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1. They Aren't Bleeding Petals

Could I let this ghost hold my hand
And will your broken petals carve into me
As I'm led across your insidious heart
You let go you walked away from me
Like an angel who abandoned her faith
And it defiles the hearts of gods
This day ends with a swan song
And three black kisses
Crucify what I've become
And hang yourself with this holocaust
Your pedestal was built on sickened dreams
This wretched life it abhors your blood
Bury yourself in contempt
But be witness to this reality
The tears I once shed for you
Have shattered the stained glass
And i now walk alone with red covered hands
Crucify what I've become

2. When Halos Burn

What beauties can I bestow upon the world today
What does fate have in store for me
I can see a fallen chair
And a golden thread in the rafters
I'm sick at the site of this
Maybe an embrace would have saved my fate
Oh god I'm not smiling
The halo is burned around my neck
But my wish is my command
I'm situated in this reflection like the portrait of a ghost
Another pathetic loss in just under a minute
They don't hang 'em like they used to

3. She Ain't Talking To Me

I left your town and i won't be coming back
You killed the lights and off you ran
Why'd you have to be such a dream
Oh baby i could never understand
How just a kiss could turn a world upside down
And I'm walkin' on the clouds when I'm with you
You had that Hollywood smile
That the highest starlets would die for
But your head is in the clouds
If we ever stood on the same ground
How fast could you outgrow me
It's like chasing after that shooting star
Just to catch your eye
If i had more shades of red to color with
I'd paint us a happy ending
But these days even i laugh at you
Keep your goodbye kiss

4. February Is A Bad Month

How much will this distance grow
How long will I be left alone
I'd swing like the silhouette of a defiled angel
And wipe my blood on the walls for just one more day
A chance to separate the loving
From the paralyzed empty soul
We've been down this path
But this time you brought your fate
I know how the story ends
Yet I'm afraid to turn the page
A perfect day ends with a lie
And today is no different
Walk hand in hand with your heartless grin
And I'll do the same
I paint a smile on myself every time I see you
Because I know the day will come
When these incisions will be your own reflections
And the knife will be in my hands

5. When You're Dead, You're Dead

Oh god is this what they wished for
Is this what they pray for
Speak of salvation
It reserves your place in the ground
Except they painted your picture
With the blood of the damned
You hold your glass
Promise and gaze
As if something were there
You must be staring through the sun
For you're blind to your false salvation
Still you swipe the sky hoping to catch a star
Don't call this blaspheme
We are all sinners
The soil will welcome you with the end
Don't call this blaspheme
You've paid a high price for your wings
So don't fall from grace
It's all going to hell
You can't save us
They took my angel
I can't win this war

6. Even The Martyrs Have Gone Home

These days never end
How has everything emptied itself out
Where did we go wrong
Hear that sound of static
It's the sound of lost hopes
It's a failure
We said goodbye to this cruel world a long time ago
But haven't left
Don't cry
Don't pray
Don't wish
Don't dream
Let your emotions flood the minds
But what's the point
When everyone just sits there silently
Still what's left for us in this world
Even the martyrs have gone home

7. Don't Forget Your Name

And it will last forever
These days seem to be getting shorter
And people are changing like the seasons
They've all run away for the better life
And forgotten our names
There must be bluer skies
On the other side of the fence
Or maybe my eyes are just closed
Then again maybe you've sewn them shut
If you leave this town
Don't bother saying goodbye
It's hard to wish farewell
When you're already facing the other way
We'll still be here
This is what we live for
And it will last forever

8. Let This Be The Name

She was colored with your apathy
She never had a chance to dream
You broke down the walls of morality
And handed her a knife
She carved a perfect world into her wrists
And laughed at this hell
When the bells chime
Who will be your savior
Lay yourself down
Let these flames welcome you
You are the disease that nightmares grow from
And the sky will never be brighter than the day you die
I'm so sick of decorating tombs
Please let this be the day she smiles again
Let this be the day you die
Please let this be the day

9. Execution Protocol

Who would have thought
It would be the last kiss?
The phone hung silent
And the words spoken
Infected him like a disease.
With a world turned upside down
He fell into the black night sky.
The roses withered
With the sound of razors
Singing his farewell.
He wrote her a song -
"My heart was yours," he said,
And now his heart rested
In broken pieces in her hands.
It was too late.
The memories had faded
Into his open wounds
And not even her love song
Could whitewash the blood from the wall.
Not even his love song
Could touch her heart.
Only heartbeats pierced the silence,
Paced to the thoughts of
Her smile in the sunshine.
He lay peacefully on the tile floor,
But not in peace.
The sound of sirens
Turned into her steps,
And as he saw her
The final tears fell
Because she was still just a dream.

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