Dark Lyrics


1. Into The Battle


2. Hellish War

In a distant land,
When the magic is power
Many kingdoms fight,
Between themselves until death

With the force of warriors,
Kill the bastards of war
Conjure up the spirits, to be the guide
So the batlle began,
And dragons came from skies
Creatures born from beyond,
In the war then you fly
The hands of Gods have the power of revenge,
Arms of steel


Hellish war
Finally the power is kept by soldier of metal
But cannot be over cause the war means eternity

3. We Are Living For The Metal

We are the knights of metal
Obsessed by victory
Feel the power of the blade
This is your destiny

We are living for the metal

We are the brave seamesn
We face the evil spirits
Through the waters of the oceans
Sailed for Seven Seas


Fight for the metal
Don't break the oath
Live for the metal
We are the battle kings
And Odin the God of war
Enforce the law of metal
By the hammer of Thor

4. Defender Of Metal

Defender of metal
Take the sword
Kill the enemies
And fight to our world
With all your courage
Save the metal
Impulse the blade
The time is short
Then you must win the battle
Horses run
Togheter with warriors
Ready to kill
And to destroy the false metal
The age is cruel
It is impossible to escape
Try to survive
And always fight face to face

The evil is here

We must destroy
Take the sword
Fight to win
The power is yours
Never give up
Cause it is your life
Victory is all
That a warrior desires
And go ahead
Never look back
When the war is over
The victory will be yours

The evil is here

We must destroy
Take the sword
Fight to win
The power is yours

Defender of metal;
His pleasure is destroy
Defender of metal
All betrayers of heavy metal

5. The Sign

The Sign God ask for blood,
It is time to mortal combats
Arise the envoy of Odin,
And the world will tremble
Then the sun disappear,
And the world will live in darkness
Vikings will sail in a sea of blood,
Barbarians will fight with anger
So the songs of braves go away,
To seek for the secret Trumphet,
The gates of Valhalla

The sign of destruction
The sign of aggression
The sing of cruelty
The sign of perversity

And when they arrive,
In a distant land
The song of the Trumphet,
Will stay in air
The wars will come to an end,
And sun will shine again
Everyone will look to the sky,
And Odin will just smile

6. Gladiator

I am a Gladiator warrior,
Prisoner of war
Be forced to fight in Westplace,
I hope for my revenge
In a endless fight to survive,
I fight against my brothers
So look around in blood split,
I see the face of my friends
Fight, Gladiator, Fight
Fight or you will die

The sword is mine, Only friends in my hands
My hands, my hands
Will strike fatally, Up my enemies, my enemies
Enemies for destiny
Victims of fate, of fate
Enemies for destiny
Victims of fate

7. Into The Valhalla


8. Sacred Sword

In a world devastated by hate,
There is little chance to survive
Violence and tragedy make the laws,
Leaving everyone alert
Nowadays the world is not the same
In the past, Justice ruled
Only a grasped sword, Will make a difference now

Sacred sword, the time has come
Let's fight
Sacred sword, be by my side
Make it right

Let's look for it now,
We can't wait any more
Through mountains,
Seas and forests
No doubt, she will be there
Waiting for the true knight,
To combat the evil ones
Only a grasped sword,
Will make a difference now


Let us get what is ours,
Because life gave us that
Let's make things right,
For those who believe
We won't put our guards down,
Because we also believe
Only a grasped sword,
Will make a difference now

9. Memories Of A Metal

In a time when the battle,
Were fought sword by sword
Only metal power were real, thus was the law
At this epoch roamed without destiny
A brave warrior fighting silent
At the sound of his sacred sword
Cutting the enemies steel
Destroy, impose, the power of the sky

Just one who possesses

The spectre of liberty, could combat
The strength from hell

On his horse he comes to face
The invaders from evil lands
Beneath the thunder battle begins
With bravery metal rage

Oh! Herman that was how they called him
A warrior that came from skies
With traced fate against the evil
He comes without fearing the death
Fight, fight, fight, fight
Screaming hide
After battle goes with his honor
Living us the sacred union
Between everyone that left in peace
Oh! Warrior wait for us

10. Feeling Of Warriors


11. The Law Of The Blade

In the age of wars, between the clans
Barbarians fought, against their enemies
With their, powerful swords
For the simple, pleasure of killing
Europe living, in total terror
The Germanic crowd, were everywhere
Marching on corpses, with an wild fury
Plundering and killing
Breaking out the Roman empire
Warriors bearing the heads
Of the enemies kings
To conquer lands
Of the kingdoms willings

The law of the blade
The law of the sword

Vulcano: Guitars
Daniel Job: Guitars
Roger Hammer: Vocals
Jayr Costa: Drums
Gustavo Gostautas: Bass

Thanks to matias.d.segovia for sending these lyrics.

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