Dark Lyrics


1. Blast Radius

Just a normal day riding the bus,
...With a hundred pounds of the most potent C4,
A man takes a stand with a trigger in his hand,
Thirty lives vaporized all over the floor.

"Just Cause" will contradict the laws,
But the murder's been justified in the eyes of their gods,
Oil, blood, and limbs scattered amongst the debris,
It's urban chaos of the highest degree.

To strive for vengeance in the night they spawn,
Killing sprees they laid their plans upon,
Fight for the freedom, die for the land,
Slaughtering the hostages that they have at hand.

Politics make casualties out of innocent lives,
The evil brews...as a new plan arrives,
Slowly as the media settles back down,
Another explosion will soon shred the town.

The people burning inside because they know,
The oppressor's only winning because of their back-bone,
An enemy whom they swore they will kill again,
Blast Radius: a promise they won't break or bend...

Distraught for vengeance in the night they spawn,
Killing sprees they laid their plans upon,
Fight for the freedom, die for the land,
Taking back their country any which way they can.

2. Gas Chamber

Cursed was my existence,
Branded eternal blame,
But the law cannot condemn me fools,
Cause I'm pleading insane,
Ceased their bodies to exist,
Severed the legs so they couldn't run,
I told the victim's families,
That I had fucking fun.

Welcome to death row,
Got nowhere to run,
You might take my life,
But I don't think that you've won.

Tattoos litter my entire back,
For every one of the thirteen,
I fed off seeing their dying eyes,
Before my knife slashed in between.
With nothing left to fear,
What's the worst that they can do?
Take away my life,
When death was decades overdue...

Now dig me my infernal bedroom,
Wide and ten feet deep,
The extra four is just in case,
I cannot fall asleep.

Gas chamber: I'm ready to die.

Strapped down undefiantly,
They said a musk is all I'll feel,
But cyanide is shredding through my lungs,
They even skipped on my last meal.
Asphyxiation soon consumes me,
Replacing blood with gaseous death
Melting my organs inside out,
A subtle gasp bring my last breath.


Vapors of death seep through the vents,
And my last thoughts are purely dissident,
They called this method the "most humane",
But my eyes are melting below my brain,
Whatever the hell was wrong with me?
I'll never know for sure,
No one knows why the blind can't see,
No one knows the cure.

I bid you farewell,
My time here is done...

Gas Chamber.

3. Past Life

This is a song for the grimly depressed,
Whose worst place to be would be inside their head,
Left the womb crawling in this place they detest,
And only in death can one solemnly rest.

Pain was pleasure: every moment incomplete,
Until the last thing you do; the world disagrees,
We remain in the shadows; in obscurity,
For only in death can one truly be free.

Won't forgive me, past life I have confessed,
It's been completely buried; a memory is all that's left.

All these mental scars accumulate in the end,
Recollections would hit time and time again,
There's nothing left to do for people like me,
But live in this aftermath of a distant memory.

I look into the past; despair and misery,
Blaming the perfidious nihilist in me,
One thing I learned in this passage of time,
Without the somber, there is no divine.

Won't forgive thee, a life that has long since passed,
I should've known since this began...
that lies can never last.

Solace is hard to find and fate's as cold as ice,
One thing I must clarify before the event of my demise:
Relent is something life just would not allow,
So I'll be on my way, withdrawn and disavowed.

4. Knee Deep In The Dead

Transferred from earth into outer space,
A base on mars; the most desolate place,
Home to secret projects and nuclear waste,
Something's not right, there's this evil I taste.

In the ninth corridor I'd pass on my way,
A gateway stood that the scientists made,
An "inter-dimensional space traveling" door,
That on its test run opened up to hell's core.

Spewing out all over the radar scan,
An unknown life-form; one never seen by man,
Invading the base killing all who is in sight,
Before I knew it I was the last one alive.

Equipped all my weapons base is on high alert,
No one picking up distress signals I'm sending to earth,
Locked up all sector seven-eight floors,
I'll trap them inside the ninth corridor.

Sector seven-eight's down, destroying all the floors,
Extermination is what they're here for,
I shut off the lights and use infra-red,
Hunting the hunters I'm knee-deep in the dead.

From the shores of hell to our human realm,
The devil sent his minions to overwhelm,
Every one I kill ten emerge from the gate,
They've arrived on earth and it's all too late.

5. Chaos Aggressor

Smell of rot, taste of hate,
Eyes bloodshot, doomed by fate,
Yeah I remember Timothy McVeigh,
One of many whose life was burnt away.
The Columbine kids once calm and relaxed,
Not a trace of evil from their front to their backs,
Another set of souls fallen from grace,
It's lunch time now, holding a gun to your face.

Chaos to make, a world to break,
Dark shadows of retaliation,
Chaos to make, a world to break,
All negotiation will fail.

Mentally ill hidden among us to kill,
Extremist geniuses driven by will,
Should the government take the blame?
Conspiracy is the name of the game.
Some grew up tortured, others buried in wealth,
An atrocity waiting to happen in full stealth,
Sick of the way things are going around,
So they blow up a bus or bring buildings down.

Chaos to make, a world to break,
Dark shadows of retaliation,
Chaos to make, a world to break,
The innocent will pay.

What makes the perfect targets?
Federal buildings seems to be the prime,
They've caught the bastard and they put him to sleep,
For the most inhumane crimes,
But when the bombs go off again,
And you all thought that he was dead,
A sentinel rises to proceed the chaos,
You'll remember what his epitaph said.

Chaos to make, a world to break,
Dark shadows of retaliation,
Chaos to make, a world to break,
The innocent will pay.

6. Bedlam Walls

Across the veil in the womb of the dark,
A structure was built from bones,
Bones of the maniacal, insane, and cynic,
To silence their screams and moans,
Housing the land's B-population,
Of fungus and filth they were born,
A place where they can meet and congregate,
Dwelling at night, asleep in the morn.

They would dance, and play and sing,
Then frictions would violently grow,
Beat each other even to the death,
Rape women like venomous whores.

Blood flows from bedlam walls,
Sanctuary for the diseased,
Institution for the demented,
Architectured for suffering.

No authority regulates the premise,
The asylum lives off of their pain,
Surrounded by sewers, miles from nowhere,
Radiant through the pitch-black rain,
As it stood 100 years before,
The building still stands today,
There's no place else the sick can go,
And drift through life day by day.

So, how do I tell do you ask?
Stories only the patients there keep,
Well, I had escaped for I was not ill,
But it still haunts me in my sleep,

Blood flows from bedlam walls,
Sanctuary for the diseased,
Institution for the demented,
And their souls will never be free.

7. The Serpent

Gather the galleons of war,
To ward the empire of the sea,
In search of the serpent to kill,
And claim their victory,
Savages embarked on a mission,
Mead and meat keep them alive,
Where once they pillaged and plundered,
A new expedition's arrived.

Our captain with the might of his life,
Called us each to our racks,
Position the anchors and fire the harpoons,
For now we're under attack!

But a tail swung a hundred feet up,
And came down screaming from the sky,
And in the black, cold, frigid night,
Shattering into pieces they died,
Long gone are the brave fools,
Back on land no lesson learned,
The savages mind of another conquest,
And reckon the wake of return.

8. No More Color

When the days begin to lose color,
And your will has fallen weak,
You will question all as well,
And just as well you will seek out your words deprived of meaning.
No matter how sincere you speak,
But now, now I understand,
What it means to live life bleak.

No More Color,
In lack of mental light,
Transformed this world of vivid dreams,
Into stills of black and white.
Confusion and malice,
Taints my palette gray,
You can't fix the errors of the past;
The hue of raw dismay.

Words fell short of meaning,
No matter how sincere I'd speak,
Dwelling on dismal memories,
That persist on lingering.
A monochromatic universe,
With only lifeless streams of thought
That stretched from the deepest infinity,
Into the minds of the distraught.

The basic tenets of nihilism are now enough for me,
I'm sorry to displease you but I shun this fantasy.
The more you realize the more you drown in grief,
Brings me to the age-old question; to be or not to be.
In this indifferent world of emptiness and negativity,
Nothing matters now; I've lost to curiosity.

For now I'll sit and wit,
Suspended in time alone,
Don't want it to end this way,
By now my mind has turned to stone.

9. Mutiny And Betrayal

Of one purpose we fought hand in hand,
My brother in combat as war scorched the land,
Abandoned me with nothing to fight all alone,
The treachery you gave me I'll never atone.

I bear no life now that the war is done,
But the war between us has only begun,
The hate built from vengeance my soul was possessed,
That only your death would put my soul to rest.

Don't speak to me of forgiveness it is for the blind,
Wolves and lambs respect no truce of the mind,
Who would've thought tonight
We'd face each other enemies,
Today old friend, you pay for your mutiny.

It's not enough to die, desecration is a must,
I want whomever that views your
Remains to vomit in disgust,
Mutilated and slain the vendetta is done,
Mutiny and Betrayal is written in blood.

Mutiny and Betrayal

10. Seditions In Peacetime

Lo and behold...

The media is in unrest and the public is in tensions,
All because they silenced him too late,
Apprehending the members, presuming their power,
Living in fear and a paranoid state.

A false identity,
Nevertheless they're still after me,
I was framed yet they have me on tape,
Erase any hopes to escape...
Erase any hopes to escape.

Peace... at a price!
Lives are sacrificed,
Helpless and laced with hate,
In prison for years, that's the meaning of pain.

With words as their weapon they stir shit in this scare,
Intensifying conspiracies to save them from despair.
Now they've got a corpse lying on the Capital's steps,
Preamble to the crisis that's in store for them next.
Spying for a foreign power convicted of treason,
A New McCarthy-ist era twice in size,
Now it's up to them and their discretion,
Before the whole system is paralyzed.

Blind... leading the blind,
They've done it once; they'll do it again,
Speak just one word of it though,
If your wish is to be dead...
If your wish is to be dead.

Seditions in Peacetime; gotta watch what you say,
Before they show up at your door and drag you away.

A clear and present danger... that's so far away,
While the proven guilty are sentenced to stay,
Resistance to the law is put to the test,
Next in line for persecution and arrest.

You're next for arrest!

Silence his screams,
He's inducing a panic,
Formulating a fervor,
In pursuit of the moles and spies...

Seditions in Peacetime!
Six feet under are those who'd protest,
Freedoms completely restricted,
Those who died... consider them blessed

11. Desolate Horizons


12. State Of Insurgency

Freedom was but a memory,
Under their watchful eyes,
Who mass-conditioned the media,
To believe their fool-proof lies.
I sought to enlighten;
Bring the system to an end,
Through the mold of society,
The freed minds would transcend.

Amass the insurrection!!!
Disprove their prophecy,
The day we let them own our minds,
Is the day of our decease.

Amass the insurrection!!!
Conduct in clandestine,
Wrest power back to the people,
State of insurgency.

When I refused to acknowledge,
Their proclamations I'd negate,
Ostracized victim of a thinking mind,
Turned enemy of the state.
They've bought and sold intelligence,
Apathy was our defect,
It's over now, they've won the war,
Globalization's in full effect.

Amass the insurrection!!!
Target the Illuminati,
Destroy the manipulation,
That's lasted for centuries.

Amass the Insurrection!!!
Conduct in clandestine,
Wrest power back to the people,
State of insurgency!!!

Cut off the head and the body will perish.

I curse you; spineless populace;
Who let freedom of thought be lost,
Demanded by these misled sheep,
To invade at any cost...

They've taken the new world,
The "Amero" is our defeat,
History will repeat itself,
Cause this world's run by the elite.

History will repeat itself,
Orwellian rule world-wide.
The Esoteric Conspiracy;
Buried deep, hidden, denied.

13. Outro

Andre Hartoonian: vocals, bass;
Ronny Dorian: lead, rhythm guitars;
James Lopez: lead, rhythm guitars;
Carlos Cruz: drums, acoustic guitars.

Thanks to metalfreakbd for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to andrehartoonian for correcting tracks ## 1, 10, 12 lyrics.

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