Dark Lyrics


1. Silent Landscape

Fog, scening of fresh new
Is crossing the landscape
Homeland - covered by power

Silently overbeared
All torments, all pain
The interaction, the victory

Quietly and devotional dressed
Moistness surrounding anger
Scoff, contumeliousness - mescapable

The power that wins
Honours - doesn't destroy

Day catches a glimpse of
The lake, the woods
Now tranquility dwindles
Tranquility - will return

2. The Ember Of Your Own

On days like these
It returns
Solitariness in their faces
Emptiness and bewilderdness

On days like these
Nothing is moving
Freedom lies in the wind
Pains decay in temselves

Do you feel the same breeze of hope?
Have you imagined freedom like that?

Between wounds and reality
Spirit can be felt
Catch it, honour thee

Do you feel the same breeze of hope?
Have you imagined freedom like that?
SpĆ¼rst Du den selben Hauch Hoffnung?
Has Du Dir Freiheit so vorgestellt?

Remain silent until you turn to dust
He carries thee into infinity

3. Phantasm

Once - I didn't sense dolefulness
My soul was strong, stronger that it seems to be
Still nothing is like then

Once - as my fate was high
The rage on the lot I suppressed
Still nothing is like then

Hatred - doesn't leave me anymore
Dolefulness - lets me get algid

When was the day
On wich it used to happen?
When I believe in my memories
There were too many

Timeless, I experience my enviroment
The thought on the future, it makes me sick
Still I don't want do die

Revenge, seems to be a solution
If not today, then even tomorrow
Still I don't want to die

Lost - in self-pity
Lachrymal - end my nightmare
Hope shall embrace me

4. So Far...


5. The Inner Revenge Of Nature

Destructive power - unholy storms
Hatred revealed - the coming fate

Summon the son
Summon the son - of nature

Behind the front - the flesh eternalized
Souls frozen in stone - consistend with nature
Unrelenting annihilation - the fathers answer

Summon the father
Summon the father - of nature

Tranquility and ice - manking beaten
A millenium merges in ice

The fathers answer
The fathers answer - to all sins

Defy nature, defy mother earth
Discreate the foe - humankind

6. Omen

Once we wanderes through plains
Bleak their sight

Once we wanderes through mires
Enigmatic what they hold

In this land a wind was blowing
Fresh and full of power
We believed in giving and taking
Not only did we honour, we lived

Fresh meadows, covered the new
Ripe crops were taken with respect

Now we wander through plains
Barren their sight

Now we wander through mires
Hard as stone

Lost seems to be the understanding
That we forgot - meaningless
More than just a work
Less than a chapter of truth

The wind will put us in our place

Cold, repulsion - death

7. In Memory

Wonderful - in the eyes I looked
Fear took me - like a cold fog
In memory - of my past

8. Frozen March

Clear was the night - the moon cast a shadow
A cold breath - touched my skin

Unchained I commenced my journey
Yearning to be closer to this power
My strife turned to struggle
Attracted by the light, one step at a time

The higher I rose, the more rock behind me
My surroundings changed
Drenched in deepest hate

Stones - snow
Cold skin - frozen lips

Storms forced me to my knees
Frost weight hard on me
But no thought of relingnishment
Driven by the sight that enthralled me

At the end o my path - my mind was sick
Too high and too cold
No pleasure did I find - I was driven by more

Stones - snow
Cold skin - frozen lips

9. Outro

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