Dark Lyrics


1. Itenou Pedjet

Now everything is conquered, we have enslaved the earth.
No survivors, no surrender, we brought apocalypse!
We are the new Genesis! Through the Nemesis!

Crushing down all religions, raising up our new kingdom.
There's no God or no Satan but only one sign!
Humanity is what we breed.

Nothing's holy! Nothing's impure! We are but filth!

Pride and glory our destiny!
We could have been blinded by illusion of such a power
But we faced the enemy, the great one that's inside of us
And we defeated him so now we can rule all over the world

Now we are free! We have conquered...

Hell or heaven is just an idea for those who live in lie to understand what surrounds them.
Seeking the truth is the only quest that's worth to fight for
And crushing all principles is what we have done, for the old world is dead and gone!

There's no such free spirit than the one who breaks its chains itself...

Riding the land with horses of fire burning at stake for everything to putrify
Bringing the peace of steel! Stealing the will to the ones against us, making them crawl.
Annihilation of all resistance!

We fear nothing!

There are walls higher than those built by man.

Beware of knights that don't fear light.
They will bring you death if you hide behind your faith!

Water, wind, fire, and earth! These are the only true words that should command to all of us!
God and Satan are just a game to play if you look for fame!
But the only choice to get out is to search for light!

Now everything is conquered we have enslaved the earth.
No survivors, no surrender!

2. Because Of War, Because Of Men

Since the time the first men came
The quest for power has always been the same,
Slaughtering the Other to take his land,
It's in our veins, to war we are condemned!

Always willing to have what we don't own,
We are a disease put on a throne.
Striking the lightning, bringing hell and misery,
Can't we stop that curse? For we are born to kill!

From the ancient Assyria, to the Roman empire!
From the forest of Asia, to the mountains of the Mayas!
We have spilled the blood, covering the earth of a dark soil.
Black energies everywhere, from elder times until now.

War is such a treasure for those who hold the keys.
But the courage of the warriors is only remember by the dust!

Kill! Kill! Kill!
That's all we know!

Crushing the skulls of our enemies is our delight
As for holding our swords in our hands!
Blasting! Burning! Raping! Murdering! Are the lyrics
Of the songs mankind wrote when we took pleasure to kill!

Armies marching on! Sterilizing the bloody ground and the souls!
Ravaging the world. Drowning the light into nightmares!
With our conquests, we feel superior!
But inside, we all know we are but sinners!

I cast the first stone, for I am guilty
We dig our own graves, trying to destroy the most before our final breath,
But the sound of the horn, the clash of the blades
Is what we're made for, the sign that we deviate.

Is it a sign? To show us we've accomplished our time!
Are we so blind? The land of the dead, is this our empire?

Are we reduced to destroy all we hand?
Because of war? No, because of Men!

3. Asakku

Deep inside the fears of Men,
Grows the seed that will lead us all to the end,
Ignorance is a powerful weapon to hand,
That gives control on those who think they understand.

Everything seems so clear,
But you won't be so near,
Of your fear !
Open your eyes and feel the truth
Of The Asakku !
Once it is running in your veins,
There's no way for you to escape my hands.
Feel me !
I lead the war !
I'm the way you chose to die for !
No heresy : This is the demon of fear
That rules your mind
Face your destiny ! What a pity, to die without honor
I control thee ! I make you doing what I want.
Tasting the blood in my throat
I know there's no last resort
I am the fuel for your engine
The demon that breathes at your ears,
Inside your brain I play my game
That will make you going unsane
And seeing empty eyes behind the helmet
Control your fear or you will be destroyed.

My hand on your spine
I drain the courage you need to arise
You'll be paralysed and full of anguish,
No way to go back, you have to fight,
Of all wars, anywhere at anytimes,
I was there since the beginning.
To spread my wings over battlefields,
Spitting my venom at every faces.
Millions of braves and cowards died because of me.
And there will be many more, cause I'll never cease to live.

For fear is eternal !
For fear is eternal !
There exists no frontier to my kingdom,
I am, I was and I will be !
From the begining I am the spirit!
As long as men will be horrified,
forced to be scared by the ones just outside
They will kill each others for ages to come,
The sin of mankind is just to be born !
No pain will be relieved, no hope for a new dawn.
Humanity self armed destruction,
Men are the real demons !
Open your eyes...

4. Felix Qui Potuit Rerum Cognoscere Causas

Blessed be those who know the truth behind the curtain
Of holy lies !

What to see is not real,
Just an ideal of life
We are meant to like.

The world we were taught
Has never been existing.
We are born of lie !

Nothing is so clear,
There's no Good and no Evil
Darkness need Light.

There is no shadows without sun !

To reduce the world in two opposites is wrong.
Everything is entwined, Goodness has never been so bad.

Here we are !
Standing high !
Foreseeing (behind the veil of) what we know.

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas
Et pourtant, ils naissent innocents...

Digging underweath
Our pain and our grief
We know there's something else
Than the "dream" we share.

Behinf the stone, there's always a soul,
Long forgotten and that has been devoured.
The only good dogma is the one without law,
We want to take control !

Hear the sound of Horns burning into Heavens,
The cries of God weepinf His fate
There is no more faith in these sick puppets,
The books are fake and we make a new step !

Power in our brains, no need to create
A tale of fake we don't tolerate !!
Holyness and blasphemy are a wrong point of view,
To you, bastards preachers of the Black and the White, we just say Fuck you !

Free we are
For we know the secrets...

5. Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani

And here we are, the sons of the sons...
Walking through the valley of the shadow of death
And here we are, the fathers of the fathers...
Ruling the world on the ashes and the ruins of the world we put on fire...

I made the entire realm explode, I desecrated the Lie
Telling us we come from light
Born, we are, from Great Divine
Why then we have all erased ? Destruction and pain we praised !
Melting blood with dust and tears, we are fucking born to kill !
We are god slayers,
No good, no evil in us
we just acted like puppets which all strings were held by us
Too blind to see such a truth
We create our destiny we built the world we live in
Burning, slaying, murdering...

We are, what we are ! Sons of war, bloody birds of pray.

Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani We are no sons of god !

We are far above then both! We don't need a beholder
We're no bastard slaves

Free from all deities
We tame the land as tells our heart
We are deceit ! Violence is humanity !
To bring peace, mankind must perish !
But before the complete end,
Let the sons of the stars occupy the Supreme heavens

We have been abandoned by all and now we claim our throne
Swords in hands for the last time

We are the HEGEMON

Feel the astral wind blowing in our hearts coming from the furthest stars,
Through the void of ageless dimensions,
Travelling to bring us the ultimate vision,
The last step of humanity before its endless fall into oblivion.
The truth will soon be told, no one will survive to it.
But we will see...
Throughout our sins and acts
Our conquests and humble achievements
Because we know we are nothing here... WE know, we will be immortal !

Oh God why have you left us alone ? Or is it us that trampled you ?
You're not existing anymore for me
We are the demiurges. We are the fathers and sons !
We are one !

6. Proskynese

Now the world is at my hands
Now they're burnt, now they're slained
All this human scum reduced to nothingness
I am Iskandar, bow down and kiss my hand...

Your domination has ended...
Obey my ritual.
Follow my orders
I control your lives.

All my life, you tried to eradicate me ! But I've survived and now I control thee !
Feel my hatred ! I am Allmighty. For at last I am the Hegemon

Now I submit thee !
I will have no mercy
All bow down to me
This is how it will be !

My armies have vainquished Your Kingdoms
Of despostism and lies !
Now the true has come to rebuild,
This ruined land for our future...

Revenge now is mine and I taste it from the deepest core
Power on my side I have no fear, nor remorse
I hold the sword for no God nor demon
I have Faith only in my inner self !

Look into my eyes, see nothing
But your pityful destiny...
I behold my work
I feel no pain for your sacrifice.
We all deserve to die but you're gone first
We must now stand united, to face the coming birth

Of this new dawn
Blood now runs in growing rivers,
We shall stand right, never fall again.
I am the leader !

I'm the Lion
I'm the King
I'm Iskandar

7. Aî Ibur Shapû

Aî ibur Shapû - No enemy will pass

My faith in myself is the wall against which
All enemies have crushed and died,
Just below my burning eyes
Now, a new world is soon to be born
With no one to spread death but us.
We are the last ones

We are the angels !
We are the angels of total destruction

Now that our axes have been destroying
Every single opponent to our Reign Supreme
And that no enemy shall pass again the gate of our might
And infinies realm of wisdom, this futurs is ours
We'll never give up...

Having fulfilled our quest for power
And spread our empire above the land
We lay our swords to rest and prepare
The last havens for our nation of mighty warriors,
We have achieved our destiny.

Aî ibur Shapû
No enemy will pass
We built the future on the ashes of the past.
To set our strength

Aî ibur Shapû
All enemy will die
This is the beginning of our last kingdom
Until the end of times

Our nation will rule for thousand years,
Then we'll disappear in the mist of ages,
Returning to dust where we come from,
The last humanity on earth

And then came the chose nones,
To bring peace of steel, eradication of all forms of resistance,
Unique possession of the souls, we control the law,
We are the tyrants

Bleeding !

No one enters the gates
No one broke through

You will all be annihilated if you try to come and fight with us.
You will only die in pain.

8. Contemptus Mundi

Setting on the throne, the highest upon others, reduced in ruins and pain
Violently encrowned, we are the last ones of our race
Remember all the battles we have won, think about all that we have done
We destroyed, we burnt, we slayed, but on the ashes a new light was born.

We made this light grown, despising the cries of our victims,
In this world of stone, we destroyed the first block and everything collapsed !!

And still we are marching on...
To purify the souls of the traitors !
We are what We want to be !
Ad Astra... Contemptus Mundi !

Through blood and bones, we achieved our aim, we rule supreme;
Fire brought to mankind out of our hands, we are claiming our world, we live in grace

We are kings of kings, of a realm that'll soon cease to be
With this milestone, we deliver our last legacy

He is king

Nunc dimittis servum tuum, domine,
We leave this world alone, free to chose the path for the next centuries

After all I've done, I'm ready to bear my last crown
Now we rebuild the long lost empire, the world before we cross the River.
All this will be yours, don't let ti go away,
Our final testimony, a life of misery.

Sword in hands, at the bloody fields of history
Steel rusted by sweat, we will disappear in the mist.
We marked the way with our strength to resist.
We are no gods, no demons, just humans... who once rised !

See the stars : here we are !
Don't look back : and never leave your path !
Shine !

The sky is mine, my tears are stars,
I hold the rules and I feel your life : time is nothing,
When you see the light.
I see though eyes that have never seen
We have succeed for we made no compromise !
Potius mori quam foedari

We are Divine
We have declined
We die on time,
Contemptus Mundi

And thus, we passed away, living forever in memories...

N. ‒ Vocals
Kriss ‒ Drums
F. ‒ Guitars
A. ‒ Bass

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