Dark Lyrics


1. Godspeed To Your Deathbed

A dead mother's eyes
Transfixed in endless sorrow.
Hard times to bury a son
Some say we will live on.
Hope fills the depths of their hearts
Of blind faith I surely am not.

These passing years have stolen my smile
My reflection a stranger

Behind the attic door
Between the silhouettes
The wet kiss of death in the night-time mist
Upon the autumn leaves
Your words are carried to me
I know it kills you that my own hands set me free

[Pre II]
These passing years have stolen my smile
(my time)
My reflection a stranger
(reflection seems stranger)
This young shell harbored an old man
(why try?)
Set me free from this nightmare

It's over now
Rest your head a while
The fear
Is the illusion of darkness
Death is not the end

Inside decaying eyes
My murdered spirit lies
My body burns with the glow of a funeral pyre
Procession gathered 'round
I never heard a sound
Ash to the wind
Never underground

[Pre II]

Death is not the end...

Burn my flesh off this rotting shell
Grind my bones into dust and ash
Send my soul to oblivion
Erase these hollow, fucking years
Cleanse yourself from my putrid life
Become my ghost, and kill yourself


Death is not the end...

Do not falter
Pull the trigger
Absolve your wretched existence

2. Bleeding Me Black

Breathe in
The scent of fruitless bloodlust

The innocence bled from loveless malice
Infidelity has brought us full circle
I could dress myself in your skin
You narcissistic whore
I'd rather walk away from this
Than wear the scorn of many.

She sang
She sang to me softly
The copper taste of roses bless my hands

I'm not healing
I'm just living with your ghost
My life, my will
Eternal death

Breathe in
The scent of fruitless bloodlust

One last regret of a life so hollow
Burnt to embers
The maniacal spark
Fuel the catalyst
Bringing death to life
My conscience dead forever



I left my heart
Open for you to tear away
The drawbridge closing
No more can I keep the wolves at bay
We're fused as one in death as life returns to ashes
I'm drowning in the wake as futile reason crashes

Alone I drown in tears of drying blood
As we speak the crimes between us reap our lives
They rape us of our souls

Breathe in
The scent of fruitless bloodlust

I will hate you forever


3. Redemption... Is A Cold Body

Redemption... is a cold body.

Burned in the image of my everlasting torment
(scarred my flesh)
Murderer staked my heart
I'm better off dead than believing
That you could keep
Or want so blindly
A twisted mind
Trapped in a needled body

I keep these etchings on my wall
To remind me of what you've taken
Left me adrift for endless days
In a sea of my past addictions
Would you fix your image
In the reflection of my polished casket?
Or shed a single tear for a hopeless life ended abruptly?

I screamed to deaf ears
It didn't fucking matter
Drained white from empty words
Carved in the heart you shattered

You failed me...

Deny me of closure
These scars won't heal over
Rusted frames
All I had
Pictures of what was
I give to the flames
Watch you burn
Pick up your pieces and burn them all again
The smoldering ash
Embers of the past

Shadows unearthed your truest form
The heights of filth astound me
I cleansed myself of what's not real
I'd die just to pull you from me

Consumed inside
Corroded spirit
Words sear my flesh
Spit from the tongues of liars

Stretch the skin
Constricted breath
Face down in your world of mirrors


The night wore on
In time I saw the sun
Familiar voice elusive

Everything you said rang hollow
We've read this story once
The end... a toppled kingdom
"I'll tell another lie and you'll believe me."

I'm not afraid to die
I'm just barely breathing
Crushed brittle bones to dust
When will we heed the lessons?

Hell is full
She walks the earth
Face down in your world of mirrors

4. Merchants Of The Blood Trade

Fill our minds with fear to blind us
The hoax is on
There were no weapons
It's a petty revenge
Annihilate them
Ninety-one was nothing
This time we'll burn your cities down
We'll turn your blood to democracy
Just like Jesus would do.

So let the children burn
They're only terrorist spawn
The blood crusade is on
A fool is at the helm
The idiot pilot of the killing machine
Make God and country proud.

Each step of treachery
(sell your)
A coalition... weak
(half truth's)
Pulpit of lies on holy ground
(with a smile)
Our young come home in bags
Sent to their death by our own
Who is the real murderer?

Light the match
Hit the gas
Send them all straight to Hell.

We watch it unfold
(an error of mass destruction)
Like we're living some twisted Tom Wait's song
(the blood is on our hands)


Burn your nations down
So many died in a single breath
For blood and oil
So many died in a single breath
Ostracize us
So many died in a single breath
Sew our mouths shut
So many died in a single breath


5. A World To Murder

A world to murder

When will the hand of God
Choke the life from this world of fools?
Eradicate the masses
Crushed under the weight of failure

Await the deathblow
Ripped from your praying hands
A faith transparent
Liberate us
Decimate us

Our fear blinds
Us to the ones who enslave us.
Our world dies
Corruption stands us idle.

All our lives
Devoid of meaning
Endless searching
Silent screaming
For our rotting souls
There is no hope

Lower my broken body down
An unmarked grave
Unwanted mourning
I'll keep my death all for myself
Save all your tears for drowning


Force us down
Bind our wrists
Crush our dreams
Your hopeless God is dying

Let the fires rise
Wash our hands with burning temples
Spill your lungs to empty skies
With baited breath weep prayers unanswered

Fear the collective silence
Sever us from time's division
I tread a million miles
Nothing stole the hate from my eyes
Conceived just to die

The blinding faith in your eyes
Your fear
Your lies
You feel that you'll die
A stitch in time
No one to save you.

6. Selfinflicted Silence

I've given all of me to see
Eyes open
Staring back at me
"A shattered loss," you said
Live through me.

I wish I could
Crawl inside your skin
Pull and tear and
Make you feel again.

Terrified, born to die
(25 years of my life)
Tell me, are you satisfied?
(in my own prison)
It fills me up, gives me life
(built in my head)
25 year suicide.

They can't hear me
How could you leave me here?
(how could you leave me here?)
To bear this pain alone
(you know they'd open scars)
That were better left alone
(now you will have your way)
I won't fight.

I've given all of me to see
Eyes open staring back at me


7. Asylum Of The Human Predator

Save me one time won't you
Take this blackened heart and make it whole.
I don't fear for what I am
Is the fall of man.

Rape and worship

Life breeds death and disease
Empathy out of reach
We all wash with rain of blood skies
Pervert words that we read
Blind men die for beliefs
Fall back in the pit of tangled masses


Sewn land of the free
Live in the shit you bathe yourself
God of your world
This piss stained mortuary hole
Just look around
We are the sheep left shepherd-less
True and perverse
We are the teeming maggots

We are the collective scar across the face of existence itself.
We are the murderer, the rapist, the plague.
Consumed by hatred and loathing.

Life breeds death and disease
Empathy out of reach
We all wash with the rain of blood skies

Time soils our will
It breaks us down with every war
Child fucking priest
Religious zealots fuel the whore
The common man bleeds
Into the trough of those made rich
The pure and the sick
Kneel side by side as seconds tick.

Dear God
(can't you save us?)
Doesn't lift a finger for us now
(the blood is on our hands)

No more time
No more reason
No more lies
It's time we burn


Rape and worship.

8. Soul Revulsion

Soul revulsion

You can't stop and end this shit
Starts going
You can't fight against it
Poisoned thoughts led you astray
Nodding off into the grey
Fight your fears
A useless crutch
Relief a needle shot away

You do it every day
(pent up shoot up)
Those games that you still play
(poison yourself)
You give your heart and soul away
(you'll kick again tomorrow)
It's just an empty promise

I can't wait to see you there
In a pool of yourself
You're too high to care
All I see of you
Glassy eyes
Begging for another chance
Sold your soul long ago
Rot your brain
Stab the vein
Kill the pain
Gave up on you a long time ago.


Soul revulsion

When will you realize
How you look through other peoples' eyes
Slave to mind and body rot
In its clutches, you are caught
So you thought
All I see of you
Glassy eyes
Begging for another chance
Gave up on you a long time ago.


Soul revulsion.

9. Swallow The Stitches

I stood and watched the ocean breathe
For the millionth time it swallowed me
I care not to feel; I'm dying.

Flash back to what you did to me
Flash back to what you said to me
Did your work
I can't touch; I can't feel.

My sanity is breaking
Sweat dripping, mind racing
There's nothing left to lose
(I'm a dead shell)
Erase you
You gave me lies.

It tears a hole inside you
Where light will never find you
Abuse yourself
Inject yourself
A broken, brittle body.

It won't leave me alone - alone.

Flash back to what you did to me
Flash back to what you said to me
Did your work
I can't touch; I can't feel.

Reject me

Caress my face
Only to crucify me
I am your slave fixation pulsing
Punish me.

Tie me up
Cut me up
Stitch me up
Reopen me
Come alone
Crawl inside
I only want to come in you.

Disgust to purify
Kill you a thousand times.


It won't leave me alone

Disgust to purify
Kill you a thousand times.

10. Open Eyes To Open Wounds

Open my scars
Open my eyes

The sick
The hollow
Fall further

I burn these tracks that I've laid
Dried out for days
I stare into the sun
I'm trapped within these four walls
Pacing I step
Fear what I've become.

Where were you when I was dying?
None are we innocent
Blinded and malevolent
You choked my breath
I was gasping
God save the motherless
Absolve the sickness through death

From the dark womb
To the cradle
In a mortal
Of the needle
We are the motherless
Ride the spiral
Chase the dragon
Endless miles

I die a little more each day
This forced separation
Suspended animation
My life to death transition

I bit from the poisoned apple

You left me here to die
(a shroud of sorrow)
(bit through the marrow)

So here we are
Here we'll stay until we die or fall apart
The horror covers me again.

All my dreams are dust
The future seen through grey eyes
Foreboding taste of death
My life, a sad facade.
All resistance weak
Just push the poison in
Damage irreparable
I'll never get out whole
The lie I bought proved my mortality
The hell is never ending
This is the death of me.

Open my eyes.


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