dormant

Like rats in a cage
No one to be saved
Echoes of screams from the grave

5. Sardonicus

There was a night
Death grinned with delight
At the ghoulish deed of a fool
To an old grave
Where his father is lain
He sought a fortune untold
Fear turns to fright
A cold hellish sight
A sardonic smile ear to ear
Featured paralyzed a grimacing skull
His face is now grotesque
Scared from the sight of the decaying corpse
Once his father, profaned

All the mirrors have been removed
Empty frames hang around the room
No reflections to behold
A twisted mind, a restless soul
He learned to leave the dead alone

To search for a cure
The methods unsure
With blood sucking leaches he tested
On young peasant girls from the village below
He could not get results requested
A doctor was summoned
From beyond the valley
A master with needles and toxins
Upon his arrival he was to be greeted
With chains, shackles and irons
Demanding a potion to cure the affliction
The doctor was forced to comply

All the mirrors have been removed
Empty frames hang around the room
No reflections to behold
A twisted mind, a restless soul
He learned to leave the dead alone

Months of trial and error
Finally showed success
The mocking sardonic grin
Gone and won't be missed
Now with the doctor's task complete
His captor sets him free
Unwary of a side effect
No one could forsee
Jaws locked tight
Can't eat or drink
No more can he see
Left alone to his own
Self-inflicted doom.

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