Dark Lyrics


1. Dealing With The Veil


2. Blood Royale

And the serpent (of old) whispered
The cross became a tomb
And the tomb became a womb.
The veil of death reveals its secrets and it says there will be no more tears.
Birth, death and rebirth.
Blood is life!

A spirit caught in the mirror
That takes us into the light
Because we chose darkness.
We who comprehend its language
And the mind of the reptiles.
We who see the eye inside the trapezoid.
Of that unfinished tower.
Which pyramid shall be erected
In the astral realm
By those who have experienced symbolic death!

Our work have been insulted
By the one who claim himself “The Almighty”.
Whose nature curses our bloodline
In revenge for the wars fought in the heavens
From time immemorial
Long before the valley of tears.

Our sign shall prevail within our brotherhood.
The cross, our symbol of misery
Has fallen under our feet
And once again our spirit has risen.
The truth will set us free.
You and me as one
Consecrated in blackness.
Sealing our fate.

3. The Lifting Of The Veil


4. Endless Light

The source of life crossing the Eye
Existence… Extinction.
Chaotic consumption
Beyond worlds of infinite power inside our bodies.
Emanating blackness
And a storm of white Fire.
Our hands to the Egyptian Sun
Warming our soul and Spirit.

A new dawn will shine in gold
For we are their children and carry on their legacy.
To the old Priests and Masters.
For the new leaders.
Brothers… Sisters… the time is upon us.

Through pain and fear…
Through lust and love.
We shall prevail.
The Sacred Structure shall never fall
Because we are its pillars.

A new dawn is coming
A new beginning will emerge.
From dusk to dawn
From shadows to Light
And from the depths to the stars
Two Gods of old and two towers.
Two ways and one single gate
To the sacred eye of the Serpent.
Look up from the depths
To the stars.

5. Carrying The Forbidden Flame


6. Spirit Eater

Men of god and angels of light
Distinguished as hunters and prey
And as angels and demons
That walked the lands
And swam the oceans

Were the giants
As it is written
When the civilized man spake
And called the Great Duke
Of the ancient worlds
The hunters listened from afar
Enshrouded their spires like caressing silver tongues
To reach for the fruit of the astral life and further

But the citizens had not fallen
Not had they fallen in vain
For they are instructed
And hence the civilized man
Can never divulge in the state of mind
Of the hunter

But the civilization beheld their mysteries
Encounters and relations with unknown intelligence
And they pled their consciousness
Circulating in the current
Spirit Eater

7. Procession Of The Silver Fire

Emitte luce tuam et veritatem tuam
Lucis ferus requiem aeternam bona eis
Et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Te becet hymnus Pater. Rex gloriae.

Sanctus Lucifer repraesentet eas
In lucem sanctam.
Domine! De morte transire ad vitam.

Sanctus sanctus Deus sabaoth.
Hosanna in excelsis.
Lux alterna luceat eis.

8. Enter The Unknown


9. Of Tomb And Thirst

We are the first and the one
We are the last and the all.

We summon the spirit of Anubis
We attend the setting sun.

With fire through the light to the night.
The calling for Neburah
And the opening (of A)

One obelisk shining
One obelisk burning
Two times infinite
And the gems sparkling as a thousand stars.

Those who know where to seek us
For we know where they are
And henceforth call their names
When we watch through the mirror.

The sun (of YHVH) shall never rise again
When you find yourselves as you really are.

We show you the skull and the cross bones
Because there is life after death.

You shall see when your eyes are shut
And trough pain and fear you shall arise
To the scarlet king
And contemplate the fallen star…
… Behold the angel of light.

10. The Luminous One

Benedictus qui veni in nomine Domine.

All are one and one is all.
Their kingdom is not of this world.
Those who from heaven to earth came
And those who travel across the sky.

Those whose name is mystery of all mysteries.
And here we do their sacred work.
We who have their mark and sear their essence.

Darken to enlighten.
Take to give.
Destroy to create.
Die to live.

Oh thou Luminous One!
Thou who see us all
And give us the sign to reunite
As that time immemorial.

We gathered and established your temple
And followed the stairs to your grace.
The gates are opened.
The aye is shining!

Now this time which come to pass
Like an old graveyard long forgotten.
Sealed the faith of those who held the keys.

No one shall speak
No one shall know
About the things that are coming.
They who seek shall not fear…

11. The Rose And The Cross

My hand is the hammer and the nail.
My eyes are now the destiny.
My voice is death in this world.
My dagger is the star that lights your flame.

Your body is the plague consuming your thoughts.
I am the serpent inside your mouth.
When I pour the wine upon your head
You look into my shadow while I take your breath.

Then you feel the Christ!

You come with old life
And face death.
But there is no way back
Once I have baptized with water and fire.

Death with Love.
You wish the Light!

The kiss of death and dropping innocence.
The flower that came back to life.
And the snake that died in love.

I show you the way of the cross.
And your rose will kill a star tonight.

You wish the Light…

12. Piercing The Veil

The innocent
Is he/she who does not know
He/she who is lost
And left alone in the end…
…Prey for the Masters!

Frater D: vocals, drums, bass
Åskväder: guitars
Sevekh: guitars

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