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1. The King Is Dead

Assassin, Assassin
They've come to take his life
They wave the flag of Anarchy
And chant "The King Must Die"
The overthrow of authority, must start with his demise
And so the witches all concede that we must close his eyes

The King Is Dead, The King Is Dead

Royal blood will flow like wine
When the hands of death break free
To grip at last the majestic soul of this our dying king
We'll pay no homage to this man, his death means
but one thing
The prophecy has been fulfilled to let you people sing

The King Is Dead, The King Is Dead

We'll throw his head to the ground
To show he wears no crown
We'll stone them till they bleed
To the wolves, them will feed

All we need is a lock from his hair
And then we'll soon be there
The spell will then begin
His life will surely end

He'll not see you coming, all he'll see is the flash
of the shimmering steel
Rush of the pain, from the venomous sting
Will surely force him to kneel
The kiss of death upon his lips
The cold embrace of doom
The sudden attack of anxiety
Will begin to end very soon

2. Bitter End

It's been fifty years behind us
But the war is still raging on
There's a killer deep inside us
Who yearns to see the dawn
All our comrades who have perished
They have met their destiny
Now the bullets that we cherish
Right now is all we need

We must fight for our right
We must find what you call sanctuary
It is kill or be killed
Only death from above sets us free

In the field of honor
In a zone that has no time
Where blood is thick as water
To murder is not a crime
One goal that we're headed for
To claim our victory
Attacks upon the land and shore
Men die endlessly



The poison we have tasted
Has blinded our minds
The cities devastated
It is he or I defined
This boy is never coming back
The gun is my best friend
Trained to kill one in his tracks
On the road to the bitter end

[Chorus (x2)]

3. Abandon Ship

Stowaways, and so they walked the plank
We were searching for the given treasure
Impatient hearts the dream seemed too far
A raging sea causing fear and pressure

Shipwrecked but only for awhile, we'll build again
Sail through stormy wind and rain
Hungry hearts holding on to faith
The sea will calm, we'll conquer once again

Abandon ship, for those who dreamed to small
Abandon ship in the sea of shame they fall
Abandon ship again we sail alone
Abandon ship their dreams become unknown

Years have passed and so the story carries on
The expedition, where answers may be unfound
Sailing through horizons, we've never seen before
Healing the wound, never looking homeward bound



A time ago, courageously they joined
All as one, we shared that golden dream
The course grew rough, their weakness took control
The journey to success was not all it seemed

Who has the will, who dares climb aboard
Sail beyond, where there is no truth, there are no lies
A destiny where time will tell
The vision of our dreams is still gleaming in our eyes



4. Tyrannicide


The silence is broken, by nightmarish dreams
You have been chosen to finish the deed
Our tyrant is falling, we must make a stand
You have the calling to take his command
Once he was strong, he conquered the weak
Now he is gone, it is he who we seek
He is in hiding, protecting his soul
He's tired of fighting, so go for his throat
And then cut out his heart, you'll take over his throne
And from there you will start
Fall of the tyrant. Death to the tyrant
Kill the old tyrant. Tyrannicide

Once you have found him, the task is half done
You should surround him, so he cannot run
Pull out your dagger and give him a slice
Laugh as he staggers, yes laugh as he dies
You will be bound to do unholy things
You drink the nectar the blood of your queens
Fall of the tyrant, death to the tyrant
Kill the old tyrant. Tyrannicide

A faceless leader you shall be
Pitiless and cold, the epitome of tyranny
The world you will control
You will live to kill and they will live to die
No one escapes the tyrants grasp
Not them, nor you, nor I


Now your alone, decrepit and old
You won't be dethroned, your the last living soul
You destroyed all of those who once bowed at your feet
Now the question you pose, who is left to defeat?
Day after day, you pray for the end
No one hears what you say, you're your only best friend
You've past the point of insanity
Now the world's your asylum
But you won't be set free
You'll wait for the end of time
Then you'll be cast into the ominous silence of death

5. Scorcher

Far beyond the darkened sky, angels all riding high
Rising from the temple walls, time stands still when he calls
King of kings, ruler of all man
Come Claim your land
Lightning strikes your path, you've heard of the day
A distant thunder comes to take you away
Chariots of horses fill the sky
A voice like running waters, shouts the king am I

He's the scorcher in the sky
Pain and torture burning high

Scrolls unfold, disaster takes its course
A sun of blood repells its scorching force
Smoke of black closing in stops at nothing
Tribute for seven years and the never ending sting


Stars are falling, now your in despair
Betrayed by those he died for his wrath you'll share
Days seem like years, he warned someday
You'd shed blood for tears


He gave his hand, you turned your back
Too late to bargain, the shadows who ran in fear


Lightening struck your path, you heard of the day
A distant thunder came to take you away
Chariots of horses fill the sky, a voice like running
Waters shouted the king am I


6. Genius Of Insanity

The Fuhrer has a master race
The rest will have to go
There's a sinister smile upon his face
In his eyes an evil glow
Death is written in the cards
Six million soon to die
They'll be tortured by the SS guards
Don't bother asking why
Arrested by the Gestapo
And crammed into the trains
They sent them off to ghettos
It all seemed so deranged
They look all possession
And took away all pride, they filled
up all the gas chambers
And called it genocide
The Abomination
With all its Pestilent Dreams
Will wallow in the darkness
And relish your every scream
Mass termination is the final solution

They will start interrogations
To suppress retaliations
From the victims of the new society
There is only mass confusion
Behind the Fuhrer grand illusion
There's no end to his monstrosity
Everywhere there's trepidation
Dare not speak against your nation
Or death will be your fate
Either join the grand regime
Or step into the death machine
Should you die or learn to hate


Aushwitz. Dachau
Just another name for hell
The Nazis run them all
And have learned to do it well
Systematic killing was their only way to go
They tried to hoot them one by one
But found that much too slow
They threw the babies in the furnance
And left the old ones out to die
The ingenious lunatic
Rules a kingdom that is blind

7. (The) Whore Of Babylon


8. Winds Of War

On a cold night, in the winter winds
I lift my head, and stare to the stars
To find a path that will lead me out
To a place that will heal the scar

Of once a battle that raged long ago
Through the atmosphere surface, we all would go
Destroyer cruisers and our fighter ships
We're on a mission of mercy declared by the script

On our way to meet the Axis Powers
Surprise attack! We all went down
Destroyer cruisers, and our fighter ships
Were wrecked to the ground
There were dead all around, so I pledge I would die
"An eye for an eye" so was it burned in my head
"Vengeance is mine" you'll all be dead!

I built on the trenches beyond anger and sweat
My fighter repaired no need to dispair
With its cruiser engines, and all its armor wear
Off to destroy and kill my enemies
For betrayed we were in the scriptures of peace
Beyond the star of the rising sun


So ends the memory of once was to be
No longer do I live to see
Another time, some other place
No need to face this disgrace
As I believe to be the only one
I should do in myself as they had planned
So I write this log to anyone who finds
Will know that just has been done!

9. He's A Woman, She's A Man

[Scorpions cover]

I saw it walkin' lonely down the street
Cool like a cat, like crazy clean
I looked twice again, I can't believe
Oh no no no
It turned around right then
And looked at me
I said oh no, it really couldn't be
It was a man, it was a woman, too

He's a woman, she's a man
He's a woman, she's a (woman)

I think it really came from far away
I'm feeling head uptight so I have to stay
It takes my hand and says come on, let's go
Let's go, let's go, let's go
We're goin' home, it's nice and warm to say
He starts to move, she starts to play
I need a body, why not you

He's a woman, she's a man
He's a woman, she's a (woman)

He's a woman, she's a man
He's a woman, she's a (woman)

James Rivera - Vocals
Larry Barragan - Guitars
Andre Corbin - Guitars
Jerry Abarca - Bass
Frank Ferreira - Drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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