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1. Moment Of Beginning


2. Northern Wind

Northern Wind from Mountain of Doom
Came to this world ages ago
Born of the roots, oaken old roots
To make man's heart grow strong
Viking boats have gone
Against the whole world
Towards the unknown grounds
Northern Wind was watching their victory
Has set their paths
Northern Wind was carrying a smell of death
And praised the heroes
Northern Wind returned to fatherland
When the end has come
Northern Wind is dreaming under the veil of frost
Northern Wind shall return within thousand years

3. Ecstasy

We are here
We are breathing with the evening mist
We are here
And darkness is spreading her wings
In the passion of love
We call our hidden dreams
In the passion of love
Tempting to be realized
We are here, we are breathing...
We are here, united we stand
And for us darkness
Is spreading her wings
And for us
The magic of pleasure is working
With the burning senses
Fire is devouring our hearts
And our soul responding
Stories which will never end
Night is holding us in her arms
Moon is shining only for us
In the passion of love
We call our hidden desires
Before the end of the night
Touch me once more
I will sing a song of love
Which will never end

4. Instead Of Calmness

Solitude was calling him
He came to meet it
Was standing face to face
With the judge of his own soul
That was the time of punishment
For the desires
For the pain of the defeated
For betrayal of the faithful
For spoiled blood
For the honour, which was given away
And for the cry of innocent
It was that time!
Crying sould has been getting silent
When the power became stronger
And betrayal was so glorious
Solitude will cover him
He will be closed in the mansion of darkness
And, for the moment of peace
It will leave only scary memories...

5. With My Own Eyes

I come here
From behind the seas,
The hills, the serpent roads
And ancient gates
I come here
Totell you a story
About things which drown
Today in the mess...
I will haunt you
When the dreams come true
With my own eyes you will see...
...Look at the forest
The land of your fathers
Your home - You should shelter it...
You will reach
With the bounds of present times
Lost imprisoned
You will feed
Its hunger with desires
And with freedom
...With my own eyes you will see
And they will lead you...

6. Wilczy Król

Przez uśpiony gaj kroczył wilczy brat
Wśród gęstych krzewów i zamglonych drzew...
Gestem triumfu unosił szponiaste dłonie
...W tajemnicy trwał...
Tak przez wieki szelestem liści
Drzewa żyją razem z nim
Cienie braci błądzące póśród skał
Wilczy Król!!
Zimy mijają jak obrazy w snach
A on trwa na ziemi tej
Przez uśpiony gaj kroczył wilczy brat
Przemawiając błyszczącymi ślepiami
Gestem triumfu ukazywał białe kły
W zwyceskiej ekstazie trwał...

7. Forgotten

Pages of old books
Blew out forever
Lost like their secrets...
Forgotten God,
Forgotten hero
Forgotten song
Of the greatest artist
Like the dust
All of them have disappeared
From the remembrance...
Nobody hears the callind of
Their lost soulds
When they are asking for honour
As if their presence
Doesn't mean anything...
Eternal circle of history
Is a chance for memories
Of great affairs
Blew out forever
Today's new God
Today's new hero
Will sing a poem
Of the greatest artist

8. Wołanie

Wołam do ciebie
Głos echem się niesie
Zaklinam myśli śpiewem...
Wołam ciebie
Głos echem się niesie
Samotna w tęsknocie wołam...
Pustką przepełnionym sercem
Przesyconym smutkiem i żalem
Łzami rozpaczy...
Wołam do ciebie
Głos echem się niesie
Przywołuję wspomnienia
Wołam ciebie
Głos echem się niesie
Zakrywam twarz dłońmi
Przywołuję wspomnienia
Wołam ciebie
Głosem serca
Wołam ciebie
Czuję że jesteś przy mnie...
Śmierć wezwała ciebie do siebie
Głos jej stanowczy był
Moje losy dopełnić sie muszą
To co przeżyć dane mi
Czas wyznaczy przemijanie
Moich smutnych dni
Wtedy śmierć na zawsze znów
Zabierze mnie do ciebie...

9. Towards The Fate

Floating within the clouds
...Flight towards the fate...
Imagination follows its way
As the river of ancient tales
The land of colours - so many colours
In a web of crystal tears...
Judgement's bell is very close
That's flight towards the fate...
Crying eyes of conciousness
Wings of dreams making the path in space...
Beyond mountains and woods
River of ancient tales
It's just an illusion

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