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1. Prologue

In ancient times in the valley of Graydoor,
a powerful and noble king lived.
He had been governing his lands wisely and fairly for a long, long time.
In the fiftieth year of his kingdom,
his royal subjects went to his court with many presents in order to honour him.
Among these men there was an old warrior called Halvor.
When it was hi turn, he approached the king,
and kneeling to him thus spoke:

2. Halvor

"My Noble lord, I can't offer you either richness or jewels,
crowns or sceptres, either lands or nations to submit.
But hear, my king, hear my song telling the legends of an
ancient age when the evil forces contrasted the dominion
of the gods and the balance of the universe.
My Lord... My Lord, keep in your heart the saga of the god
whose name was HEIMDALL"


3. Canticle Of Heimdall

Hear the epic tales of a time now far past
When man kneeled to the power of the sword
Hear the deeds of the mighty knights
They Believed in the sacred fire of glory and pride

I sing the saga of the bravest and proudest god
Of Asgardr's court
Blood, ice, earth and moonlight blessed his soul
He was called by the king of kings
To be the Defender of the sky

I invoke your spirit, O Lord of light - I call you
May i sing the story of the Bright God - I call you eternal Lord
May i sing the deeds of - HEIMDALL
With solemn words
I invoke your spirit, O lord of poetry - Messenger of ancient tales

Hear the story of the theft of the necklace
The duel on the dark island, the anger of evil
Thus came the age of destruction and death
When the darkness of war engulfed all the land and the sky

[repeat pre-chorus and chorus]

4. Lord Of The Sky

The LORD OF THE SKY - The force of the earth
The LORD OF THE SKY - The father of mankind
The LORD OF THE SKY - And no future no past

At the dawn of time when chaos dominated
The dark was dispelled by a sudden light
An awful noise shook the earth
Echoing throughout the universe

Flames invaded the bowels of the earth
And opened the gates of mankind

At the dawn of time a child was bred
By the waves of the sea at the limits of the earth
The force of the earth made him strong
The waters of the frozen lakes blessed him

Sacrificed blood made him immortal
Earth's humour sharpened his senses

Life was in his hands
The earth gave him his name - it's HEIMDALL
The warden of the keys that opened the doors of the gods
..."and no future and no past"

The LORD OF THE SKY - The force of the earth
The LORD OF THE SKY - The father of mankind
The LORD OF THE SKY - And no future no past
Warden of the keys of the world of the gods

[repeat pre-chorus and chorus]

5. Bifröst

White Lord sat at the limits of the sky
Son of Odin, the enemy of the giants of ice
He was the guarantor of the balance of the worlds

Soaring high in the heavens
Defending the dwellings of the gods
He lived in the fortress of the sky

The Bright warrior oversaw the bridge of fire
It was Bifröst way between the earth and the heavens
He was the guarantor of the balance of the worlds

[repeat pre-chorus]

[chorus (x2)]
With his gold wings -
He flew high in the sky And with sword of fire -
He guarded Bifröst

[repeat chorus (x2)]

One day HEIMDALL was called to Odin's court...

6. The Island Of Ancient Stone

"Welcome to the court of Asgardr, valiant HEIMDALL
Your evil brother Loki, by a black spell
Seized on the holy necklace of Freyja
And took it to the dark ISLAND OF ANCIENT STONE

Run White God, defeat the evil one
Bring the sacred jewel back again
It was forged by the dwarves of the fire race
In the Icy Caves
Source of Life - mystic symbol of creation
It holds the power of light - evil forces guarded it
In the dark mysterious

Maids of the dark are coming across the sky
Insanity obscures our reign
And upsets the fragile balance of the kingdoms
Of the Universe... Return on the wind of glory and victory
Restore order and peace"

"Lord of war I'll recover the jewel - I shall plunge my burning blade
Into the chest of the enemy - I swear on my sword
I shall free the bewitched lands from the black threat"

[chorus (x2)]
He flew like and eagle over the lands of ice
Destiny called him to THE ISLAND OF ANCIENT STONE

[bridge (x2)]
On the dark island among the waves of the sea
A god against a god - they fought through the day
Till HEIMDALL's 06 delivered the final blow and
Loki - wounded - fell into the cold deep waters

[repeat chorus (twice)]

"I'll Return in revenge you'll die, you'll die, you'll die"

7. Under The Silent Moon

[Heimdall:] "Father, look to these mountains...
There is snow, ice everywhere
Look to these lakes and the blood river...
Their waters are sad and still"


[Heimdall:] "Hear the cry of nature... Night reigns on her black throne
All the land is under a terrible spell of eternal frost"


[Odin:] "Brave son, these are the signs - The time of tears and dark is coming
Messengers of death and despair - Shadows are seizing our lands
It is the time for us to fight - Eternal light calls us to rise"

8. Dark Age

A terrible winter announced the beginning of the DARK AGE,
when Loki gathered the hosts of hel,
ice giants and all the dark forces for the last battle.
So the shadows of the twilight enveloped trees' branches,
rings of fire surrounded snow-capped mountains.
Fear and madness enchained the souls of the living.
Streams of blood flowed into the valleys, and while the old wise men,
in ancestral temples, lifted up their hearts in prayer,
the ancient words of the prophetess resounded high in the sky

9. Fall Of The Bridge

"And one day will come the ends and thus is the fate of the gods"

In the midst of time, the power of the evil force created troops of darkness
Naglfar, built by the nails of the dead attacked

The lord of the wind turned black all the world
And called up the giants of the north
Muspell's sons shattered the sacred and burning Bifröst
...HEIMDALL was a storm of steel

From the depths of the abyss, a stream of fire arose
It ran over all the creatures in the land of ice called Vigridr

[repeat pre-chorus]

Blowing with power through the mystic horn
The final clash began on the frozen plain
The noble gods headed by Odin rode at the call of the horn

[repeat pre-chorus and chorus]

10. Warriors Of Many Ages Past

Under an endless night, Herja and Mist
Opened the doors of Valhalla's reign
Spirits of fallen nights, swift as winds
From the reign of death returned to defend the...

[chorus 2.]
Kingdom of the King of Steel
They'd died on battlefields
With swords in their hands


Against the Dark Side, the black troops of hel
Mighty heroes rode across the lands
With ancient swords, lances and shields
From the reign of death they advanced to defend the...

[chorus 2.]
Kingdom of the King of Steel
Their blood was shed in his name

[repeat chorus 2.]


Ancient songs of war were heard through black woods and mountains
And now you see, thee who are listening how much courage was in their hearts

[repeat chorus 1. and 2.]

11. The Challenge

The cries of the dying gods rose like a sad song over black castle ruins
A Violent snowstorm began in the eternal winter night

Darkness reigned over the field of battle
War cries rang out throughout the worlds
Thunder and lightening announced the challenge
While a crystal wind howled over the plain
...HEIMDALL was before his mortal foe

In the duel his sword swung with power
The Defender of the gods
In the duel his bright blade sparkled in the dark
He was HEIMDALL Storm of Steel

Chaos and order, they faced each other
Blades quick like lightening, their burning eyes
The ring and the clash of dark revenge
Against the shield of the White God
...the earth was quaking with their mortal strokes

[repeat chorus]

Fury and anger in their eyes and their swords quick like arrows of fire
And their bloody armour, their bloody blades
They fell on the knees, mortally mounded, the one before the other till the end

[repeat chorus]

12. Sunset

"Brother gods, Asgardr in flames
Now the ice is burning
And my voice invokes my sky
My blood feeds the earth...
Rain wets my bloody armour
My arm holds my sword
And my eyes are closing
I glimpse the SUNSET
Rain wets my bloody armour
My arm hold my sword
And my eyes are closing
I'll reach the SUNSET"

These were his last words
Leaves fell on his still remains - Now the wind too brushed the god
And all, all was still - Silver tears shone in the heavens
While the moonlight waned

13. Epilogue

"So, after the death of HEIMDALL and Loki, the last bloody battle ended
Victory crowned no one as it new king...
And when the fatal flames burn out, from the ashes of the fallen kingdoms
A new age began, a new spring arose

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