Dark Lyrics


1. Hellions

[feat. JJ Peters & Real Bad]

You may be held on a pedestal by few
but the wolves will circle perpetually below you
okay so don’t look down, no don’t you fall
from that high horse looking down upon us all
because a weary step misplaced
could determine your fate

a non-linear, brand new nadir
in a demographic consumed by fear
it’s my kith and kin, my hearth and home
you gonna tell me now that I don’t belong? na

No one can say what we don’t deserve
and no one can say what we’ve yet to earn
I know that this belongs to the young at heart
and this is your catharsis as much as ours
but you can’t both innovate and play it safe
I’d sooner fold and leave than assimilate
in a non-linear, nacent nadir
we’re the the one’s for you to fucking fear.

Let’s see how tall your motherfucking pedestal stands
when we tear it down piece by piece
with our bare fucking hands
real recognise real, we see straight through you
stood the test of time, never changed, paid our dues fool

So when you say you're real,
yo I can’t believe it
‘cause when we say we’re real
you know we really mean it
so when we say you’re fake, you aint gonna say nothing
we see your poker face but aint none of us bluffing

2. Nottingham

'A part of me, apart from me'
I'd be splitting hairs if presented with
a basis to compare to thee
and then you'll give me the third degree
about a stranger you thought had made a pass at me
and so my single decree will soon transpire to be
just for you to fade and finally relinquish me

if you love me so, then let me go
if you love me so, then know I've

Gone to great lengths to pay my due diligence
sacrifice to the point of cardiac impoverishment
but I've been a fool for few lesser things
and I guess it's all to soon to have learned anything
fade and relinquish me
you're not who you could be

Appreciate this for what it is
don't condemn it for what it's not
but if what it is isn't much
then you've got to find a way
to mitigate what you've got.
you're my sunrise, sunset
and all that's in between
that carnal voraciousness
makes dawn and dusk your falling knees
on the residual sides, I cast the die

I was always blind
there was no mutual lens
just endorphins forced with Ritalin
my pretense was sweet, then it rotted my teeth
it started with sialorrhea, now it's killing me
I had to lie;
to say “I understand and it's fine”
you're not supposed to keep score
you can't win every time
so fuck off with that shit
I can't change my past to suit this
and I wouldn't be with you, without it
your belligerent tick.

3. Creasy: I) Styrofoam Lungs

Lines on my face are dense and deepening
by the year, by the month, by the week
are my fears apparent if I don't decide to speak?
the volume of the bottle is multiplied in this;
arcane chemical, a compounded fixation
a self-abhorrent abyss.
Determination takes precedence
in lieu of erstwhile complexes
I'll usurp all that I've fucking earned
and capitalise on my chances
fuck rumination, this segregation is doing me in
and every one of these sycophantic urchins are under my skin

My head is spinning around and around
in a purgatory of wide open mouths
I live in fear of my venial sin
of all that I've done just to get out of this skin
Eyelids half-mast for the death of innocence
"don't forget, that I meant it when I said that
you ain't shit, just a corporate ornament"
in a bottomless well of embellishment and lies
who survives? who will validate their lives?
I know they all go behind my back
then why do they just get away with that?
its the way they are, throwing underhanded
but it's your own fault, you don't understand it
I don't understand but I've tried all my life
you need to forget them and cut all the ties
this just isn't working, I've suffered enough
embrace what you are and forget what you're not
Suffer my griefs and dream my dreams
authored in their entirety by this disease
it was this ailment that clung to the pen
that guided my wrist and moved my hand
I forgot you, remember that

4. Creasy: II) Technicolour Yawn

5. Ghoul

it wasn't just embezzlement, you thieving witch, you don't know the half of it.
we've been in and out of near destitution,
terrified and disillusioned.
all of this on your wretched hands, you tore apart a family man.
so he took a drink and then the drink took him.
and its been this way nearly each night since.
incredulous, track back, cheques bounce, façade cracks, we will fall apart, you open your scars.
lost in the dark, we fall you'll soon beg to be set free and see.
my family stand tall with me.
but you'll never get that chance.
this is all that you have left, how could you laugh as you watched us all fall apart?
two children lost in the dark.
the robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief, scratch and claw, through tooth and nail, but you will never take integrity from me.
I earned to listen and I listened well.
to a steady slew of trivial pleasures, with nothing left to kindle the blood.
but a sordid tryst, a yielding to lust you fucked it up, so back to back, you cover your tracks, but remember when you cant hide from us.
hither at the end of the river.
lave in the burning shambles, perceived as fools, you played us all, you answer to the coven call, you're hand in hand amidst the ghouls.
I hope you hear this in your sleep.
when in your dreams you cannot breath.
you'll look up and you'll see me.
taking back the youth that you stole from me .
my fathers hands used to shake.

6. Lie

Not understated, understand it
each pitch thrown was underhanded
denunciation, segregation
new tricks of the tirade, not a question
fuck your template, just remember
who was the first out that gate
and don't you think you had us all
pushed aside, kept at bay.

Dressed in silk, just the same
you'll lie tomorrow as you lie today
you'll lie, lie, lie, lie
to all their faces and you'll lie to mine

Beg for mercy, go

Ayo so are you listening?
or just waiting to talk
this is just step two of exposing you
to the rest of the world
okay so take that, step back
take the time to see all that you lack
it's so easy to critique
why don't you try to create
step two.

7. Polyphasic Sleep: I) Aurora

all that you retrieve my prolong our reprieve.
but the of letting go still scares the shit out of me.
I'll always hoard inconsequential things, I'm a glutton for the penance, I've retained all the apathy.
I covet nostalgia and the hurt it.
bring it back to me, just bring it back now.
so I've given small hours to soliloquy.
I can never seem to sleep, but only contemplate madly.
to antagonize that hurt in me.
antagonize it all, and I start to crawl.
you have been my friend, through all of this, and to me that alone is a tremendous thing.
hear our Indian summer sing.
we are incandescent on the eaves.
has it been so long since that sweet chariot swung so ow overhead.
and took each of our breaths.
with no penance there's no dept, I'd missed the teeth that fit my old wounds.
I know I need to let it go, I just can't forget it, and I drowned in the amphetamine monsoon, some years had passed before I came to see, I was blinded by the lies, I just can't forget it .
that those bite marks, they fit my own teeth, so what of my friend?
alone and confined to a hospital bed.
reticent, sacrosanct, we will all go along, and if you leave us so, then you have done us so wrong.
just keep on, I will edify, all who stuck by our side, faces illumined by a new, and surreal sunlight, death took precedence over faith in old dreams, the more I give away, the more delighted I became .
I will bring you light and I'll endure the burn, unashamed, reach out ear me now.
our voices ring out the same.

8. Polyphasic Sleep: II) Indian Summer

9. Comedy Of Errors

there's a filth on me that I cannot clean, and there's a shame in me that is seldom seen, I'm the thick, stale breath of self abhorrence, masticated for a day and ensconced between, plaque-ridden, rotten, yellow teeth, my eye lids weigh me down and I'm succumb to sleep.
if I'd permit myself the time, but procrastination is most beguiling in the night.
I discover how full of shit I really am, devoid of a moral compass or a viable plan.
grain of salt, grain of sand, all is for nothing, nothing at all.
I cant trust myself to suffer the fall .
the smoke stains my skin.
permeates through my pores, solidify my ire into cancerous dire.
it sits right in my stomach .
it claws at my throat.
I'm retching by the hour.
I'm all alone.
my lovers repugnance was hard earned.
and my friends slander is well deserved, with my war gait, worn knees give way to the cynicism, all melts away in the flame.
and all else melts away in the cynic flame, I'm burning, an epidemic of ignorance spreads through the youth.
but you'll feign indifference, undermine the truth, so you've got the vision, then pave the way, for the next new noise to take conjectures place.
take the sordid place, take it.

10. Mea Culpa

vagrancy brushed off his bloom in the first sap of his spring.
he lost the vigour of his youth and the fair red of his cheeks, he cannot see, just let me breath or cease to be, I'm so fucking sick of living in between, life like a bone was emptied of its marrow inside, and my slender had been calibrated by young and fertile minds,
study the greats, learn the world, tell the truth and confide - I lied.
lost in those mundanes.
in that every-day minutia.
I just gave myself to heartache.
to the ubiquitous confusion.
infamita, my anathema, I tore out that fucking catheter, I'll plunge figures between stitches.
no kitschy backhand pitches.
I know one must make himself ugly.
to expose the ugliness he sees.
torn, I know my innermost torture is yours.
but I've learned, now I've grown, a fool dressed in silk, is a fool just the same.
but is a fool yesterday, no less a fool today?
we can change.
dear friends, we're one and the same, vagrancy brushed off his bloom, in the firsed sap of spring, hear the Indian summer sing.

11. 23

The world has changed its aspect because I willed it so.
In the infinitude of its scope - I am free to roam, I'm free.
So keep tour wooden world in your sleeve.
And not for anything, should you stop running.
Mother, please forgive me.
Father, listen to me now.
Brother can't you hear the inexorable sound?
The march of time drawing close.
Just like a phalanx of ghosts.
I was eating crow for a good eight months.
Before I found the good sense to regurgitate it all up.
These are still salad days, the rudimentary runs.
And there's not a fucking thing to keep you from what's yet to come.
You're free. So keep your wooden world in your sleeve.
And not for anything should you stop running.
I know a liberation that so many don't.
And I've felt a camaraderie that so many won't.
I believe that the rat race will put ice in your heart.
And I know not to take my dreams for granted.
If I don't want them to fall apart.
(I know hindsight can relieve but it won't set you free. Let it go now, no)
I know a liberation that so many don't.
Just knowing that we'll never run out of road.
Hindsight can relieve but it won't set you free.
These contemporary lies are no longer bothering me.
I'll never squander ever waning youth.
The bullshit doesn't matter because you've always got you.

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