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1. Unidos Por Tristeza


2. Remnants Of War

Black horizons are wide and vast
The winds of war blow cold
Minutes of life so quickly flash
Nothings left to be told
From the sky a star will fall
The seas will turn to dust
No king or ruler shall stand tall
Now who will you trust

Oh now where can you run
What more can you do
The shadows of death
Are closing in on you

The end has now just begun
Look for the rising sun
Seek the holy one

As the final curtain falls your heart is split with pain
You wonder how long before he's going to reign

The thunder roar
The ruins fall
Only desert land remains
A living hell the earth transformed
But will you go insane?

Remnants of war

3. Conquest

Beware tonight as the city sleeps
The warlords come to call
To do away with those who oppose
Tonight the city will fall
They're from a place not far from here
They come to over rule
To find and seize the iron cross
And wage wanton destruction upon you

The scanners flash "red alert"
Intruders from the west
They plan to scale the massive walls
To fulfill their final conquest

The assault is on, no time to waste
Intruders swarm the battle grounds
The warnings came much too late
The alarm of no quarter sounds
The bodies burn and the blood does spill
The battle rages on
The city fends off the attack
But the iron cross is gone

To the victor go the spoils
No one will stand in their way
The torches light the way to home
Where the iron cross will stay

And so the city fades and dies
The warlords reign supreme
They are the keepers of the cross
And destroyers of your dreams
The empire stands alone and strong
Unmoved by human fear
They feel their power will always grow
But their dying days are near

Very soon they too will fall
Killed in their very sleep
Intruders will come, as they came once
And the iron cross, they'll no longer keep

4. Evil Reign

I hear the sirens start to sound
I see the mighty kings bow down
The end my friend is here,
The enemies arrive
To kill those who've survived
We must fight and show no fear,
We have come upon the hour
Evil reign will show its power
Like a bolt!
It will fall from the sky
Dark forces take control
And try to rob you of your soul
The strong and pure will die!

The sun will fade to black
And the skies above will crack
And blood will spue from its wound
Night and day will be the same
Underneath the evil reign
Our future is lost, we are doomed
The Earth will start to freeze
And we will fall prey to disease
The wicked shall inherit the Earth
In a courtyard many stand
The choice to die or take the brand
But with your end you'll find your worth

It rose up from the sea
It's the beast hell bent to kill
It invaded every land
Until every land was still
A trail of rotting corpses
Stench the air it leaves behind
On it's quest for mass destruction
To destroy all who it finds
It's orphaned all the children
And left them dying in the snow
This beast will show no mercy
For to kill is all it knows
Screams of terror
And whispers of death
Echo through out the land
Visions of hell
Break through and turn real
The fire's awaiting the damned

A beam of light now fills the sky
And the evil one shall die
The judgment days' at hand
Fighting angels closing in
Destroying all who followed sin
The evil reign has lost all command
A lake of fire awaits them all
Screaming souls slowly fall
Into the pit where flames never die
And now they know just who you are
The ruler called the burning star
The king who rides across the sky

5. Destroyer

Venom hordes to greet the time lord
Of whence to come,
Scouts aboard to clear the path
Through mt. Canyon si,
Temples cross marks to mind
The burning skies above,
Saxon sounds through out the land
Beware the rebel sands,
Aware the mark where the temples meet
The overlord condemns,
He is there where no venom goes
He is the unknown killer

Parade of troops march down the hill
To protect the grail
In fear of the unknown killer
It is written she knows
They are to plead to the time lords queen
To give his name
She asked for power and the overlord spells
Greed to poison her mind
To capture him and take his power
The lord knew his name

As the lord of time ways in dreams
Awakens to see the disaster
The queen of si, he banquist to bleed
The greed as she went to hell,
Plea to them who must give sorrow,
For they shall cry for thee,
For pity I would give you,
But strength I must give to he

As the lords unleashed away their menacing venom
The temples skies redden destruction
The fall of the temples remain
As the haunting hopes clear the debris
Surprised to find he's gone
Their lord waves his hand to clear them

As they fall one by one
Scared to run then cast a spell
To hide from him you flee
The feel of steel in through your back
As you fall to your knees
Pray in deed your life to him
For beggars go through hell,
Cry out his name for none to heed
The killer destroyer prevails

6. Suicidal Nightmare

Do you want to sleep
Where your dreams never end
To dwell alone
In me dead of the night
Become a corpse
So your soul can carry on
Death brings new life
Will you ride with morning dawn
Spin the "wheel of death"
Through away your pride
Your choice has been made
The noose hangs in your mind

Suicidal nightmare
Suicidal nightmare

You wait for the call
From the voice of unknown
The "dealer of death"
Suicide is his name
Your body grows numb
And your blood is running cold
Your life just flashes by
While your soul is being sold
The packs been made
The dealer smiles wide
The wheel of life stops!
In black sleep you drown

Suicidal nightmare
Suicidal nightmare
Suicidal nightmare
Suicidal nightmare

In your sleep a vision creeps
A dream you've not found
Just a nightmare
Made of molten black flames
Your soul tries to run
From a laugh known so well
But there's no escape
Once you fall into hell

Suicidal nightmare
Suicidal nightmare
Suicidal nightmare
Suicidal nightmare

7. Dark Queen

The queen will strike before the dawn
She silently waits in her lair
A stab in the back and the king will be gone
A blood stained crown she now wears
Darkness shrouds the realm of the king
Evil surrounds her domain
Distorted and twisted this land with no king
Her paupers all cry out in pain

Chained by deception
And shackled by all of her lies
Without rejection
We take her into our lives
God save our queen
From the light

The castle halls grow dim and cold
Take leave with the stars as your guide
Go on search of a city of gold
Go for your queen you must ride

To lay siege on distant lands
To heir the golden throne
To rule the world with an iron hand
To make your life her own

Bow to your queen strong and bold
Or off with your head it will be
For your life is hers forever to hold
Only she can set you free

8. Face The Wicked One

I'll gather up the children
And sink my teeth into their flesh
I'll creep into the temples
And put the people to the test
I'll blind your eyes
And tell you lies
I'll make you feel my wrath
I'll put a curse upon the fools
Who dare to cross my path

So now, your time has come
You are to face the wicked one

I'll set the world on fire
And watch the venom start to spread
My children will take over
They'll fill your fucking hearts with dread
Accept your fate, there's no escape
I left no stone unturned
I'll find you out, and when I do
I'll gladly watch you burn

Don't ask me for forgiveness
I'm not one to hear your pleas
I don't hear your cries for mercy
I've no cure for your prayer
Before I rip your face apart
Then turn your back to face the betrayer
To tear your spine and pierce your heart

So now, your time has come
Behold, I am the wicked one.

9. Angel Of Death

When the sun sets above
And there's nowhere to hide
Her refuge, the dark black sea
She hails only one
It's the dead of the damned
Her moan whales, through sea to sea
Her eyes glow a light
That compels you to feel
Her lust that is sweet to kill

In through the night
Your day slips away
Casting two shadows
When she is after you

In the black of the night
Her mist roles in
The children of sin are to die
The blood of a lamb
On the crest of good
As she kills
There're cries the sky

Angel of death
Your the princess of darkness
Your angel of death
In the shadows behind you
Angel of death
Are they crying for mercy
Your angel of death
Is now inside of you

Ride through the skies
In their eyes up above
And down cast their blood in vain
The children of sin
Now belong to the night
Their souls without flesh and blood
Taughting and haunting
The sinners of the land
As she laughs in the darkness
Burning the hands of man

Angel of death
Your the princess of darkness
Your angel of death
In the shadows behind you
Angel of death
Are they crying for mercy
Your angel of death is dead

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