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1. Angels Fall To Hell

Your houses are burning
You'll be the one to bend your knees
Your flock is lost and not returning
Exposed what you hoped no one would see.

The innocence you stole was never yours to keep
Hell is what sow and hell is what you'll reap.

Hidden in your shrines
Where all your secrets dwell
You can't deny the crime
When angels fall to hell.

Clutching at your golden chalices.
Disintegrating quickly into dust
In the safety of your empty palaces
The luster of your lies has turned to rust.

The path you paved has led the lambs astray
Dismembered faith lies rotting and decayed
Gaze upon you with a jaundice eye
Hell awaits your soul when you die.

2. Pandemonium

Famine, war, destruction almost pleasant to the view
Natural catastrophes, so tell me what is new
The picture you are painting says doomsday's on rise
A Glimpse of apocalypse, all we see in our eyes.

You are pandemonium
You are the madness that lives in our minds
You are pandemonium
You are the sadness that's keeping us blind.

Selling only fear and the rise of discontent
Assassination of truth, monocracy turned violent
Enabler, instigator, the bringer of all grief
Blessed are the horrors the panic on which we feed.

Only negative deception, corruption, lunacy
A system failed surrounds us, collapse of society
Anarchy, nihilism, the worse is yet to come
Lawlessness, disorder, to frantic news succumbed.

3. Monarch Of Bloodshed

Spread your wings black vulture
Feast upon the suicide culture
War is my way of life
A foreigner of peace and a native of strife.

Monarch of Bloodshed
A crown of shrapnel wrapped around my head.

These are desperate acts
They're more than just vicious attacks
Terror is a weapon of the weak
It's the only way the world can hear me speak.

Monarch of Bloodshed
A crown of shrapnel wrapped around my head
Monarch of Bloodshed
Killing zone to avenge the dead.

Blood soaked sand
Contaminated holy land
Bullets to anoint
Oppression past the breaking point
Prayers to recite
Bombs wired to ignite
I choose my time to die
My soul will tear a hole up in the sky.

4. Bone Crusher

Whirlpools of bedlam
Incessant rampage
Magnificent disorder
Onslaught engaged
Maelstrom of force
The system is purged
The frail are discarded
Consumed by the surge.

Resistance is futile
Once the path has been cleared
The tread of destruction
Leaves them battered and smeared.

Bone Crusher!!! ‒ Watch the blood flow
Bone Crusher!!! ‒ Who can take the blow?
Bone Crusher!!! ‒ How much can you take?
Bone Crusher!!! ‒ Until the bones break.

Eruption of turmoil
In the halo of hell
Legion of carnage
Awaits the death knell
Congregation of chaos
Pulverizing in mass
Vortex of fury
Deep, dark and vast

Convulsions and spasms conquer the throng
Wreckage dispersed like a ravaging bomb
Dissident hordes cut through concrete and steel
Unyielding power that just can't be real
Frenzied and rabid ‒ They recoil and strike
Regiment of unrest ‒ Violence to incite
Tumultuous uproar ‒ Tranquility destroyed

5. Summer Of Hate

Carve my name into your soul
Relinquish to me complete control
I pull the stings of the marionettes
I am the face you'll not soon forget

Into the sweltering night it spreads
The savaged bodies and disfigured heads

I am the God of Death
The silencer of labored breath
Words of blood that desecrate
Announce the coming summer of hate

I'm the beast that can't be tamed
I'm the lamb to lay your blame
Speak my name it's blasphemy
Let the children come to me

Master of the dogs of war
Leader of the killing corps

If you die for me
You die in yourself
From society
I remove myself
With this sign
It will begin
Groveling swine
Blood splattered skin
Walk with me in darkness
I will light a path for you
I'm the cruel and the heartless
These words are the venom I spew

I'm the devil and here to do the devil's business

Their screams and pleas were all ignored
Extinguished lives for the one you adored
The blood you shed has stained my hands
The lifeless lay on spoiled lands

This is the bond that cannot be severed
This is the hate that will last forever

6. Dethtrap

Welcome to my sick philosophy
Welcome to insanity
Into my sadistic game of desperate survival
For pleasure, my amusement, twisted revival

No one escapes my asylum
Scorched alive or sliced by the pendulum

So many have tried
Before you that died
Clues to unwrap
Inside my deathtrap

Inside my muse you will partake
Scanning your every move you make
In which room does death await in there
Once you step into the killing zone
there is no time to spare

How much can you take the lunacy
How long before you break into frenzy
Do you stand a chance in this puzzle of despair
One wrong move you meet your fate,
with every turn beware

7. Anger

Deep inside I'm burning
A war machine that keeps on churning
Every time I look at you
My indignation must break through
Gasoline runs through my veins
I need a spark to ease the strain
A quick release of blinding light
You're everything that I dislike

I can't contain my violent rage
This hatred that I cannot gauge
The pressure builds and I lash out
I need your blood to end this drought
To look at you is pure disgust
The words you speak I'll never trust
You smother and you suffocate
Connive and manipulate

A cesspool of hate
I clinch my fist and can't think straight
Distempered soul
My wrath is spiraling out of control
Has made me blind
The inner peace, I cannot find
My blood runs cold
My belligerent nature takes its toll

The cause of my vexation
Lies and incriminations
The object of my ire
All the shit that you conspire
Brooding in discontent
Malign and malevolent
The seeds that you have sown
The resentment that I own

All this fury is running deep
This bitterness I just can't keep
Vindictive spirit unrepressed
Hostile feelings I can't suppress
Cacophony of spleen and spite
My anger spills into the night
Forced to swallow this poison pill
Your actions cannot break my will

8. Trinity Of Heresy

In the folds of black sleep
I am and will always be
Boundless as a starless sky
There is no end for me
Body of rebellion
The light has been vanquished
Everything around you
Engulfed in my darkness

Father of tragedies
The son of atrocities
The ghost of eternal lies
Trinity of heresy

Bringer of disease
Messiah of persecution
Harborer of suffering
I'm the final retribution
Angel of the pit
Tempter of mankind
I've been known by many names
Not one of them divine

I have yearned for your crown of thorns
I've caressed the face of your pain
Judgment past for the lonely and forlorn
I am seen through your eyes of disdain
My love for you was despised
Only emptiness hears my cries
I am shame, unholy entity
I am blasphemy, hate for eternity

I am the poison nectar
You eagerly consume
I am the soul collector
Festering in your womb

A mocker of what is holy
Defier of the righteous
The epitome of disgrace
The worldly God who took your place

9. Alma Negra

The poison in their veins flows from my blackened heart
The life blood that one spill fulfills my darkened soul
The excitement and the thrills as they tear your world apart
In calm insanity, murder in complete control

Alma Negra ‒ I am the night stalker
Alma Negra ‒ and then I am Dahmer
Alma Negra ‒ I am the son of Sam
Alma Negra ‒ Yes that's what I am

The voice inside their head again possessed it's time to kill
Pulsations in their brain they await for my call
The screaming and the pleas, the best part of the thrill
Time to take another out so we can watch them fall

The ones I have chosen fulfilled all my sins
Such laughter when begging for mercy begins
That look of fear in victims eyes is what I crave
When they see that look of death that says it's time to go to your grave

I am the genius that lived in their minds
Day after day more victims you'd find
I was evil that showed in their eyes
I stood by them while they silenced your cries

With haste and ecstasy, I've taken dominance
In my control heartless killing machines
Addicted to the sight of blood a rush that's so intense
Never feeling squeamish to the smell of death obscene

10. Zero One

Rage came like a storm
Atrocities, blood in the sand
Glory of chaos
Fields on fire, in zero one

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