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1. Rock N Roll Devil

put on your boots sex and shout
to hell with all the dreams that i've been taught to build it around
i'm like a sleepwalker talkin'
a real badass doin' time and all the walkin'

go again now there's another round
i've been jabbin i've been stabbin' just to take that man down
i'm like a sleepwalker talkin'
a real badass doin' time and all the walkin'

grind your teeth into the ground
can you see it comin' spinning up and goin' around?
it's like a raised fist comin'
goin' down and into all that's runnin'

you'd better run hide from the crew
we're like that six six six never give you a clue
we're like a raised fist comin'
goin' down and into all that's runnin'

we're like this we're like this with this metal
we're like the crew that runs the rock'n'roll devil
we'll never give it never give it a go
unless you do the sign and come to our show

another round

2. My Little Stars

my little stars

while you're sleepin' i watch you grow
i'd love to keep you but i know i have to let you go
when you're cryin' i dry your eyes
i love your laughter the smile in your face when dawn arise

when i close my eyes and rest my face
when time has come to go and leave this place
i'll be standing proud in front of who you are

i love you all my little stars

when you're smiling i feel hope
i hope you feel it too and know i love you so
meeting up again is wonderful you know

3. You're the Man

now liten up you gotta know what i talk about
you've got a wife and kids that shout
and you're working all day long right?
and you fuck it up spend your bucks on beers and stuff
beat your lady and think it's tough
i'll tell you what you fucking suck

can you hear it comin'?
yeah you're right it's a hurricane
it's my right hand doin' a turn
slappin your fat face

sing it out so your head is alright?
you'd better keep on runnin' or i'll pick up a fight
you'd better dance or i'll make you a sad man
looking like king kong i am the badass
sing it out so you're fucked up inside?
you'd better start to listen or we'll call it a night
take a stance damn be like a real man
i'll do it again i'll pick out the badass

you said what? oh it's tough to work and stuff?
yeah that's right baby boy is like nine to five and rough
try do it for half the buck
and you fuck it up spend your bucks on beers and stuff
beat your lady and think it's tough
i'll tell you what you fucking suck

4. Hear Them

leave it out out of nowhere right?
i hear them bitchin' i just don't wanna fight
and i don't wanna go feelin'
that i just might leave it
and i'm one i'm two you're right
we're like a motorhead of speed we're up for fights
and we bring that feeling
of that rock' n' roll dreaming

we're so close i can hear them breathing
it's like i feel that i don't belong
and when it's done i can hear them screaming
oh this night it seems so long
they're out of turn i can see them falling
it's like a dream that i had for long
and when they drop i would love to catch them
spit them out and kill 'em all

suck it in suck it in suck it out
we're goin' nowhere so you better just stop and shout
and we're out there screamin'
doin' hell signs to the dugout beatin'
and i'm this i'm this you are that
we bring that rockin' off the damned black wizard's hat
you've gotta stop that whinin'
do this tune it's a fume that's rhymin'

i am one i am two you're right
it's like a fucking motorhead of speed
and we bring that feeling
just kill 'em all

5. Heaven and Helltrain

speaking of tells between heaven and hell
i have a demon in my forehead
when damage is done i am the seventh son
feeling like the living dead
i'm going out on a cold december night
spreading out the evil seed
if you're doing it right black will turn to white
metal might is all you need

i cout the lases the beast is torn
the devil in me will reap what's sown
goin' straight down the white line
i walk the devil's path
i can see it clear now so close to the gates
i am one with dakness and hel lawaits
goin' straight down the white line
i walk the left hand path

speaking of saints while we dry out the paint
a pentagram is on my back
like a monkey to speak and you listen to priests?
do you really think that god is fat?
i was left out the can well i'm the boogie man
do you dare to do the beat?
i never listened to priest though it seems like a feast
here we go and off the heat

i don't speak of the devil
oh it's the devil that speaks to me

6. Ghouls

an everlasting night and angels out of sight
the soulless are gathered for a feast
chains can be heard dragged on the street
no one dares to go out

this is the city god forgot to save
the place where the sun never shines
sins are on the menu for eternal time
for those already damned

ghouls plunder graves tonight
the grim reaper's thirsty for human life

a whispering fog lies thick on the ground
embracing the life of those who sin
if you dare to go out and walk among the dead
thirsty for people of the light

the sound of howling wolves echoes through the night
waking up the ghosts of the cursed
reflections of what's waiting on the other side of life
a mirror of a void filled with dirt

7. Great Halls of Fire

gotta do what it takes
to become the hellhound
send that package of badass blitz
down your fucking spine
you've gotta know gotta flow
to sing sing sing sing hi ho
get a piece of the action
a little attraction it's friday night

so you're bitter and your life is a bore
you'd better get up goin' twist a little more

take a swing wanna sing wanna dance
put on hold, it's so cold am i getting old ?
i'll write a summer song in pure desperation
i'm looking out and the train has left the station

do you know what it takes
to pass by unsound?
it's like livin' the wind's life somehow
do you really wanna do that now?
but i don't want i don't hunt
that damned damned damned cold ride
i want heat i want beat
i want to sin in my life

turning left turning left turning right
i am ease i am sleaze a bit of dynamite
so i was told that seeing is believin'
well i don't know but i haven't got this feeling

8. I Am the Misfit

born on the bayou
true country hillbilly style
i come ride to see you
two bags of booze it's a couple of miles
don't keep me waitin'
i'll be dancin' all night long
ain't hesistating
twisting and turning doing a beer bong

step up do the punk rock waltz

gotta run gotta dance gotta kick and hit
i'll make you stumble 'cause i'm doin' this shit
don't get me wrong it's a song it's a rhyme
i'll keep you rockin' 'cause i am the misfit

born on hertz island
in true black metal style
never listened to venom
just some motley crue and w.a.s.p. in a while
started out doin' punk rock
now we're back in the beat
should i do it like blackie?
chainsaw supporer and throw in some raw meat

9. Burning...

hey fuckhead release that chokehold
hey dickhead you're really fat and really bold

oh it's rot 'n' roll
serving satan 'til we're really old

take it and shout never a doubt
u wabba take a downsing to that rock 'n' roll ring
twisting and turning listen to burning
oh it's burning just like fire

doin' it right playin' it tight
come on and take a fast dance to this rockin' romance
twisting and turning listen to burning
oh it's burning just like fire

so fuckhead you're through with that chokehold?
hey dickhead it's true you're fat and really bold


10. Down and Out

went out walkin' to this bastard tune
met this bright guy one good day in june
i was even he was steven
well he told me that i better start believin'

tried it out went his way
but the doctor told me that i wasn't doin' okay
have to admit i was hit i was more than sick
i killed steven and got off with the trick

i'm just hangin' around gettin' off to the sound
i'm just lovin' the beat

screamin' screamin' like a baby
screamin' reachin' out to save me
an i'm down i'm out i'm into the ground
drownin' in the bullet's sound
reachin' out to save me

down and out i'm a wicked man
can you pick it? can you stick it stick it out with me?
take a ride where the sun don't shine
can we do it in time?

well i'm on pills so am i okay?
well i'm here to live and fight it out another day
you know that thing about steven?
it was a lie and you'd better start believin'

now shake off the heat


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