Dark Lyrics


1. Uprising

Contemplating the rising sun on the Horizon
Revealing the cities of old
Warming up my hands and piercing my eyes
The feelings are no longer cold.
This Morning Star is the Eye
It is beginning; it is glory
An elliptic entrance
Which is the Serpents eye.
Praised be the Morning Star

Pure ancient sin impregnating the female
The drop of Life falling from the cup of Death.
The luminous hands touching your skin
The sight with eyes shut.

Ra-Amah the sun child
Born in the reign of Osiris
Died in the arms of Anubis
Beneath the clouds flying fast and high!
Warming up my body and piercing my soul
To show me the only True Spirit
Of the Gods and the Stars
Of love, hate and lust
Praised be the Morning Star

2. Zealous Procreation

My crowning battle is approaching
Amongst bloodshed and suffering
I am the challenger I do not fear
This is the exceeding step
A leap into the red depth
I shall conquer I will never fear
The disciple stands triumphant and shouts in jubilation
Brooding shadows sweeps across the lands of spiritual poverty
Bestowed upon me are a thousand rays of fiery Light
Stricken in grandeur developed
I am the challenger I do not fear
I shall conquer I will never fear
Turbulating around in my own filth
Close to be broken
I catch a glimpse of the end of the Black Tunnel
Oh, atrocities of the suffering
Brought upon the challenger
Sickened to the core of fleshly existence
How I've lived in times of confusion and disillusion
Forevermore my fate is sealed

3. The Fallen Star

Through fires of clean devotion,
we look up to the blackened universe
longing for you to touch our foreheads
and crystallize our spine
The Dragons flags upraised.
A few words spoken.
Hand by hand with the enemy
while crossing the trapezoid in flames.

Smoking screams of Ego and Pain
in this lair of Hunters.
The blood sealed cross with the mirrored Krist.
Eucharistic trance of demonic Martyrium
and impious obsession.

Beyond falling lights from the black Veil
The Spirit, the Waters and the Metals
They said it was me… and you
Looking at both sides of the Mirror
Tormenting each other in order to learn the Mysteries.
Praising the invisible Teachings
and swallowing pure Wisdom

Awoken from life…
Holding no limits back.
Alone with my kind.

4. Path Bearer

The inner outmost being of brightness
Spits its venom upon you
And call out like a man in grief
You’ll see there won’t be no brighter days
Only the blue dawn of the morrow
As a strike of Armageddon reach your way
And the Earth will fade to black again
You are reminiscent of an age past its Time and Space
Before the dawn of creation
and the end of the perpetual circle
And now shall reveal the destruction of time
Path Bearer
Who carries two crosses
One saves
The other annihilates
Coagulating blood and gold made Flesh
Embodied powder of the Sun
The Greater of the Greater
Path Bearer
Who carries two crosses
One saves
The other annihilates

5. The Trial

A bloody legacy
A cold worlds judgement
Shadows and flames lurks on the blind.
With diamonds and rubies…
The innocent shall pay the price.

Oh, dear Lord! Why hast thou forsaken thy children?
Uprising breaking the lines of sanity
Piercing the clouds of the Kingdom

Facing the vaults of Fear and Temptation
Becoming one with the burning Spirit
Falling back into Earth.
Descending from the Tree
Crossing the Desert.
Fading away beyond feelings
Trembling vessel of dirty evil
Forthcoming precious Egregore
Core of horrors and clemency
You never rest.
You never die!
Who shall see the Mirror
Who shall climb from the Pit
Who shall fall from the Cross
Who shall wash away the World´s Sin.

6. Upon The Thresholds

There lies and urge deep within and a will to unlock the Depth
The spark that burns hot and penetrates through the Will
I breath from the Fires that are filling the Temple
And cleansed be in the name of the Father
Bear thine given name as a mask veiling your face
And expose thine True Self

I will dive into ethereal sleep
I will cast you into the plague-ridden world and open the Skies
To uncover, to break the boundaries of metaphysics
And sayeth unto Him, the Most High
I beseech thee, O Lord
Dwelleth within me and lurk in the shadows of my Soul

Look up! See the shadows form by rebel Angels
Shield me from tainted infiltrations
Lest thou hast stood upon the fallen cross
dost thou know of the thresholds there of
Enticed by the mysteries
Begotten and uplifted
Sworn in silence
Brought up by universal structure

Deliver us from Nothingness and stagnation
Stop at nothing to silence the betrayers
Tortured souls cries aloud
Elemental sacrifice, oh, Serenity!
Oh, Crucifixion!

7. Perception Of The Unseen

Ah, to walk about in the withered lands
To wear the Greatest Seal
The Serpent's Lock is embedded in my chest
Prying eyes repudiated for seeing its secret Truths
True protection upon the astral planes
In the perception of the unseen
And all that is hidden
Cloak me from the impure Ones

Cometh! Brethren!
Let us wield the Serpent's Key
No false Gods nor Demigods
Will lay their wretched eyes upon us
We will dominate the Sun
And sin by the eyes of "God"
We will venture along our Path
To the primordial age and of higher Civilization

Between Darkness and Light will I stride
Stripped of sensation of emptiness and pride
Act as in a play set in earliest of times
Eternal battle-cries heard until the very last chimes
Make the Hidden manifest and the manifest hidden
Transfiguration given by a power in Oneself
Translate my spirit into Nature!
Abide by my soul
Transform, transmute!

8. Lost And Betrayed

Lost and betrayed
You never tried
The fruit is gone. Your soul is dying
The shadows of Apocalypse are crawling fast
With empty eyes you are bounded by the past

Slowed by tempestuous winds of sand
You cannot even see the palm of your hands
Drowned by the dense dust of time
Only waiting for the last remaining sign
Nowhere else to walk but towards the dusk
With nothing more than your withered husk

Still persecuted by visions and tormenting bells
Your wishes come true in this dying life of living hell
But! You finally escaped the flock
And behold, you stand at the door and knock.

No matter if your soul is burning or frozen
So the last shall be first, and the first last;
For many are called, but few chosen.
A never-ending walk in this path of madness.
If therefore the Light that is in you be Darkness…
How great is that Darkness!

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled,
and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

Deacon D: drums, vocals (additional)
Åskväder: guitars
Anubis: guitars, vocals (lead)
Ham: bass

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