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1. The Best Years

I'm tired, I'm getting old,
This dust is what becomes of my bones.
Under the cracks in our skin.
Under the bags dragging down our eyes.

We're hollow, and growing cold.
This life is what became of our souls.
Under the weight of our guilt, the hollow skulls that we hold.

Growing up, breaking down, falling to pieces. (Anything, Everything)
Never stop, breaking down, I cannot take this. (Falling)

Never stop, growing old,
The snakes surround me, from the inside out we,
Never stop, moving on.
They crawl through the holes of the hollow skulls.

Love what you hold,
Closing in, feel their scales on your skin.
Never tire, being told,
Make the most of the best years before you turn cold.

2. Eleven Eyes

[feat. Sam Carter Of Architects]

Born and raised in these hollow days.

I'm sick, I'm tired.
Empty skulls run this place.
The world isn't working anymore,
The world isn't working at all.

Born and raised in these hollow days,
Empty skulls, black holes, white eyes, run this place.

Close your eyes, just pretend that I'm your friend.
Look out for yourself because there is no-one else.

Your life must be so fucking easy,
Living with your (eyes (closed) minds) never stop believing,
What they see through their empty skulls.

Give me something real,
Find me, somebody who feels

I'm not the same,
I pray to God,
I pray to anyone,
I don't believe it anyway.

3. March 1964

Mother, Father,
Who could I have been?
Mother, Father,
What could I have done?

Let's start a revolution,
Build our own wall.
Commit the crime of a century,
Because I want it all.

Mother, Father,
Build my own wall.
I wanna start a revolution,
Because I want it all.

Who could I have been?
What could I have done?
This is the March of 1964,
I could have been so much more.

I was unlucky to be born,
A part of the generation un-dead.
And if I could turn back time,
I would rewrite these lines for a meaning in my mind instead.

4. The Noble Lie

The boys, the girls,
They're just playing in the playgrounds.
Not a care in the world,
There's blood on our hands.

What would you do?
For the disappointed youth.
What would you do?
Tell them truth.

What would you say,
When the children ask you,
'Why do we pray,
Is there nothing else we can do?'

Myth of a nation, illusion of relations.
Every time a childhood dies,
You tell The Noble Lie.

Stable societies,
Have gone awry.
An adult born every time,
You tell The Noble Lie.

Sweet dreams darling, having fun.
Just remember what we have done.
The disappointment hangs in the air,
The storm is coming, dear.

5. Windowless

Trapped inside a plain white room,
A cold noose, a block of ice.
He better move 'cause it will melt,
That fucked up kid, was really nice.

Windowless and feeling blue,
There's nothing left for him to do.
He better move or his mind will melt,
That fucked up kid, was so kind too.

It's heating up, the time is low.
That block of ice, is half its height.
It's now or never, the time is right,
That fucked up kid, left a fucked up note.

And when I found him I read every word,
The reasons why he had left this empty world.
And when I'm slowly losing my mind,
I just remember the last two lines.

Hang me,
Hang here,
Dear world,
Blame yourself.

Blue lips,
White eyes,
His death hangs over all our lives.

The noose is tight.
Something's not right.

Hang me,
Hang here,
Dear world,
Hang yourself.

6. In Transit

Come the morning I'll be married to death,
And fear will be my best man.
Come the morning I'll be dragged down the aisle,
The alter is old age, and envy is my child.

If we're born for only stories to tell,
Why do you live inside a hell?
All that's left at the end of your rope,
A noose to hang your dreams and hope.

Death, (close in year by year)
Disaster, (now I have no fear)
Life, (is my sadness)
Ever after.

I don't want to be buried with guilt,
But I want to live with free will.
I'm married to death,
And my mistress is disaster

Death, married me.
I'll be the best man I can be.
Disaster, followed me.
And I can hardly breathe.

7. Stray Rats

Stray rats, stay young, never stop.

Wasting minds,
Wasting time,
Wasting youth,
Wasting lives.

Wasting effort,
Wasting today,
Wasting patience,
Wasting away.

Black eyes, can't sleep.
White lies, can't keep.
Green eyes, I can't stand to see.

Stray rats never look back.

8. Repeat


9. Wake Up, Fall Asleep

I can't get any sleep,
I'm pulling out my hair.
It was grey, now it's gone,
It doesn't mean it wasn't there.

I'm scared of failure, scared of success,
Living life with a noose around my neck.

Weave the rope, with anxiety and fear.
Drown all hope in a swimming pool, it's locked away for years.

It may seem like the start of your day,
But it's the end of mine.

I'm not sleeping here tonight,
I'll lie here until the morning light.

And I wake up, just to fall asleep.
I wake up, wake up.

10. Forth / Here

A new page,
A new day.
Drained, down to my last eyes,
But it still doesn't go away,
(What am I doing here?)
But it still doesn't go away,
(Who am I pleasing here?)

Tortured souls from day one.
If this world is right then I'm his bastard son.
Pull out my lungs look behind my eyes,
Searching for something to fill the void.

Searching for something inside of me,
Separating from what's outside of me.
Hoping that one of these days,
I'll find out how to feel that way.

And this is everything,
It's not meant to be.
Growing up is getting old to me.

What use is time with no motivation?
What use is life with no inspiration?
Is death the only thing that drives us on?
This growing up is getting older, and older.

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