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1. Hairesis

Caedite eos! Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

Per signum crucis
Millions of annihilated begins
Millions of death sentences
Laus tibi!
Per signum crucis
Greatest crimes of this world
Greatest bloody battles
Laus tibi!
Per signum crucis!
Flowing river of blood
Desecrated bodies in thy name!
Laus tibi!

You they call the redeemer
Agnus Dei
You they call the salvator
Agnus Dei
You they call the son of the highest
Agnus Dei
You they call the infinitive love
Agnus Dei

Thine is the holy heart which knows no mercy

Tu Rex Gloriae!

Blodless sacrifices
In your honor flesh and blood consumed
Myths from generations passed
All this because;
Tu Rex Gloriae!
Children of killers breed
Crowds for ages fed with lies

Arise beyond ye supreme being
Arise above ye supreme being
And confess the truth once again
And say no once again!

Every truth is a torn for my temple
Every word flows with bloody sweat
Thy believers fanatic killers
Thy believers burning on stakes
Thy believers decapitating in thy name
Thy believers raping and drinking blood in the name of cross
Thy believers mass murderers
Thy believers greatest masters
For thy name they sacrifice nations
For thy name they sacrifice their families
Bloody lord
Thou is the betrothed of Satan!

It is I the heretic who chooses truth and wants:
Ne perenni cremer igne.

2. Instrumentum Diaboli

Whosoever will be saved, before all things
Is it necessary that he hold the Catholic Faith
Which Faith except everyone do keep whole and undefiled
Without doubt he shall perish everlasting

better for a hundred innocent people to die than for one heretic to go free

El veritas liberait vos
Scream no one will hear!
El veritas liberait vos
Scream hear the whisper of death!
El veritas liberait vos
Scream liberation is at hand!
El veritas liberait vos
Scream no one will hear!

Another stake on fire!
Another life taken away!
Another verdict given!
Another heresy slain!

Scoffing image in your eyes
You long for departure
You long for death?
Say the words
And your body shall expire
Say the words
And your soul shall be redeemed

This night is marked with torment
This night is dripped with bloody sweat
This night is winning on the firmament of being
This night is illuminated with blazing bodies

El veritas liberait vos
Scream you burning saints!
El veritas liberait vos
Scream you desecrated corpses

Another trial of truth
Another lake of slander

3. Eyes Of The Blind Lamb

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive power and riches and wisdom
And strength and honor and glory and blessing!
[Revelation 5:12]

Whiplash, laughter of guards
Another drop of bloody sweet falls upon the slippery pavement
Thorns driven into temple
Shivering body desiring rest
Last glance at the sky
Here is your prize!

Years of lies harvest the crop
Here s the chosen lamb
Resurrection of mortals
March of the lepers
Dance of the possessed

What once seemed to be a deed
Becomes malefaction for itself
Divine wonders bear the heaviest arms
Yet the hatchet is not yours
At first the night of torment
And then the salutary day

You have chosen nothing
But wise men alone have you convinced
So carry your torment
So carry their rapture

Eyes clouded with blood
Canvas sticked to the corpse
Another downfall
Another splinters in the shoulders

Believe, they gave the verdict on you
Saviour with eyes of lamb and lion
Blind faith passed on in scriptures
As was foretold
You have been chosen

Arise and walk!
Go on meet your destiny!
Arise and walk!
Go on bring them salvation!

4. Lord Shall Be Revealed

Even until now lives a settled conviction, that salvation can be bought here, on the Earth, by praying the so called offering to the priest of grace.
For centuries the human naivety has been used by the Catholic Church to debauch its stomach and magnify its fortune.
Bargaining the salvation is just another hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, and since money is the instrumentum daiboli, where really hides the Beast?

And that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the Beast, or the number of his name.
[Revelation 13:17]

I cleanse my body in the blood-red crystal sea
Bestial amok lasts
Pure soul, pale flesh, ice-cold breath

Altar prepared, whiteness clean, golden candlesticks
Chalices in diamonds, the smell of incense
Innocent souls, naive children
Vulgar herd awaits salvation

I've sold my soul to the truth
Life path winding, but free
I let it flow in harmony
With nature, my animal humanity.

Another bell tolls for the hour of coming
Another chime of lies
Odour of hypocrisy and false saints

The Lord is coming
Lord of Hosts
Black not heavenly
Open thee soul

Figures dissolved by my eyesight
Wax nobility
Flour and water raised above
Grape drink tastes like blood
Shawls of mendacity
White bread and flesh
Hands folded in triangle
Sign of the cross
Sacrifice fulfilled.

5. I Bring You Fear

Imposition, understood as fulfilling and
Applying to commandments or truths by preaching, is apart from intimidation the
Essence of religion.
Fear itself dominates, as a part of the leash on the way to salvation.
fear mainly paralyses the common-sense and rational thinking, and therefore it s a perfect tool of authority.

if anyone worships the beast and his image,
and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of god,
which is poured out full strength into the cup of his indignation.
he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels
And in the presence of the Lamb
[Revelation, 14:9-10]

I ll bring you fear
But fear not
You ll get wisdom
You ll get freedom
I bring you fear
I take away life
I bring you fear
Another existence
You ll get wisdom
You ll get freedom
I bring you fear
You ll get freedom

Spit out the pain of existence
Reveal thy name
Repeat the truth
Not lies
Repeat the truth
Bite your tongue
I come out of the sea
Bringing next truth
Another horn rambles
Yet another cock in the morning
And freedom by my side
I bring you fear
And rapture within
I bring you fear

Allow me to speak thy name
It will be a seal of salvation

I ll bring you fear
But fear not
I bring you fear
I take away life
I bring you fear
Another existence

Dawn is close
The sun approaches
Heat of sand on my face
Freedom won

6. Sin Is The Law

Aware of my own body
Aware of it s being
Within me lies verify
Cognition of truth is the sin
My body serves the truth
My body serves the Law the law of sin

Sin is the Law!
I drink to the bottom of pride!
Sin is the Law!
I move from Sodom to Gomorrah!

O death, where is thy harvest?
O grave, where is thy cold?
You, who absolve sins with phrases
You, who demand payment for salvation
You, who speak of corruption!
Gorging your stomach with envy!
Rotting in your golden palaces and rumbling with fear!
You, who absolve sins with phrases
You, who demand payment for salvation

Messengers of distinctive goodness
Trading with conscience
Ignoring the truth
Suggesting lies
Pain is not suffering
Salvation for aims

Sin is the Law!
Sin is the Law!
Sin is the Law!

What more can I say?
Sin is the Law!
Sin is the path to cognition
Sin is freedom

I drink from the chalice of pride!
I move from Sodom to Gomorrah!

7. Gnosis

That Light, He said, am I, thy God, Mind, prior to Moist Nature which appeared from Darkness; the Light-Word (Logos) [that appeared] from Mind is Son of God.
Know that what sees in thee and hears is the Lord s Word (Logos); but Mind is Father-God.
Not separate are they the one from other; just in their union [rather] is it Life consist.
So, understand the Light [He answered], and make friends with it.
[The Corpus Hermeticum/Poemandres, the Shepherd of Men]

8. Who Can Be Against Us

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process
He does not become a monster. And when you look long into
An abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

It was I who received the weapon of Mitum
It is I who rule the heavenly power
Iszkur I summon you
Unleash the endless element with your might

I shall destroy lands,
And turn them to dust,
I shall destroy cities
And turn them to waste

Inspire the land with blazing fervour
Sulphuric dust shall be thy breath
With divine weapon I destroy lands
I see transient fear
I see the moment of terror
Swallowing souls
The flesh evaporates
Black stain
Venom spread from ulcers

I shall flatten mountains,
Make all beasts die
I shall dry the seas
Decimate what in there lies

Lord of the Flies is coming
Gathering vermin at his side

I shall annihilate mankind
Their souls will turn to dust
None shall be spared


Body of the enemy, watery lake
Souls like smoke over the ruins
Lack of suffering
Hollow sound of absorption

The locust erodes their eyes
Rain of fire, pillar of ardour

9. In My Flesh I See God

My thoughts years away from my body
My mind shivering from cold
Leucoma, nobody s sight
I touch the smoke of burning carcass
I hear the smell of burning
Naked limbs plaited with hurricane of fire
Skin, a desert shell


My thoughts bring and luminous
My mind in the state of ecstasy
Cupreous sight, the heaviness of eyelids
I touch the story body
Smell of fresh fir
Naked limbs congealed in stillness
Skin pale-green
Thoughts tangled by tress of existence
The third eye is watching
Embryo of corporeity fights
Smell of mud
Naked limbs separately folded

Hollow sound of the earth

You sprinkle the skin
Wax glitter
I see God in it
You celebrate rituals
You light up incense
I see God in it

In my flesh I see God
Of all moments
In my flesh I see God
The Master of death
In my flesh I see God
Donor of life
In my flesh I see God
My God!

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