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1. A Suicide Journey

Mysterious is the suicide
Souls free of revenge
Tortured and begging for mercy
United in infinity

Moments in fear, the scream for hope
A lightning storm, in the grater of despair
Screams for attention, unheard in eternity
Cursing, hating, I await the fall

I deny your condemnation, I curse your sight
Banned thou art from my suicide

Imprisoned by demons, embrace by death
A never-ending journey

Pitch, death and sulphur
Barren is the ground of hell

Screams coming down from the red mountains,
In a paradise of wrath

Begging pleading for mercy
My revenge for the avengers

Sensing freedom, against all morality
Bow to me - for me - mercy will not be granted to you
Desperation is felt by every bastard
In eternity, I will come back again

Led by strength,
Following the mystic path
In my paradise
Into your misery

I deny your condemnation, I course your sight,
Banned thou art from my suicide

2. The Black Death

End time – the horror's birth
Agony – proliferating like the Black Death
Awakened in a dream – Satan’s son
Rotting corpses – a demon’s spawn

Driven by evil's orders
Murder, revenge – in our presence
Fog – sulphur-scented
Engulfs you – devours you – from within

Mankind destroys itself with violence and hope
I curse these unworthy ones!
Let your thoughts be free
I shun your son – Fuck you!
We deny your father – forever – bastard!

Nobody understands the true reason
Without having felt it
Do you feel the true meaning?
Read again!

3. Der Harzwald

Deep in the woods his shadow lives
The seed of hate is slumbering – vulnerable

This area seems to be unapproachable
The abyss of sadness – too close

Beseechingly his voice resounds from within this wood of souls
Why don't you answer his prayers,the call for release?

His trunk weeps resin,
But the flames do not want to die

Der Harzwald brennt
Der Harzwald weint – hörst du ihn schreien in der Nacht?
Der Harzwald weint
Der Harzwald schreit – hörst du ihn fliehen in der Nacht?

Heard by no one
Ignored by everyone, the last fire is dying

Was bleibt ist Kohle
Mit Harz überzogene Seelen

Dichter Rauch steigt den Himmel empor,
Verflüchtigt sich in der Unendlichkeit - in Ewigkeit

4. 1°F

5. Cold Aeon

Our souls will grow cold

Cold aeon – Hate is released
Cold aeon – Death is made for ice

Our souls will grow cold

Landscapes buried in ice and snow
Seas glistening like the morning dew
All life is dying

The northern lights invade the skies
The horizon – immersed in blue splendour
Our world is cold

Cold fog blacks out the sun
End of time – end on earth
All life is vitrified in ice

Cold aeon – Loneliness
Cold aeon – End of time

Our souls will grow cold

Time stands still
Nothing but silence – everywhere
Forever – loneliness in eternity

6. Psycho Pastor

"Geht ihr guten in die eßige ruh
Get fan uns ir sünder"

Everything began in the year 1415 with the birth of pastor Ludwig –
Raised in Christian surroundings and under the aura of god and family, he was exposed to religious customs from childhood
In his youth – already – he uttered the desire to serve god and Jesus
His entry into the church as a young acolyte was accomplished, protected and secure, Ludwig rendered his cardinal every service

But as the plague devastated his family in 1435.
His vision of god changed, he doubted his existence
(his mind would become his foe)

He knew how to use the hunt for the evil
That had haunted his land, for his own purposes
Women, children and the dying sought help and protection in his church
It must have been hundreds!
It must have been hundreds!

Within holy buildings the victims of the plague were abused
He carried out experiments on skin, limbs and the psyche until death

The bodies he buried on his premises alive or dead
Repainted in the likeness of Mary – the virgin and mother

Nobody found out about his doings
Nobody was interested in his actions

Ludwig hanged himself in 1451

"Geht ihr guten in die eßige ruh
Get fan uns ir sünder"

7. Sulphur Prayer

8. I Saw Hell

I saw hell
What I saw is mighty
In the black underworld
He’s rising for his final battle
Satan - Satan
I saw hell and the devil
I saw hell and follow my master

9. Eyes Of Ice

I remember the wrath
The mountains with a soul made of ice
Bruised and sick within pain
Resembling a lifeless body

Fear fills your eyes,
And you flee from yourself
No soul can stand this
No one will heal you

Is this a flight into infinity?
My scream echoes through the world!
Your gaze is empty and weak like your soul?
You have the eyes of ice

10. Moonrites Diabolicum

As far as it seems to be - for us
So strong is his power
A full moon is shinning tonight

Through rock and stone his might is blazing
The fire's crackling echoes in the wind

Thoughts you can hate
In the calm glow of the night
Dreams you want to live
In your moment of loneliness

Your ritual - your soul's agony
Your ritual - the fight against your sadness
My ritual - soul searching

11. Ache

I am empty, desperate and depressed
The sadness entrenches itself deep in my heart
My heart beats heavy as thunder in winter
Sighing hurts, I can’t breathe

Am I able to think clearly?
Does my reasoning rest in its own elixir, trapped?

Now I lift my head from the lake of tears

Can't bear myself and my reflection anymore
I hate everything around me. I need to kill!!!

Am I sleeping? Am I dreaming? Am I awake?
I don't know anymore
Am I screaming? Does it hurt? Am I crying?
What do I want?

Time - I need time!
Space - I need air?

Convulsions force me to the ground
Screams resound around me
Going far into the world
I wished I could be this sound

12. Subterranean Empire

13. Wounds

Give me screams - screams for my pain
Give me pain - Pain for my screams

Give me pain - pain for my wounds
Give me salt - to put into my wounds

Release the liquid of life - It takes only one single cut
Is this the answer - or just another unknown question

Svart ‒ Drums
Isiul ‒ Guitars (rhythm)
Malthus ‒ Guitars (lead)
Desderoth ‒ Bass
Aries ‒ Vocals

All songs by Hellsaw
Recorded in the Minded October Aera Hellhouse, St. Dionysen by Hellsaw and V Santura
Mixed and mastered by V Santura Woodshed, L.A.
“Subterranean Empire” written by Paymon

Napalm Records 2009

Thanks to technotomy for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to allsvartur for sending tracks ## 10, 11, 13 lyrics.

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