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1. Invocation Summoning

["First, the magic incantation sung about strange secret fires in hidden places, by wild men." -Arthur Machen (1863-1947)]

Invocation summoning
My blood-fuse lit right up
Conjuring the operation
I saw the singing veins of God

Mountains of leaking arks
Slowly yawning in the dark
The black corridor opens
And smoke rose from the Serpents throat

Angels of the seventh house
I raise the cup of blessed blood
Virgin wax and sacred earth
In the name of the holy ghost

For thou shall wash and purge me
Appear within the circle
Answer to those who bid thee
Obey your ritual command

2. Heart Of The Mind World

Warlocks are writhing
In the long summer grass
Making shapes of horns
On their heads with their hands
Human dragons dream
Through the joy in their smiles
Hypnotising jackals
Of love and desire

Heart of the mind-world
Fictions on fire
Magic forest ghost home
Heaven is here forever

They rode the eagle screams
To the universe edge
Where spiders steal the sunlight
With their crystalline thread
The tales that they tell
Have a life of their own
And drink from the wells
In the shadows of the moon

If it's here where I die
I will not mind
Home sweet home
And love is all we know

3. Scarlet Cassocks


4. The Death Knell Tolls

["We must learn to live without the murderous consciousness that every berate we draw swells the rails which bear our frail vessels to the Port of the Grave." - Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)]

I raised myself up from the bottom of a dead lake
Black sirens wail like children screaming under stairways
The Death Knell tolls so long
The Death Knell tolls so long
I saw my mirrored laughing skull-face in eternity
Rain washed my dreams all down the drain right there in front of me
The Death Knell tolls so long
The Death Knell tolls so long

Strike black notes, roads into wells
Heavy drapes fall, the halo dissolves

My haunted memories stuck back together with sellotape
Rooftops refuse their jagged shelter floods my joy away
The Death Knell tolls so long
The Death Knell tolls so long
Towards the neon roars of bars on crucifixion street
The vacant leaded drone of cars that drip into my grief
The Death Knell tolls so long
The Death Knell tolls so long
I suck the sewers up, hold them close, like long lost families
The final hit, I cashed my chips, the way it's got to be
The Death Knell tolls so long
The Death Knell tolls so long

Liars bite the floor, world frowns out
Red right through, inside and out

Holding on hospital gowns
Damned catholic soul
Last doors, last call

5. A Cabalist Under The Gallows


6. I Am The Ritual

[dedicated to the work of Marianne Lehmahn]

Miraculous flames
Transform my sacred energy
Into a guardian spirit
I am ash and dust
Traced symbols in newly turned earth
The sanctuary inaugurated
To give these servants new strengths
Separation of the soul
Pull their children out from the lakes
Caressed then by flames
Celebrated by sacrifice
Effigies of death
Seized with sweet frenzy
A climax to the ceremony
Purifying powers of the fire
All smeared with oil
All smeared with blood
Holy mother merciful
Holy mother angel

The hot winds roar
I am the altar
The bone rattle shakes
I am the drum
The canary jar breaks
I am in the soil
Cinders in the hearth
I am the ash
Tail-feathers coagulate
I am the blood
A pile of fragments
I am the dust
Blown to the four corners of the world
Oh lord have mercy on me
Oh lord have mercy on my soul
The initiations end
Leave behind regrets
Draw me in the dust
Throw me to the stars
Sung between the tears
Remembered for a day and a year

The rhythm builds up
I am the barrel
The chanting grows louder
I am the sun
The rope constricts
I am the fever ritual

The feet turn the dirt
I am the dance
The convulsing of muscles
I am the sweat
The vessel is a blessed sacrifice
Sacrificed for us all

7. Radiant Transcendent


8. Wayward Confessor

King of death
Your unshackled ghouls are tumbling on the borders
Now race through goblet moons of ash
Like convicts on the loose

Tearing down my inner walls
Like a hymnbook's tattered cover

As all my abandoned unions
From a vast and monstrous church

Burn the confessor, the ancient woods
Of each mans work are felled by the devils craft
Damn the confessor, his name is barbed
With a war of ins that drip on heavens tongue

A saint that starts to fall on squawking claws
Of an unknown predator

Lost to tribes of insane hordes
And devoured in a sickly desert
Of vows that break and bend
And suffocate… and frighten

The thorn in his side, the holy ghost
The host that heals the chosen

And oh my congregation
Do you think that we will forget?
away with your redemption
For I don't know how to forgive

9. Diamonds


10. Stranger's Grave

She put on her old scuffed fan shoes
Wore her favourite navy blue suit, fixed her hair
Before she lay on a strangers grave
Felt her grip on the world disappear

She traced all the names under the photograph
Was it really him or just another man?
So hard to tell…

But in the corner of her eye she would picture him
A familiar voice or the sound of his steps

Upon a stormy wave they are swept away
Just like paper boots in a sails dream
Or the light that plays on a half-lit face
The sound of the sea is a bloodbeat
Of drums from the heart's silent scream

Silent scream, bloodbeat dream

11. Conversation With Rosa


12. Tunnel At The End Of The Light

Blackness split my forehead
In infinite truth
As the whole universe began playing
A terrifying tune
Thrown like a shadow
A veiled figure beckons
Framed by the dawn
And riding a dead horse

The tunnel at the end of the light
Igniting my gaze with irradiant fire
Dismantled my dreams in a skeleton pile
Transparent and askew
Under a stark white sky

The tunnel at the end of the light
Chilling my bones till the end of all time
Dismantled my dreams in a skeleton pile
Transparent and askew
Under a stark white sky

Skeletons chatter
Their moribund mantras
Calculations and curses
Scrawled in rough chalk
Cascading visions
Revolve in the moon
These eyes of death
Will not show any mercy to you

I can't seem to stop this mad carousel
That turns in the dark, on and on it goes…

I wait for a call that never comes
Lost in the stars

13. Solomon's Song


14. Wychwood Shrine

["I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age, forever" - Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)]

I saw a carriage of celestial light
Bless your brow with a chalice
Of silver liquid sunrise
A mysterious semblance of glowing forms
Gathered nearby
Dimming only in the death-darkly shining eyes
Of my summer bride

Your patterns paint wraths
In umbrellas of flame
Great golden crescents
Make the shape of your name

We drove til we reached a clearing
At the edge of the universe
Seeming like we had been swallowed
In a dreamy ceremonial trance
We watched the tide of the language of the sky
Give its cyclical verse
And the trees absorbed our spirits
In a strange and endless rebirth

Renew us forever
Wychwood Shrine
As I take her hand and he will take mine
She will take mine
Wychwood Shrine
Wychwood Shrine…

15. Oracle Of The Starlit Dawn


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