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1. Hunger

Six days six nights given away
A pair of arms that desire
And crave bent in half

You're there I'm here
You know who I am?
I've craved and desired...

I raise my fist like in the beginning...
I raise it in the name of truth
In the name of truth I hit Christ's face
He condemns me, crushed with the wood of the cross
But he doesn't raise again!

It was me who in hatred spat in Christ's face!

And again I drive the thorn of truth in the Messiah's temple
He condemns me again!

It was him who left his imprint on me!
It was him who condemned me!
You'll understand this when the time comes!

The whirlwind of the night draws me into the infinity of my blasphemies
Payday has come!
For famine and for condemnation!

Then come kiss me
So that I can leave
With the feel of your lips
For the boundless depths of the night
Just as always!!!!

2. Red Blood Running

I'm waiting for the power of redness
I'm waiting for the sweetness of blood...

I'm running away from the day
So I can love at night
So I can taste the redness of blood
To learn immortality
And give freedom

I run away each night
To live through frenzy of day
To soothen the bitterness of the sun
And I ask you, every night
Bitten by the lightnings' anger
To stay here longer

I'm diffrent during the day
My heart beats another way
Others call it a stone

The drops of my blood
I gave to the light of night

I'm diffrent during the day
I'm blessed by six crowns
I am the key

The drops of my blood
I gave to the light of night

I'm the bridge of eternity
I was given a curse
And you tasted
That I'm both today hell and paradise


I'm the mark of beast
You are my arm
So I plunge my teeth into your neck
Giving you freedom
Giving eternity back to you
So let

The redness of blood run
From open veins

The power of scarlet
Is flowing out and let
The redness of blood run!!!
The whiteness of my feathers
And the taste of my blood
You're getting to know today

Will grow as the tree of life
And let us drink a cup of wine
From the fruit of sin

And death will take them from here
So, let us praise today
With a dance of chaos
That hell is our paradise
Cursed in the name of truth
That's the freedom and the destiny
The redness becomes you
From the redness charm emerges...
In the redness there's flame...
It's fervour has cursed us today

So, die
In my arms

3. Years Of Dying

There's anger hidden somewhere
Love is carving
The flame of contempt
There's a flower...
Which blooms at dark
It's the fire that kindles
The grief...
Of hatered
There's glory effaced
Off the cheeks
There's anger caressed with flame of longing
They're my words
That'll separate you
The beast has confessed
With the flame of despair

Like little roses the touch my lips
Like butterfly in beautiful flowers
Like vampire in the most bloody night
I'm run away from my destiny

The same one
That dries tears
The same flame
That remembers...
And cries...
Two little flames
Will unite in bliss
The two flames will carry love,
And it's fervour will give them passion
And fire the same

And millions ages
It wanna bless
With the warmth it has
The same and lost
It's me who catches
The passion of flames

It's me who craves
And it's you who desires
Will the bitterness of the day
Soothe the night?
Will the gale, of the day
Give peace at dark?
And again two flames
And the fire
Of feverous feelings!
Praises the night!

Maybe that's only fate dream
Am only the illusion
Am only forgotten ghost
Maybe not I feel like...

4. Crying Crowns Of Trees

The moon's glow
On the lake
Is a reflection of the night's crown
Taken from six heads
Once the nymph's crown
United the power
She was the Ophis of the paradise
Today again tempted with her charm...

To taste sin
Means sweetness
And raise a temple
'cause you know you'd won!
The fruit of your body
Is the shield that flowed with blood

You came here
By a chariot of fire
You gave praise
With a hellish whip

In the cup of night
And the vase of the day
You blended with mud
To hurt time

With a horseshoe of death
You split despair
With Pegasus' wing
You convinced the wind
To braid a new
The plait of bodies
And you became the seaweed of the lake...

To hold the key
To the door of unity
You named yourself empress
To wield the sceptre
Of my feeling
There are six crowns on your head
There's a glow on the lake

The moon's paradise!

5. Neverending War

I catch a thin thread
On the blue of your eyes
That sailed for ages
In simplicity of my nights
And I wait...
Heavenly fruit of sin
It's a flame of your garment's purplish red
It's a flame of your garment's purplish creature
It's your hair's fiery gust
Are you the beautiful creature?

I am to taste your nape
I am to touch
The silk of your body
And I am again to remember...
You're destined to me

I am little...
But I have greater power
To take away life and give eternity
And again I catch my eyes on
The shape of your body
And I remember again, you're unwritten death!

And I am again to remember...
You're destined to me
And again your breast is unveiled
I wanna touch
The embers of your bosom...

And the silk of your lips
And the taste of your nape
Is tempting me
And again I'm to remember
The fetters of death,
I will give to you...

And shadow braided us
This desire...
Plaits of bodies
So, the tooth...
One, then the second
I plunge in your nape...
Death is out of time
And again I remember
The redness of blood's drops is to save
The bliss of the paradise
Today Eden is ours!

The cursed fruit
And you are the seed
And I am again to remember
With the plaints of bodies
You ran away from her...
And the drops of blood
Are your salvation!!!

6. Valhalla

[Bathory cover]

God of Thunder
Who crack the sky
Swing your Hammer
Way up high

In chariot of gold
Ride across the clouds
The black storm is unfold
Burning mist is but a shroud

Seeds and honey
Milk and blood
A Sacrifice
To Thunder God

Laid in ship of Oak
On final sail to fate
Steel is at side
Drifting to the open Gates of

Shields of gold
Great warriors hall

I swing my sword in the wind
I feel the powers all within


God of Thunder
Lightning rain
The Winds of Glory
Whispers your name

Pounding pounding
Of hooves and wheels
Forks of lightning
At your heels

Sword of steel
Held up high
Lightning strikes
From blackened skies

Fallen heroes
In Battle slain
Awaits my arrival
At the gates of

Shields of gold
Great warriors hall

I raise my fist to the air
In the creed of powers and glory swear

[Repeat chorus]

I swing my sword in the wind
I feel the powers all within

[Repeat chorus]

I raise my fist to the air in the creed of powers and glory swear


7. Deathcrush

[Mayhem cover]

Demonic laughter your cremation
Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood
A sudden crack as I crushed your skull

The remind of your life flashes by
A life that soon won't be
Smiling with axe in my hand
Evil's rotten hand you'll see

I come forward

I'll send you to your maker
I'll send you to your death

Death nicely crucified
Death, heads on stakes

The barbecue has just begun
Deathcrush - Deathcrush - Deathcrush

Crush - Crush

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