Dark Lyrics


1. Prelude


2. Awaiting Dawn

Friends and brothers in arms
This I tell you on the eve of battle
A long way we have come
Many trials we have endured

Upon our enemies I wish only death
Their deeds cannot be undone
But they shall not go unpunished
We will be the ones to end this war

The endless tragedy
Threatens to consume me
Will the darkened world
Expel us into oblivion?

We are the exiles
We carry the fire
We are the banished
We are the dead

And though some may perish
As tomorrow we face our foes
Their hatred only matched
By our unbreakable will to triumph

Feel the raging fire
Burning bright under the starlight
The path we choose tomorrow
Could lead us straight to hell

You all sit here this dreary night
Each for reasons of your own
You are all sworn to this cause
Yet you know not half the story

Bound by a sacred oath
A covenant signed in blood
By the will of the gods
Victorious we shall stand

Trust that I do not deceive
All shall be revealed this night
My fate is sealed
Yet yours remain your own

Tomorrow is the final fight
Yet this story cannot wait
So I plead listen to me
And know the truth about the betrayal

3. Betrayal

Once I sat upon the throne
A king of men was I
In the halls of my father
I ruled the land

Many a year ago now
The Lord of the North was I
I believed I would show
The kingdom its way to glory

Yet a darkness ever lurking
Soon I would know the truth
The cold embrace of winter
A harbinger of doom

The darkness came not from within
Treacherous eyes ever watching
Staring with great envy and yearning
The eyes of the betrayer

Selfishly he craved the throne
Wanted it for his own
Though not of my mother’s blood
The usurper was my brother

Betrayal - stabbed in the back
Deception - through dark sorcery
Bloodshed - a fight for our lives
Destruction - the only end

A battle for the throne began
In a fight for my life
Just a few faithful warriors
To fight by my side

Dark sorcery in the night
Enchanted the minds of men
Against overwhelming power
We fought in vain

4. Witch Of Prophecy

To the outskirts of my kingdom
We had fled in shame
My throne now lost to me
This treachery would not stand

I was the chosen
And I was the king
I had to find a way
To rise again

Dethroned and beaten
I stood on my own
Only reprisal
In my mind was strong

I had heard telling of a witch
Who could foresee the fates of men
If we were to break the spell
Divine power we would need

Witch of Prophecy!

Far north we had to sail
To find this mystery woman
Forests unknown to us
She was rumored to roam

Up river we sailed
To find the way to her
Our destination
To us still unknown

We came across
A great forest so dark
No doubt in our minds
We had found the right path

A great raven we saw flying in the sky
To guide our way to the witch’s grove
We travelled long for many days
Till finally we found our destination

5. Into Cursed Lands

“The road is long
Danger lies ahead
Through cursed lands
And far beyond you must go

In the stone circle
Carved by the ancients
You will find what you seek
The power of gods”

Heeding the witch’s words
We continued our journey
Though a few hundred men
Swords hungry for battle

Marching to their doom
Warriors clad in red
In spite of defeat
Souls ready for the fight

Clouds gathered for a storm
As we entered the marshlands
A sky devoid of stars
An ill omen for sure

Up they came from below
A throng of the deformed
Undead soulless warriors
Attacking without pause

We had been forewarned
Yet truly did not believe
Until hordes were upon us
And men fell to the accursed

A desperate fight commenced
Only a few blades
Striking well and true
Dealing everlasting death

Immense their numbers
We were losing ground
Our last and only chance
A costly retreat

Desperately falling back
Surrounded by the wicked
Slashing, tearing throats
Creatures from the netherworld

Holding on for dear life
As my brothers died
Death all around me
Deafening screams filled the air

Against a foe such as this
No mere man can prevail
Relentless and thirsting for blood
Minions of the blackened one

Fought them through the night
On the verge of despair
Banners torn to shreds
Swords drenched in black blood

Still far from defeat
Though many lay dead
Man and wretched beast
Side by side in the afterlife

As lightning from a clear sky
The sun shattered the dark
Blessed dawn had arrived
To end this waking nightmare

6. The Eyes Of Giants

On the great frozen plains lie ruins of a keep
Destroyed in ages past by the giants of ice
After the costly battle in the marshlands
Our ships lead us to this northern place

We stared into the eyes of wicked giants
Nothing but pure and utter hatred we saw

Frostbitten and cold yet on into the storm
What we saw in these desolate lands I shall not soon forget
Awaking from a thousand years of sleep
Giants like statues reaching for the skies

A battle broke out between giants and men
Furious and raging they attacked with a vengeance

Our destiny lay in the hands of gods
We had not come so far to surrender
Refused to succumb to the mighty storm
We would stand and fight till our last breath

The battle raged on and on
We fought hard and well
Despite our foe’s determination
We stood firm and strong

Seven spears to slay one fierce colossus
Yet one and all they fell before us

7. Wolfborn

We came into the woods of the wolves
Seeking allies for the war
Renowned were the proud warriors
Of the seven forest tribes

We went deep into the woods
The trees now blocking out the light
A man clad in gray approached
And spoke these words unto us

“I am the son of wolves
Mother Nature is my mistress
I am the king of the wilds
The Wolfborn am I”

“Fight for me” I said to him
“And I shall reward you and all your kind”
“We need neither riches nor glory” he said
“We serve only the gods and the forest”

“Feast with me in my halls tonight
And I shall hear you out”
We then followed him to his grove
As he sang this song

It was truly a great feast to behold
Meat and drink to our hearts desire
And as day turned into night
Drinking songs echoed in the hall
Until the lord of the woods rose to speak
And silence again fell on the gathering

“This world faces dark times
I feel it like a whisper on the wind
I am a creature of the light
And in this quest I shall aid you”

“I am the son of wolves
Mother Nature is my mistress
I am the king of the wilds
The Wolfborn am I”

8. The Power Of Gods

A ritual to gain the favour of gods
In the dead of night under moonlit skies
An offering to the almighty ones
A pact to be signed in blood

A storm was brewing
The thunder of the gods
Roaring in the distance
Like primordial echoes

On the open plains in a circle of stones
Carved in ages past old as time itself
Only the fire to keep us warm
As heavy rain started to fall

We gazed into the abyss
Visions from beyond the mortal world
Saw the realm of the divine
Touched by the power of gods

Paying tribute to the ancient ones
With the blood of seven animals
A ritual from times of yore
Passed down by our ancestors

A voice spoke to us from the beyond
About an age of great prosperity
An age of stone, an age of iron
Tales from times long gone by

9. Harbinger Of War

From all over the lands
You flocked to my banner
Faithful and courageous
To see justice be done

Come dawn we go to war
Against my tyrant brother
Long has he held the throne
The wretched betrayer

Awaiting dawn – tomorrow we ride
It will not be long – the blood will flow
Awaiting dawn – we will take their heads
It will not be long – justice will be done

I see before me
True warriors
If we should fall
Our spirits fight on

Sing for the fallen
They shall be victorious
They live on forever
Among the gods
Tomorrow we honour their sacrifice
With sword and shield
We will fight for our lives
Come dawn we ride out to war

We have seen many things
Fought against the dark
The undead in the marsh
And the titans of ice

Yet still we need to face
The greatest trial of all
Reclaim the throne
And see darkness expelled

There will be blood at dawn
For it is the harbinger of war

We will hang him high
A feast for the crows
Time for him to die
He will pay at all costs

The blessing of the gods
Was bestowed upon us
They will be on our side
Tomorrow and henceforth

Awaiting dawn – tomorrow we ride
It will not be long – the blood will flow
Awaiting dawn – we will fight with pride
It will not be long – we will take their heads

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