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1. Straight From Hell

Wish-upon the darkest star
Demons rise from behind
Guiding him to the edge
Cold winds are standing still
Eternal fall begins
Fells on an one way road
Years spent in the abyss
Wounds healed by the sound…
Of the red eyes man

Straight from hell
Senses feel
All the lies
Left behind

Hidden by the darkest cloud
There is the stronger storm
Waiting just for the time
To fall right down on Earth
(Fire)seeking the weakest men
The ones whose world went down
Behind this piece of flesh
Sleeps tons of wrath
Beware!...There’s a blizzard within

Straight from hell
Senses feel
All the lies
Left behind

2. Die For Glory

Long ago was born a man
Who wouldn’t fear no tyranny
And courage will lead his way
To destroy a tyrant king
Slayers came and showed no mercy
Burned down everything they see
They set his soul and heart on fire
And his dreams were washed away
From the ashes rises the warrior
Ready to kill or die
From the ashes rises the warrior
And freedom he cries
Blood and tears will be shed
To spread this killing ground
A cold sweat runs through his spine
As he’s marching into the battlefield
So the time has come
And he’ll fight for his belief
They ripped out his heart
But his spirit still lives on

Guillis The Brave,died for his glory
Guillis The brave,one man and a story

3. Metal Forever

The battle rages on
And we still ride
Filling with thunder and lightning the black of the night
Stronger than ever
We just can’t fall
Hammers held high
The law of the blade still prevails
The path we chose is clear
Victory draws near
The wing brings me air
To pass through those who I don’t care
An ancient warrior said
‘’Stop just when you are dead’’
Horizon keeps burning
The twilight is coming
Feels like burning inside
That time is on my side
Day slowly turns
Metal still burns

Metal forever
We’ll live to play
Metal forever
It shines our way

Stand tall forever
Endure the pain
Metal forever
Day after day

4. Son Of The King

I feel the rage inside me
Growing more and more
I feel my wounds are burning
Now it’s time to raise my sword
I feel my blood is boiling
Blood that comes from a King
Blood I saw being splitted out
Nightmare from my childhood
Now I’ll follow my destiny
That was granted by me
I’m seeking my revenge
Carrying a hatred heart
A son will never forgive
His own father’s murderer
The man once was my father
Taught me how to fight
With my mind and my heart
By the laws of our crown
Now I’ll follow my destiny
That was granted by me
I became a murderer
A murderer that once was

The son of the King
My soul’s on fire
Son of the King
Revenge is my desire

Now I’m tasting his blood
Under a pouring rain
I feel my thirst is satisfied
And my father now is avenged
Now there is no more King
No prince and no more crown
Loyalty,honor and pride
Father I bring you within

5. Reasons

Sometimes I wonder why
Can’t you leave your pride behind?
Tell me there’s a way
To find my way out from this maze
Sometimes I lose my mind
Wondering about my life
My world’s collapsing
And I feel like running blind
Nightmares are coming clear
Whispering about my own fears
Walking and facing the wind
So soft but,so cold and so mean
Falling pieces apart
Feeling always lost in the dark
Reasons to wonder why
What took myself through death?
Runnin’ in circles,confuses my mind
Tomorrow’s coming and you gonna die
Believe in my words
You’ll taste my knife
Runnin’ always blind

Wasted night and day
Looking for my fate
Nightmares,every day
Leaving all by hate

6. My Freedom

I’ve been looking for answers
To the questions that came to me
Wondering in my dreams I try to find myself
The spirits hide the way(Where)I may go whit no fear
The gods from the other side
Will guide my agony…

I need to find the light
I am walking alone
Don’t see nothing beyond
Where’s my freedom?

As the rain falls down on me
I look at the rainbow’s end
On this carved stone I stand
Traveling on my thoughts
Bloody rage possesses me
But this fury seems to be in vain
In this lonely village
Only silence will remain
In this lake I see my face
I see tired man
Lost soul from a distant world
A pain I cannot hold
A brave man fights ‘till the end
My wounds will all be healed
So I die today
When my time comes then I will

I finally see the light
My heart is hanging low
I see something beyond
That’s my freedom

7. Destroyer

My glory leads my fate
And I can’t see the end
I have a long way
Looking for the meaning of my life
Destroyer is my name
Tell me now my friend
That I’m the right man to destroy at war
My horse runs through these valleys
Fast as I need
Through the tracks of the battle
I lead for my destiny
I bring the victory flame
And my time soon will end
And take me to where I’m from
To the skies!

Taste the pain of destroyer
Face me again,
I'll destroy you
Betrayers are my target
Feel the hate of Destroyer
Face my again,
I'll destroy you
Never surrender,no!

8. Awaken

Some victories are worth the fight
Like running outta darkness right into the light
That’s why I don’t expose my fears
And smile instead of shed my tears
Now I no longer feel the pain
As I’m watching the rainbow after the summer rain
There’s a long and hard way until my end
And I may walk through hell but I won’t bend
I’ll worth my freedom
My strength
My dreams
My truth
My destiny and life
My everyday

Born to be free
I ain’t no prisoner of my mind
I fear no one
I stare into your eyes
Got to be wise
And trace down my own way
I feel no blame
Life will teach me all the way

I draw no lines
Lifting my dreams to the sky
I will not fail
I won’t live my life astray
I will not bend
To all my pride and sorrows
Now is my time
To awake all my desires

9. Beyond


10. Heroes Of Tomorrow

I see the fire in your eyes
Burning like the sun up in the sky
Listen to the beating of your heart
Faster as the thoughts in our minds
Don’t have to be a hero
To prove your courage if you are able to try
Don’t have to be superior
To prove your power
Just face them and be strong
Now is the time
(if your)will now overflows
I’ll the truth
The lines you didn’t know
Turn on your insight
Eyes just open wide
Never let them play with your pride
Face yourself today
Raise your will tonight
‘’There is a hero inside you’’
Give trust at first sight
Look them in the eye
Let your inner Hero fly

Heroes of tomorrow
Spread your wings
Heroes of tomorrow
Through your actions
Trough your words or eyes…

JR: Bass, Choirs
Daniel Person: Drums, Choirs
Vulcano: Guitars, Choirs
Daniel Job: Guitars, Keyboards, Choirs
Roger Hammer: Vocals, Choirs

Thanks to matias.d.segovia for sending these lyrics.

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