Dark Lyrics


1. Gehennae Incendiis


2. The Age Of Nefarious

Unholy are the holiest of all, the truth be told
And soulless are the soldiers of the onward Christian soul
The retrograde insanity true profanity shall install
All Hell be loosed where old excuses paralyze freewill

This is the time - this is the day - this is the age

The symmetry of their salvation strangles like a curse
The rapture of the verse and chapter birthing something worse
With sanctimonious ritual the canonize their dead
But with sword and fire and crucifix their gospel has been spread

This is the dawning of the Age of Nefarious - the wretched rise in answer to the call
As in my mind I crystallise the things in life I most despise - this plague they share with us
So join me now in prayer my friends, and may their faith make martyrs of them all

The living lies of history were written by the hand
Of those who had the might to prove His right
To save us? Enslave us? Spill our blood upon the sand
Till we chose to turn their faces to the light

And meanwhile, in the ministry, the unhappy few await
In the hope that as they give, they shall receive
As the notion they're nothing in this solitary world
Leaves them desperate for something, something to believe

Evangelistic vultures dig their claws into out time
Irreligious ministers grow far beyond their prime
There is no chosen path, no sense to anything at all
The song of life's litany as all prepare to fall

3. The Disposer Supreme

Bleeding eyes witness this evil extreme - the last Antichrist, the Disposer Supreme...

That fateful day this wretch was born - when, hand on heart, the blood vow was sworn
I curse and damn, I loathe and I rue, the moment I became fate's pawn
Pleading for an amnesty, an end to this Hell
They warned all those damned with me, they warned those who fell
"Lest evil slay thee before thy time is due - take to thy heels, begone!
Flee from thy doom"

To his lair - stalk him there, where no mere earthly mortal should dare
To his lair, snare him there,
Do not fail me, words assailed me, fear impaled me
The dreadful words were all I heard, my duty stirred, as...

Capricious wind, once desolate, in soft and sullen moans,
Now soared towards crescendos to render flesh from bones
Bloody vultures scheming, screaming, circled overhead
Macabre dance, refrains perchance, unheard by living men - who'd never dream again

Corpse strewn wastelands, reeking with the stench of desecration
A vile display of death, decay, despair and desolation
Hideous limp marionettes, flaunting ruptured flesh
A smile of sin, distorted in a repulsive mangled mess - in an orgy of excess

[Solo - Bower]

Harpies devour - casting the battleworn into the void
Spiralling down - meeting our twilight with embittered sword
Soldiers recoil - the sweat and the blood of the folly of war
Into the pit - carrion filling the Earth's abattoir
Can't you hear my soul is calling - save me from this world of pain
Can't you see the soldiers falling - never to return

The Disposer Supreme is the ultimate destruction machine

[Solo - Sneap]

The slap of grim reality restored my sensibility
Fresh opened eyes had paralysed this clown quest for nobility
Therefore hence, with newfound sense, I turned my tail and fled
Better living coward, than a hero brave - and dead
Let others die instead...

4. Darkhangel

Majestic light of Baphomet, O formless laughing one - whose might unmarred the maker's mind unmade
Shine forth upon this acolyte - as one with me become, let the flames of Lilith claim those God betrayed
"O Masters of Dimensions, thou unsleeping lords of sin,
From lade of sulphur's fiery void where demons dwell within..."
From thy kingdom will come
Read the rites, cast the spell, call the chaos lords of Hell
Son of Caim, Orobas, Shub-Niggurath, Beelzebub, Haagenti, Astaroth
Let the earth begin to burn

And all things will come to be, when the spirit is flesh - Mine the magick, the mystery, till he comes
Rise from out of destitution - through pain I rise above - soon will come the restitution of our love

I have walked the ways to other worlds, I see what none have seen - the Union of Opposites foretell
A life unchained through knowledge gained has sanctified my dream
With prayers arcane, I raise the Darkhangel
"O patriarch of parallels, in vales of slumbering sin
The candle, hell, the book compel, all demons welcome in..."
Through thy kingdom will come
Read the rites, cast the spell, call the chaos Lords of Hell
Barbatos, Orias, Amdusias, Naberius, Ipos, Valac, Zagan
Let the Earth begin to burn

All commandments be cast away, here where fears are all passed away

[Solo - Bower]

To this kingdom we come
Read the rites, cast the spell, call the chaos Lords of Hell
Agares, Vapula, Marchosias, Samigina, Vine, Sitir, Beleth
Let the earth begin to burn

I have travelled through time's portal, supra mortal have become,
This night of Pan, I greet thee as a friend
I decades yearned for your return, to see thy death undone - what fools abhorred, endured I to the end
Speak to me now in tongues of angels, life devourer, wisdom giver
Through the vision, through the voice, through the veil, thyself deliver

Rise from out of destitution, through pain I rise above
Will come the restitution of our love...

Into my loneliness comes the sound of a flute in dim groves that haunt the uttermost hills,
Even from the brave river they reach to the edge of the wilderness. And I behold Pan...

5. Harbringer Of Death

[originally by Race Against Time]

[Solo - Sneap]

Harbinger of death rides forth and in his wake leaves sorrow
Those who cross his bloody path disclaim their own tomorrow
All terrible in his splendour with glistening axes near
Raging as a God, fear and misery

Iron clad fury, the harbinger of death draws near
Spreading terror through these wooded lands of fear

Harbinger rides on, scouring, flaying wrath
Wields up his weaponry, carnage in his path
Ripping flesh from bone with grim determination
Rending limb from limb, he wreaks his devastation

Intense is the sense of doom impending
The harbinger brings sentence to the crime
Intense, the sense of doom is never ending
Melancholy be the folly of mankind

Please listen to my warning...

6. End Ov Days

Behold - in dream apocalypse all Satan's kingdom come
The dawn of doom in wrath entombed, let souls in fire be one
Beware deceitful daughters, sinful sons of Abraham
For calamity will catch you and despatch you if it can

Fear you God, as God is your fear - the end is nigh
Through this Gos, this God of fear - we sin here, then in fear we die

Deniers of divinity who refute the 'perfect mind'
In valley of temptation, whe the blind have led the blind
In heresy - in blasphemy - in apostasy will burn
In escasies of agony as the horned beast returns

The Book of Revelation - this book of Hell
From days of old the tales unfold, the end ov days compel
The lessons they taught us, have just sold and bought us
Our fate debased by supplification, the faithful needs must fear

Above a blood red sea a blood red moon will rise
The sacrament shall feed the sacrifice
Deus quaerit solum ulciscendi

God. Judgement. Heaven. Hell.

Friends of futurology, supersessionist and all
Who gave you new theology you impressionistic all
Does it please you, appease you, does it vindicate your state ?
Will you kiss the whore of babylon as the seventh seals your fate ?

Fear you God, as God is your fear - the end is nigh
Through this Gos, this God of fear - God sins here, then in fear we die

7. Deathsquad


8. Something Wicked This Way Comes

Where the veil is thor asunder
Where the dark devours the sun
Where the Nemhain feast and plunder
Something wicked this was comes ...

I am the whore the bleeds desease upon priapic turgour
I am the scum which seeps unseen from reason's rotting corpse
I am the fear which warps the minds of all in twisted splendour
I am the end - I am the source

Seven tongues to speak the story, seven times my will be done
Seven shades of nightmare's darkness, all your fears to me succumb
By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes

I am the worm within your gut which sucks your dwindling lifeblood
I am the fly that vomits acid on your weeping eyes
I am the beast who laughs so cruelly as I rape compassion
I am your nemesis - your spirit's compromise

Seven souls relese the story, seven crimes to blight the sun
Seven shades of nightmare's darkness, all your fears to me succumb

You can't see me, but I'm waiting in the corner of you eye
I am alive

I am the black of night, my darkened shroud shall all-encompass
I am the reaper's scythe which steals your life,
I am the succubus who draws delight from devastation
I am the fallen one - it's time to pay the tithe

Seven oaths to bind the story, seven words all faith to shun
Seven shades of nightmare's darkness, all your fears to me succumb

9. Faith Will Fall

It bites me, incites me, how you don't practice what you preach
Confusions and illusions, the hidden cracks beneath your speech
The faceless, the graceless, the careworn company you keep
All-trying and all denying - their dream is dying in its sleep
Hail to the hypocrite whose fate you hold above
All hail unto the hate you sell as love

You're out of argument, the truth stands tall
You're mind's a monument - your faith will fall

The hopeful, the popeful - ye who would be flocks, so shall be sheep
All followed, have swallowed - the mild, the maimed, the mocked, the meek
The elected, the protected, corruption comes to claim you all
One infected - it's all for one and some and none for all
No God, no government has justified our trust
Inside indoctrination we are dust

Don't tell me how to live or scorn the sins you should forgive
The mirror never lies
Don't claim to represent, that tales you tell are testament
Your limit is the sky

The crimes, the complications call, contained within your creed
Wherever there is hunger, there is need

You're out of argument, where reason calls
Your mind's a monument - your faith will fall

10. Land Of The Living Dead

I see them all around me, you must see them too
Choose your path with care or you become a victim of the fools
Mind your step watch where you tread, or you'll be pulled inside
They'll suck out your humanity 'til they bleed you dry

We're all living in the land of the living dead
We're all living in the land of the living dead
You will find no solace, the machine never stops
Hunting you like a zombie, stalking you 'till you drop

Be on your guard on all times, you're safe neither day or night
If you find yourself surrounded, don't give in! fight! fight! fight!
They almost had me once or twice, I almost can't avoid
I was lucky to escape, with the skin of my bare teeth

All before their time before they reached their prime
They lost the joy of life, beware - you're next in line!
Don't rely on past beliefs alone, to keep your standards
Rule that you abandon, can become your own commandments

11. Deliver Us From Evil

"Dearly beloved brethren, we are gathered here this night
In the sight of our redeemer and our saviour Jesus Christ
With his divine permission we this mission shall fulfill
And together on unholy paths deliver us from evil..."

Force-fed on religion from the day I took my name
Branded as a player in their superstitious game
The preacher's words were frightful tools which I remember well
"Repent ye sinners now or you will surely burn in Hell"

The pleasures and sensations and temptations of the flesh
Damned my heart with guilt thus I was driven to confess
On bended knees I bowed and prayed to save my mortal soul
To rid me of corruption and depravity untold
Deliver us from evil

No angelic voice came singing
In my head was only ringing
The torment was no omen, either hell or heaven sent
The mocking peals of laughter were the sound of common sense

"Dearly beloved brethren, we are gathered here this night
In the sight of our redeemer and our saviour Jesus Christ
With his divine permission we this mission shall fulfill
And together on unholy paths deliver us from evil..."

Perhaps I'm being stubborn, perhaps it's only pride
Perhaps belief within myself forbids belief outside
Perhaps one day I'll see the light, disclaim this evil blight
Armed only with the gospel sword to fight the holy fight

Forgive my declination of your loathsome invitation
I shall seek not my salvation at the heart of your domain
I fear not intimidation of your threats of reprobation
Nor dread incineration should I worship not your name

12. A Vespertine Legacy

"Prietene, nu te du acolo - este sălaşul păsării morții..."

Eastern bound to far Carpathia, how the rain it stings my skin
Brandy's fire and thoughts of hometown fail to quell unrest within
Mile on mile the coach wheels clatter, destination looms in sight
Orlok's castle ramparts tower through the blackened veil of night

Soft, in the stark lit dreaming dark, the nightmare comes to me
The curse to begin, blood anointing the skin, with the kiss of infinity
Heart's race, pulse chase - the price of greed is my humanity
My lost mortality

From the vein, life's source behold
Welcome, death - let life unfold

Mortified, have I become a victim of this barren place?
Rank and stale, my heart hangs heavy, severed from love's embrace
Iron-bound caskets fall around me, kill what hope that I have left
Thus revealed before me lies The Bird of Death...

I stand alone in the gloom of the undead's tomb, my dread is quickening
Here as I seek where the sleepless creep, in the silence sickening
If I wait - too late! I must return - fate is calling me
My fear is stalling me

From the vein, let blood be drawn
Welcome child of bloodless spawn

What is this God forsaken thing which walks among us?

And in silence of her room, a silent stranger stands in thrall
Fatal the dart of the pure in heart - the face of destiny
By fickle fate beguiled, as thrice on thrice unheeded cockerel calls
The kiss to begin, blood anointing the skin with the curse of infinity
The light consumes his flesh, binding life and death as one...

Tony Speakman – Bass
Tim Bowler – Drums
Kev Bower – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Andy Sneap – Guitars
David Bower – Vocals

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